Filmmaking often requires blood, sweat, and tears. It is a complex process that consists of numerous stages and each of them can be crucial.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t simplify the technical process itself!

Below, we have gathered 15 filmmaking apps, programs, software, and websites for screenwriting, production, crowdfunding, hardware rental, casting, and productivity.

They will be irreplaceable for anyone engaged in the filmmaking process.

1. Final Draft

Final Draft is one of the most popular and time-tested screenwriting instruments with great functionality.

It will guide you through all production stages and offer changes and improvements thanks to a built-in reporting feature.

However, you should be ready to pay $250 for a Final Draft license which is quite a lot for beginners and amateurs.

2. StudioBinder

If Final Draft is expensive, there are many other screenwriting apps for filmmaking that you can try.

For example, StudioBinder. With its help, you can write and share professional and perfectly formatted screenplays.

The company also has products for directing, producing, and education. We are sure that production designers will be thrilled!

3. The Black List

It doesn’t matter whether you are engaged in a TV series or documentary filmmaking – you need a place to share the script, find potential funding, and collect feedback. And that’s what The Black List is for. Upload your script to the platform and make it discoverable for professionals. Who knows, maybe readers will add positive changes to the plot?

4. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus is one of the most efficient filmmaking tools for those who want to share their ideas with the world. It has a great user interface and a free download, so it will be suitable for beginners. With the help of Movavi’s video editor, you can add special effects and animation, change the background, and alter the clips the way you want.

5. Lightworks

For almost 30 years, Lightworks has helped millions of users worldwide with editing and montage in filmmaking.

It is available in two modes:

  • Lightworks Create ($9.99 per month) offers 100’s of titles, effects and transitions, 4k export, cloud storage, and advanced metadata.
  • Lightworks Pro ($23.99 per month) allows all the above plus exporting exchange formats, OFX video plugin compatibility, and unlimited cloud editing.

6. Movie Magic

Movie Magic unites two big products – Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting. Both of them are extremely important at every stage of the production process.

The first allows organizing the workflow and the second generates reports to make sure that the budget is not exceeded.


7. Kickstarter

It’s difficult to find a person who is not familiar with this crowdfunding website.

Here, anyone can accumulate funds for the project if the audience finds the idea worth investing in.

Keep in mind that Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing strategy, so if you don’t raise the indicated sum, you won’t receive any money.

However, this approach motivates working on explainer videos and storyboards harder.

8. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is another crowdfunding platform on our list. It has a huge user base and a great website that you’d want to surf.

The only inconvenience is that GoFundMe is more common for raising funds for social and health matters rather than for making a movie.

9. LensRentals

LensRentals is one of the most trusted and commonly used websites for online rentals.

Here, you can find any type of equipment:

  • cameras,
  • lenses,
  • accessories,
  • and more.

The gears are divided into brands, and there’s a search bar to find the necessary item faster. LensRentals allows renting things for one day and more.

10. Parachut 

If you rent filmmaking software often, Parachut is the right place to be. For a fixed monthly fee, you can rent anything from cameras and lens kits to lights and tripods.

You can also exchange the used item for a new one.

For maximum convenience, users fill in the profile by answering the questions, and Parachut matches them with the necessary gear.

11. Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Cards

It’s impossible to imagine a filmmaking process without quality hardware. That is why we want to tell you about the way to add storage space to your laptop.

Instead of purchasing an expensive external drive, buy a MicroSD card that doesn’t consume extra power and can be used immediately.

Sandisk Ultra MicroSD cards vary from 8 GB to 200 GB.

12. Intocircuit Power Monster

Filmmaking takes lots of time, and there are no laptops that would last long hours without charging.

This is one of the biggest problems for producers because they heavily rely on their laptops.

That’s when Intocircuit Power Monster, an external battery, comes in handy. It is powerful, good-looking, and can double your battery’s life.

13. ProductionBeast

On this website, filmmakers can search for potential team members based on their background, previous projects, and even who they have worked with.

There is also a section for freelancers where you can post a job and find a part-time or a full-time contractor. You can leave an offer for free!

14. Backstage

Backstage is a great source for finding the right actors for your project.

For now, it is the largest place for casting calls where you can search for actors, not depending on their background and genre.

Submit your project and let actors send the proposals and messages.

15. Office 365

Last but not least instrument we want to discuss is Office 365. It gives you access to all the necessary programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on cloud storage.

This is extremely convenient for those who are always on-location and use various laptops or computers.

Upgrade the Office 365 plan and access all files in an offline mode.

Filmmaking Programs – Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to film a low-budget movie or a blockbuster – having the above instruments in service will help you achieve the goals much faster.

But these programs are just the tip of the iceberg.

As your skills develop, you will surely find more and more tools, websites, and applications for outstanding performance.