If you enjoy playing video games, then you might be interested in recording gaming videos to share with the world.

Today, many gamers have been able to turn their hobby into a full-time source of income by sharing gaming videos to platforms like YouTube and TikTok or live streaming themselves playing games on Twitch.

Whatever kind of games you enjoy playing, you’re sure to find like-minded people out there who are interested in watching you, whether they want to:

  • learn more about the game you’re playing and get some tips,
  • check out a review for a game that they’re thinking about starting playing, or
  • learn more about finding the best site to play things like online casino games at.

Whatever you are into, making gaming videos is something that you can now do fairly easily from the comfort of your own home with some basic equipment.

Getting Set Up

Before you can start making gaming videos from your bedroom, you’ll need to have the right equipment and software to make clips that people are going to want to watch.

What you’ll need to get set up will depend on the type of videos that you are planning to make.

If you’re looking for online casino games to play now on your PC and record, you can find plenty of different video recording software options to use so that you can easily record your game to edit and upload later.

If you plan to make videos where you’re talking through the game and want to be on-screen, a good webcam is the best way to achieve this.

A high-quality mic is also essential for anybody who wants to talk people through their gaming videos. If you’re going to be playing console games that you want to record, you will need a capture card.

Choosing Editing Software

Once you’ve got the equipment you need to make your videos, it’s time to think about how you are going to edit them.

The type of software that you use will depend on a number of factors including your budget and your experience.

Don’t worry if you have no previous experience with editing videos as there are several online course options, YouTube channels, websites, and even social media groups where you can get lots of helpful tips and advice for getting started.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the top-rated and most popular editing software packages out there.

However, you can also find lots of video editing software options that are aimed at beginners and are very easy to use.

Creating a Brand

If you want to work towards becoming an influencer, a popular gaming YouTuber, or a big Twitch streamer with your gaming videos, the next step once you’ve got everything you need is to create your brand.

There are several things that you can consider when it comes to coming up with your personal branding including the type of games you play, your personality, and anything else that you deem important.


Consistent branding across all channels is key, so it’s a good idea to come up with something simple yet distinctive that you can easily include throughout your entire online presence.

You can use apps like Canva to create your own visual branding or find a graphic designer to do it for you using sites like Bark or Fiverr.

YouTube Videos

Creating gaming videos to upload to YouTube is one of the most popular options.

Since these videos are uploaded on your own time for your viewers to watch, this can be an ideal choice if you want more control over the editing and aren’t feeling confident enough to play a game live in front of others.

YouTube videos are a great way to build your brand as an online gamer as this platform is used by thousands of gamers every day to watch playthroughs, reviews, and get tips on a wide range of different games.

Before you get started with uploading your videos to YouTube, make sure that you read through and understand the terms of use to make sure that your videos are going to be accepted by the channel.

For example, you can only use music in your videos that are under the creative commons license, and using any other tunes could get your video taken down.

Twitch Streaming

Twitch streaming is a fun way to make live gaming videos and you can easily do it from your bedroom.

In addition, it is often a faster way to start making money either alongside or instead of uploading gaming videos to YouTube.

Once you have met the criteria to become a Twitch Affiliate you can start earning money from subscriptions and other paid interactions in your Twitch stream.

The good thing about Twitch as a platform is that you can use it to play almost any kind of game, whether you like to play online, on PC, or on a console.

You can do it as a hobby to pass the time and make some new friends, or treat it like a serious job and market yourself as a streamer to build your audience and start making some serious cash.

Twitch streaming really does have the potential to be whatever you make it, and it’s a flexible enough option to use to stream a wide range of different games or stick to just one depending on what you prefer.

To get started, you’ll need some basic software like Stream Labs to connect your games to your Twitch stream.

How to Improve Your Viewership

Whether you’re uploading your video game videos to YouTube or playing live on a platform like Twitch, a larger viewership means more recognition and larger payouts. There are several things that you can do to boost your viewers, including:

Social Media

Promoting your videos on social media is a great way to get them out there in front of more people and increase the number of views that you are getting.

Treat your videos like a business and create branded social media profiles where you can engage with people on different platforms and invite them to come and watch your videos or your streams by posting links.

Gaming Forums

Online gamers do tend to support each other a lot, so joining gaming forums, Discord channels and social media groups can be an ideal way to build your viewership. By not only meeting with new people who will be happy to support your channel but by offering support to others yourself and building new relationships with like-minded people.

Many online gamers form groups where you can make new friends for life along with getting support for your channels.

Charity Fundraising

Fundraising for a charity can be a meaningful and fun reason behind making a gaming video, and a great way to encourage more people to check out your channel.

Whether you do something on video that you get others to sponsor you for, or put on a mammoth gaming Twitch stream for 24 hours or longer for your favorite charity, it’s a great way to get people in the community talking about you while doing something for a good cause.

If you love gaming, there are plenty of opportunities to make something out of your hobby. You can easily start making videos of your gaming sessions right from your bedroom to upload or stream with just some basic equipment and a few hours spare to play.