One of the best things you can do for your filmmaking or video business is to become outcome-independent. When you do this, you get out of your head – you stop thinking and start doing.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Becoming Outcome Independent

So often in the realms of filmmaking and business, opposites are important. Every action in life has an opposite reaction, and this is often more pronounced in the development of your abilities as a filmmaker and business person.

Of all the opposites, the bridge between Outcome Dependence and Outcome Independence is virtually indescribably huge. It’s the Bridge Over the River Kwai of business success.

You see, navigating the breach between these two points will do more for your success with business than probably anything else.

But first, you must learn to differentiate between the two. When most people get involved with improving this area, they begin at first to chase specific goals or…outcomes. This is fine at first and to be expected. We are, after all, a goal-oriented species.

We’re A Goal Oriented Species

Goals that people new to business chase early on could be any of the following – making their first sale (i.e. selling their first wedding shoot), making a part-time income as a videographer, or just trying to have a successful first shoot.

Where the problems begin is when a person becomes so focused on a set outcome ahead of time that that outcome starts to be to his detriment.

Sure, if you need to shoot a wedding for a couple, then you need to do that. There are no two ways about it. This isn’t an exercise in getting out of things that you said you’d do.

What it’s about is getting out of your head.

You see, the problem with being outcome dependent is that a person oozes certain insecurity when they’re chasing a specific reaction. Any action that is committed to attaining a specific reaction is, but its nature, reaction seeking behaviour.

As an example, a beginner to running a videography business might be so obsessed with getting their first wedding shoot in the can that they forsake all other aspects of the business, like the meeting and greeting and the being a good person to work with part – the social side!

That’s just one example.

Extreme reaction seeking behaviour would be the above example of someone new to running a videography business, who might literally not talk to a soul for the whole day in an effort to get everything “just right” technically.


That kind of focus might be admirable in lots of ways, but if that person cuts themselves off from the social side of running a videography business, then they’re not going to get many more calls or referrals for work getting thrown their way!

As a less extreme example, something like buying ridiculous amounts of filmmaking gear when you have only just started your business would be reaction seeking.

Obviously, there’s nothing essentially wrong with buying gear, but if you’re doing the classic “I-just-booked-a-skiing-trip-so-I’m-going-to-buy-every-piece-of-gear-under-the-sun” move, then you’re going at things the wrong way.

It’s A Little Like Not Giving A Damn, But Better

Instead, we need to practice outcome independence. By not caring about any outcome in any specific situation, we become more successful. No, I’m not talking about just not giving a damn – of course, we need to care about what we’re doing. Instead, we avoid the funnelled thinking view and see the big picture. Therefore, we greatly stack the odds of succeeding in our favour.

You’re no longer doing things to achieve some result. No need to be obsessive and funnel minded on shoot days, and no need to go out and spend thousands on getting every bit of gear you can find in an effort to stack the odds in your favour. Instead, you’re taking this more chilled out approach that actually stacks the odds in your favour in the best kind of way.

By detaching from an outcome-oriented mindset, you project a winning mindset.

It’s one of the outrageously dynamic mindset changes that if you flip this switch and follow-through, you will suddenly notice yourself adopting a winning mindset and thinking in more productive ways. That’s better for your life and your Right and Wrong Mindsets For Filmmaking And Business” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-lasso-id=”1144″>career.

It’s a powerful mindset and it’s tied to the equally life-changing belief of Abundance Mentality, which we’ll cover in a future blog post.

I hope this post helped you to see Outcome Independence as something that’s massively important for your mindset when it comes to filmmaking and business.

If this helped, drop a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think!