YouTube is a video-sharing site that allows users to upload, view, and share videos. It was founded by three former PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005.

We all know that youtube is a site where you can watch videos, upload your own videos, and even make money from it.

But when did youtube actually start? Youtube was created on February 14th, 2005 by three former PayPal employees.

There are many misconceptions about the creation of youtube so I am going to tell you what really happened.



When Was YouTube Created?

The idea of YouTube came about in 2005 when two former PayPal employees, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, wanted to create a video-sharing site that would be “like” the popular website Flickr.

The company was officially created on April 23rd, 2005, and is headquartered in San Bruno, California.

Why did they want to make this new website? Well, it’s because posting videos online had been difficult for people with dial-up internet access at the time.

They also felt like there wasn’t anything out there that could compare to what they were trying to do with YouTube.



When Was Youtube Created?

The first misconception is that google bought out YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars after only 18 months of operation but this isn’t true at all because Google didn’t buy YouTube until October 9th, 2006 which was more than two years into the company’s existence.

Another misconception is that Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were looking for a way to share their video wedding with family.

When Was YouTube Created

Youtube has been around for over a decade now, but many people don’t know how it all started. Youtube was created in 2005 by co-founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. It’s one of the most popular video-sharing sites on the internet.


There are many things that make Youtube worth visiting. The funny videos, the music videos, and even how it’s been a resource for tutorials, but when did Youtube start?

What Was The Original Purpose Of Youtube?

Have you ever wondered why YouTube is the largest video-sharing website in the world?

Did you know that it all started as a way for one guy to show another how to do something?

YouTube was created in 2005 to provide a platform for filmmakers, animators, and musicians to share their videos.

However, it has evolved into an active social media site with millions of users uploading and sharing content every day. YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine after Google.

The original purpose of Youtube was to be a video-sharing website. It is now the third most popular site on the internet and has over 1 billion monthly visitors.

In 2005, then-21-year-old Chad Hurley founded with the intention of being “a place to share and view videos.”

The site was initially launched as an online video dating site where users could upload their own clips and share them with other people for free.

It wasn’t until 2007 that they started charging $1 per month for uploading videos in order to cover costs, but even after this change, there were still no ads on the site.


How Was Youtube Created?

YouTube was created by a couple of guys who wanted to share videos with each other.

In 2005, a man named Jawed Karim wanted to find a way to share his love of elephants with the world. So he created what is now one of the most well-known and used videos sharing sites: Youtube.

The history of Youtube begins in 2005 when Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim founded the company.

The three men had met as graduate students at Stanford University. For a time, they ran their startup out of a small office above a pizzeria in San Mateo, California.

The first video ever uploaded to Youtube was “Me at the zoo” in April of 2005. The site was created by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

In a matter of months after its creation, Youtube became one of the most popular websites on the internet with over 100 million videos being viewed every day.

How Does Youtube Make Money?

Youtube is a video-sharing site that was created back in 2005.

It has since gone on to become the second most popular search engine, only behind Google.

Youtube makes money by selling advertisements and from partnerships with other companies.

What are some of the biggest ways Youtube can make money?

The answer might surprise you! The top 2 ways YouTube makes its revenue is through advertisements and partnerships with other companies (like Netflix).

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It has over a billion users and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year for Google, but how does YouTube make money?


How YouTube makes money:


This is by far the biggest source of income for Youtube. These advertisements can come from anywhere, such as TV commercials or even ads that are played before videos.


A more recent addition to youtube’s arsenal is paid subscriptions which allow viewers to watch ad-free content for a monthly fee.

No matter what you think about Youtube, one thing is for sure: they are making a lot of money. In fact, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and has over 1 billion users worldwide.

And while it’s hard to determine exactly how much they make annually because Google doesn’t release that info, we do know that just from advertising alone YouTube made $7.3 billion last year – which was up 43% from 2014!

Who Was The First Youtuber?

The video blogger, also known as YouTuber is a term coined in 2005 by the British media. It refers to an individual who posts videos on the YouTube website which are primarily focused on their daily lives.

The first YouTube video was a clip of an elephant walking. It might not sound like much, but it was the first step in what would become a global phenomenon.

The video, uploaded on April 23rd, 2005 by YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, is one of the most-watched videos on the site.

I thought I would take some time to explore who these people are and how they got here where they are today.

There are many factors that contribute to whether someone can be considered the first Youtuber, and it depends on how you define a “Youtuber.”

For this post, I will define a YouTuber as someone who has uploaded videos online with no intention of making money.

How Did Youtube Get Its Name?

One theory says that Youtube was named after the “You” in “conversations.” This would make sense because conversations often take place on Youtube as well.

The word “YouTube” is a play on the phrase, “You’ve got it!” The domain name was registered on Valentine’s Day in 2005.

Another theory states that Youtube was named after “Chu Chu,” which is an old term for monkey noises.

They also wanted to be able to share videos that had been shot in different cities around the world.

The name “Youtube” is a backronym that was created by founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

However, they couldn’t come up with a good domain name so they used “Tuube,” which was met with mixed reviews from friends and family members who thought it sounded too much like tube (as in toilet paper). So they changed the word Tuube to Youtube!

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Best Filmmaking Youtube Channels

There are so many filmmaking channels on YouTube that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you out, I have compiled a list of my favorite channels.

There are so many different channels on Youtube that can teach you how to make movies or be a better filmmaker.

For example, there is the channel Film Riot which has two hosts who take you through making an entire movie from start to finish while also giving tips and tricks for future filmmakers.

There is also the channel Drew’s Vlogs where he talks about his filmmaking process, shares tutorials, and reviews new gear.

There are many filmmaking youtube channels out there that offer helpful tutorials, but it can be hard to find the ones that are right for you.

Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best filmmaking youtube channels and what each channel specializes in.

The digital age has taken over and there are many channels on Youtube that have a wide variety of videos to offer. These channels can range from tutorials, reviews, or even filmmaking tips.

Aspiring filmmakers should take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available online by subscribing to these channels and using them as resources for their own projects.