Wanted to break this down for you guys because I think it’s a massively beneficial mindset shift that can help you all out!

A Little On Outcome Dependency

I wrote to a friend recently that it’s best to go into any filmmaking exercise with zero outcome dependency. This means not expecting anything out of any one project.

Well, this is standard stuff that we all know to be true.

But here’s the thing: I do go out with intention! But it’s not what you’d expect.

One thing I’m loving right now is going out with the intention of getting good stories! I don’t go into any set looking for anything other than a fun time and a good story.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a narrator or storyteller searching for the next great adventure! I’m on the lookout for the next great story in my life!

It’s a really powerful paradigm shift and a great skill for all filmmakers to develop.

Plenty Of Adventure Out There

If things don’t work out on any one filmmaking project or exercise…move on! Next adventure! Next! If it isn’t making a good story…move on! Plenty more adventures out there. Is it’s going to make a boring story…move on!

It’s still most definitely a great learning experience.

The point is that you, as a story maker, are looking for nothing other than the next great story and adventure to tell!

No outcome dependency.

Just fun and adventure!

What a way to live!