You know at Filmmaking Lifestyle that I like to talk about the importance of mindset when it comes to filmmaking and business success. I want to take some time in this post to go through some of the best and worst mindsets you can have. Sure, it would be great to just talk about the best mindsets, but in order to understand why a mindset is good, we have to look at what a bad mindset looks like, too.

The Wrong Mindsets

So, without further ado, we’ll start off with the wrong mindsets

In It Or Yourself And No One Else

This isn’t just about you. This isn’t about focusing on yourself to the detriment of other people.

If you’re focused just on yourself, it’s a terrible mindset.

Part of being a Indie Filmmakers” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-lasso-id=”1205″>successful filmmaker and business-person is being able to take charge, to lead – to be a confident person who knows what you want and goes out and gets it.

But, at the same time, we have to remember that we’re not the only person in this big, bad world. There are other people around us – those people have thoughts and feelings and hearts and minds. Just like us.

I’m sure you do already, but part of being a success in these areas is learning to respect people and their preferences, opinions and decisions.

You’re also going to learn some awesome leadership qualities that enable you, among other things, to have responsibility for other people. You’re going to learn to “leave ’em better than you found ’em.” Do everything you can in your power not to hurt someone. This comes with being a success.

This is especially applicable to the whole, ‘Be nice to people on your way up, you’ll meet ’em on your way down’ thing.

Sure, we hope you never find yourself on your way down, but if you do take a slip, those who you’ve wronged won’t need an excuse to turn a blind eye to you. You shouldn’t need a reason to treat people well, but if you do, this is it.

And, believe me, you’re going to find yourself with a lot of success if you follow the positive mindsets I’ll get to in a minute.

Win/lose Mentality

This ties in quite closely with the previous bad mindset.

Let’s destroy this idea of the Win/Lose mentality right away. The sooner we eliminate it, the better off we’ll be. Win/Lose is basically the idea that for every victory, there has to be a subsequent loss.

I don’t know exactly where it started, but it’s been propagated by businessmen who walk around thinking they’re a combination of Gordon Gecko and Charles Manson.

It doesn’t have to be Win/Lose. You can succeed and still allow the other person to come away saving facing. Win/Win truly exists.


This isn’t to say that we should turn ourselves into the classic nice guy/girl who gets walked all over. Sure, there are situations where a Win/Lose is unavoidable.

It’s Time To Put On My New Mask

This is an unfortunately very common one. People get into improving themselves and making changes in their lives, and they start to see it as wearing a “mask.” They might not even be consciously aware of it, but all too often it’s true.

Think about people who you’ve known in your life who seemed to develop fake personalities after they read a self-help book.

These changes should be permanent and should become a part of you. It’s important not to see it as some overnight thing. It’ll take time, but those changes are the ones that will actually stick.

The Right Mindsets

Now it’s time for those mindsets that are most ideal

Be Open To Changes

One of the best things you can do to improve your life is to welcome change. Welcome change with open arms.

There are going to be things in your filmmaking career that you don’t like. There will be things that might even upset you. Through it all, I ask you to keep your eyes open, as well as your heart and mind. Be open and rewards will come.

Take some time every now and then to see yourself as a Film School?” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-lasso-id=”1214″>complete beginner. Just humor me on this – it will be easier for you and you’ll get much more out of the program. If you can’t imagine yourself as a complete beginner, fake it.

So when you’re reading this blog, or anything else related to filmmaking, ensure that you also keep your eyes open – keep your eyes open for any inconsistencies and things that just don’t gel with you as a person. I’m not going to talk politics here, so there won’t be any politically offended sensibilities.

It’s a learning tool.

If you do choose to act like a beginner from time to time, I want to remind you that you can only choose to except that which is most true to you. Anything else, just throw away. Take what you need and ignore what doesn’t serve you or suit your unique situation.

Be Strong

It’s time for the football coach-esque pep talk! There are going to be times during your journey where things are going to be tough. You may be emotionally bowled over – not necessarily from the James Joyce style prose you are reading here, but from some of the Actions you’ll need to take to be successful in .

It’s fair to say that if you want to make a career of filmmaking, but the time you succeed, you’re going to have been thoroughly tested and challenged. But you’re going to grow as a person. I ask you to remain strong and push through. I know you will, but repetition is important!

Gradual Change

Expect gradual change. Align your mind to constant and never-ending improvement. This isn’t going to happen overnight. You can’t just read a blog post, go to sleep, and wake up as the filmmaking equivilent of Superman – although that would be kinda cool!


This is a journey of gradual changes and never-ending improvement.

This doesn’t mean slow. Certain things will change very quickly – like the ability to switch from negative to positive thoughts. Other things will take going out there and doing them repeatedly, a number of times, in order to drill it into your psyche and generate permanent change.

So over to you, the reader. Did this help you align your thinking? Are you on a path of constant and never-ending improvement?