The Abby Singer shot is the second-to-last shot of the day. It’s named after Abby Singer, a production manager who worked on many films throughout his career.

The shot was said to be a kind of signal that the director would give to the cast and crew to tell them they were close to finishing for the day.

The logic is that when the director calls for an “Abby Singer shot,” it means there’s one more shot on the schedule before everyone can go home.

Usually, you’d shoot the second-to-last scene first and then move on to the last scene, known as “the Martini Shot.”

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it’s pretty common for this order of shots to be followed in a film or television production.


abby singer shot

What Is An abby singer shot In Film?

The Abby Singer shot is a production term used in filmmaking and television production.

It’s usually called the second-to-last shot of the day, and it’s named after film producer Abby Singer (or maybe his assistant, depending on who you ask).

Either way, the term refers to the second-to-last shot of the day on set.

The reason? Because as soon as this shot is done, the director will call for one last “martini” shot to wrap up production for that day. Once that’s done, everyone can go home.

The term is so ingrained into film and television production that it has become part of the vernacular. In fact, some directors will call for an “Abby Singer” when they’re about to wrap for lunch or for night shooting.



What Is An Abby Singer Shot?

An Abby Singer shot is the second to last shot of the day for a film shooting in Hollywood. This is where the director calls for one more shot before calling cut on the day.

The term “Abby Singer” comes from 2nd assistant director Abby Singer, who would often call for a second to last shot as the next to last shot would be too short.

Basically, Abby Singer would tell the 1st AD that after this shot, they’d only have time to do one more, so they should really think about what they’re going to shoot.

As you can imagine, many directors like to push themselves into having an Abby Singer Shot so they can get one more scene in before quitting time.

This is especially true if they’ve made good time during the day and feel they can afford it.

You’ll hear this term used on television and film sets that are looking to get one more set-up in before wrapping up for the day.


Why Call It The Abby Singer Shot?

Abby Singer, is the founder of Abby Singer Photography in Portland, Oregon. She’s been shooting professionally for a decade and has been a major influence on my work as a photographer and in business.

Towards the end of my first year in business I was getting really frustrated with my sales. I just didn’t seem to be able to get many people to buy from my website.

Every time I’d put up a new product it would get great feedback and lots of interest but then no one would buy. People would come back again and again but never actually buy anything. It was so frustrating!

I started reading everything I could about photography and marketing, but nothing I read seemed to help me make sales. Then one day I read Abby Singer’s blog post called “Why Call It The Abby Singer Shot?”

In that post she talked about how every time she named an image something memorable that described what was special about it (ie: The Houdini Shot) sales would spike dramatically! Abby told her readers to sit down and think of ten different names for their next shot before they even take the photo!

I tried it out myself, naming some images with the words “Sexy”, “Beautiful” or “Intense” before I even took.The “Abby Singer Shot” is a common name for a product shot taken from above with the camera looking down at the product.

This is one of the most common ways to photograph products. This post explores why this particular type of photo is called the “Abby Singer Shot,” who Abby Singer is, and how you can use this technique to improve your product photography and sales.

Why Is The Abby Singer Shot So Important?

The Abby Singer shot is a must-have for any product photographer, and it’s really easy to do. It’s an action shot of the model holding your product.

This can be used for social media posts, website banner images, and many other uses.

Posing your model involves getting creative with your product photography. The most important thing to remember is that you want to show off your product!

But you also want to make sure that the image is engaging enough for people to stop and take notice of it on their feed or as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed.

There are a few different ways you can go about doing this, but in general, you’ll want to make sure that:

The model is facing the camera with a relaxed smile.

The model is holding your product in an interesting way that makes it obvious what it is in the picture.

The background has some kind of consistency with the product being sold. If you’re selling a high-end watch, you might use a solid-colored background behind the model so that the watch pops out at people.

If you’re selling jewelry or apparel, perhaps try using a white or black background so that your products are on full display against it!


You may have heard that the “Abby Singer shot” is the best way to show off a product. But what is it exactly?

Taken from a camera angle above and behind the product, the Abby Singer shot shows off a product’s shape and texture while keeping it firmly in place. The photo includes just enough of the product’s surroundings to give context, but not so much that it distracts from the product itself.

This type of image can be used for ecommerce products and for B2B products.

What does this mean for you? The Abby Singer shot is an easy way to make any image look more professional and appealing. Take pictures of your products from a different perspective and you’ll notice a huge difference in how they turn out.

You’ll also see an uptick in engagement on social media when you use this photography style, which will help you get more sales!

What’s The Point Of The Abby Singer Shot?

We’ve talked about the Abby Singer shot before, but what’s the point of this picture? What’s it supposed to do for us, and how do we use it?

The Abby Singer Shot is a picture of the product alone, with nothing else in the picture. It is used to show off good photography skills, especially when it comes to highlighting color and texture.

Sometimes, you will also see this shot used as an educational shot. That means that it is used to show off a brand new product, or something that has not yet been released (pre-released).

There are two main reasons why this type of picture is used:

  • To show off your photography skills
  • To show off your writing skills

Photography skills: This is largely due to the fact that we live in a visual world. We like things that look good; in particular, we tend to like things that look good on camera.

So if you took this picture yourself and you want to showcase your skills as a photographer, then this is a great way to do so.

It shows off your ability to capture texture and detail, and any other skill that you might have as a photographer. To demonstrate how well you can take pictures of products.

If you’re a creative type or a photographer, you may have heard about the Abby Singer shot. But do you know what it is? We’re here to help.

It’s a shot of an empty room with a single light placed in the middle of the frame. It’s named after the first person to use it: Abby Singer, who used it as a cover shot for her book “Postcards from Edens Edge.” (The photo has since been moved to the back cover.)

What’s great about the shot is that it can be used in so many different ways.

Here are just five ways that you can use this image:

1.To show off your studio space.

2.To showcase your product.

3.To leave space open for imagery.

4. To use as a placeholder.

5. To provide a clean slate for someone else.