Video marketing has become an increasingly important marketing strategy used by a wide range of businesses, and it can have especially good results for the gaming industry.

Video marketing makes it easier for a target audience and existing customers to understand more about a product such as a game.

For example, through playthrough reviews and how-to videos that might encourage them to go ahead and play it.

Whether you’re running a gaming affiliate site, a gaming blog, a gaming eCommerce store or even if you have developed a game of your own, there are several ways that you can leverage the power of video marketing to connect and engage with your customers and achieve the success that you’re aiming for.

Explainer Videos

Whether you are introducing a new game, new gaming tech, a console, or want to show people how to play their favorite casino games at, an explainer video can be the way forward.

Today, people live busy lives and not everybody has the time to read books or long blog posts when they want to learn something new.

In addition, some people will just naturally learn better and engage more with the content when it is put to them in the form of a video.

Explainer videos are typically quite short, often animated, and interesting videos that serve the purpose of teaching the viewer something new.

They’re a great way to get more interest in the gaming product or service that you’re offering.

Game Review Videos

If you’re marketing a new game either as a developer, an affiliate marketer, or retailer, game review videos can be an ideal way to showcase it to your audience and encourage them to learn more.

Often, watching somebody play a game to get more information about what the experience is like and whether or not it’s worth purchasing for yourself can be much more valuable compared to reading about a game or looking at advertisements.

Gamers in every genre will often seek out gaming review channels on YouTube where they can watch some gameplay and immerse themselves in the experience a little more before deciding it’s for them.

Often, the video review could be the main deciding factor when it comes to whether or not a customer decides to purchase and play a certain game.

Tell An Interesting Story

Whatever type of business you run in the gaming industry, you can use video marketing for having the biggest impact when it comes to telling your story and improving your engagement with your audience.

When your customers know more about you, your company and how it became what it is today, they are more likely to engage, relate to your business, and be loyal to your brand.

Personal stories, for example, why and how you decided to start your gaming business, can be extremely relatable to many members of your target audience.

These will help your company stand out from the crowd by giving it a human face and backstory rather than just being another brand in the industry.

Discuss Important Topics

YouTube is an excellent platform for video marketing when you run a business in the gaming industry.

And, you don’t have to only use YouTube for showing gaming review videos or advertisements of your products.

You might want to consider a podcast-style approach to some of your video marketing by getting together with friends or even some of your customers to discuss the most compelling and important topics in the gaming industry right now.

Whether you’re discussing:

  • the latest console releases,
  • the best games on the market right now,
  • gaming techniques and tips for a certain game,
  • or even your favorite online gaming sites,

Any topics that your audience will relate to and be interested in can be an ideal way to increase your engagement with discussion videos.

Short Films

More and more companies are incorporating short films into their video marketing strategies.

A short film could be an interesting documentary about your business or even a comedy sketch starring you and your employees.

What you choose to make a short film about will depend on your brand, brand voice and how you want to present yourself, along with what you know your audience are going to be the most interested in watching.

Either way, a short film can create some buzz about your company and give your audience something new to talk about.

Social Media Reels and Clips

Video marketing has gone from being professionally-made, cinematic-quality videos to short clips on social media that are often taken using somebody’s smartphone.

Thanks to apps like TikTok and Instagram, we’re moving towards bite-size video content as people are more interested in seeing video content that is relatable, funny, and easy to digest.

The good news for startups in the gaming industry and gaming companies on a budget is that this has made it easier than ever for you to produce video content that people are going to be interested in watching.

You don’t have to purchase any special camera equipment or expensive editing software as you can produce it all using popular apps.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Whatever kind of gaming business you run, there are several things to keep in mind when running a video marketing campaign to help you get the most from it. Some key tips to consider when you start using video marketing to promote your gaming business include:

Start Simple

Don’t rush into making tons of videos of all different types. When you’re just starting out, it’s a better idea to come up with one or two different types of videos that you are comfortable with making and stick to them.

You don’t need an explainer video, short film, and customer testimonial videos at the same time. Many gaming companies are hugely successful with review videos and social posts.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is important with any type of marketing since this allows you to get a better idea of what’s going well and what could be improved upon.

When it comes to video marketing, tracking the progress of the videos that you upload to your online channels to determine which ones are getting the most engagement will not only help point you in the direction of which topics are doing the best with your audience but also which video types are the most popular.

Focus On The Viewer

When getting into video marketing, it can be easy to become over-focused on the quality of the videos and forget about the quality of the content.

Of course, nobody wants to watch shaky footage with terrible sound, but the truth is that when your content is stellar and engaging, other issues can be overlooked.

Viewers today are much more concerned with watching videos that interest them and that they can relate to.

So, don’t spend so much time trying to make sure that you’ve got the perfect frame as most people won’t notice anyway, but they will definitely notice the content and how it makes them feel.

Video marketing is an ideal digital marketing strategy choice for the gaming industry since the two often go hand in hand.


There are several types of marketing video that can be an ideal choice for showcasing gaming products, services, and brands.