When we’re out capturing the world’s beauty, there’s nothing more frustrating than a glare on our camera monitor.

That’s where a top-notch sunshade comes in, turning squinting and guesswork into a thing of the past.

We’ve scoured the market to find the best camera monitor sunshades that ensure you’re seeing your shot clearly, no matter how bright the sun’s shining.

Let’s jump into our favorites and help you pick the perfect companion for your next sun-drenched shoot.

Best Camera Monitor Sunshades: Enhance Outdoor Visibility

Let’s take a look at some of the top camera monitor sunshades.

1. Smallhd Sun Hood For 702 Touch Monitor

When shooting in bright conditions, the SmallHD Sun Hood for the 702 Touch Monitor enhances visibility remarkably.

It’s designed specifically to fit the 7-inch monitor, offering a snug fit with no slippage.

The construction employs high-quality materials that ensure durability.

A comfortable viewing experience is guaranteed thanks to the soft fabric on the inside that minimizes reflections.

Installation is quick and hassle-free – it simply attaches via Velcro strips that are already included.

This means less time fiddling with the sunshade and more time focused on getting the perfect shot.

Key features that make the SmallHD Sun Hood stand out include:

  • Precise compatibility with the 702 Touch Monitor,
  • Robust design with reliable materials,
  • Easy attachment with no tools required,
  • Soft interior to prevent glare.

Professionals appreciate the added functionality that the SmallHD Sun Hood brings to outdoor shoots.

It’s a modest investment that significantly improves the clarity and usability of your monitor in sunlit environments.

SMALLHD Smart 7 Sunhood for Indie 7, 702 Touch and Cine 7 Monitor
  • Block out the sun with this rugged and easy to attach sunhood
  • Quickly convert from 3-sided to 4-sided with easy to access snaps
  • Includes mounting brackets with ¼ 20 mounting points to mount accessories to your monitor
  • Compatible with the Indie 7, 702 Touch and Cine 7 monitors

2. Neewer Foldable 3” LCD Screen Sun Shield Hood

Let’s jump into the Neewer Foldable 3-inch LCD Screen Sun Shield Hood that’s been grabbing the attention of photography enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Its compact design doesn’t just cater to small camera monitors; it’s a versatile fit for various brands and models.

Built with a durable construction that withstands the rigors of fieldwork, this sun shield hood makes certain that your screen remains visible even in the harshest daylight.

It’s as functional as it is resilient, with a foldable feature for easy storage and transportation.

Attaching the Neewer Sun Shield Hood is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward setup.

It employs touch fasteners which provide a secure grip without causing damage to the screen surface.

Here are some of its noteworthy advantages – – Enhanced screen visibility in bright outdoor conditions

  • Prevention of screen glare and reflections,
  • Quick and simple attachment method.

We’ve also heard from users who appreciate the added bonuses that come with this sun shield.

The soft inner lining ensures that your monitor is not only shaded but also protected from scratches and other potential damage.

Maintaining the Neewer Sun Shield Hood is just as hassle-free as using it.

The material is easy to clean, ensuring that your hood remains in prime condition for each use.


As we’re always on the lookout for equipment that brings efficiency to our shoots, the Neewer sun shield has proven to be a reliable ally in combating screen glare without adding bulk to our gear.

With its foldable design, we can always have it on hand for those unexpected moments when the sunlight becomes a challenge for our camera monitors.

3. Vello Universal 3.0″ Screen Shade Hood

When you’re striving for that perfect shot in bright conditions, the Vello Universal 3.0″ Screen Shade Hood can be a lifesaver.

Its design is universally accommodating, making it a great accessory for a wide range of camera models.

Installing this screen shade is a breeze, plus it gives you the freedom to effortlessly view your monitor without the hindrance of glare.

Its snug fit ensures your camera’s LCD remains visible even in the harshest sunlight, proving its effectiveness during outdoor shoots.

The Vello shade is more than just a functional tool – it’s a sturdy shield that’s built to last.

Crafted from high-quality materials, it guards against the typical wear and tear that comes with outdoor photography.

In terms of portability, this shade excels with its slim and collapsible structure.

This makes it a top choice for photographers who are always on the move.

Key features of the Vello screen hood include:

  • Universal compatibility with 3.0″ LCD screens,
  • No-tools-required installation,
  • Durable construction that stands up to the elements,
  • Collapsible design for enhanced portability.

Offering a clear view of your camera’s display, the Vello hood ensures that screen reflections don’t compromise the quality of your work.

It’s an investment in maintaining the integrity of your shots, making sure that what you see on the screen is an accurate representation of your artistic vision.

4. Hoodman Sun Hood For 7″ To 10″ Monitors

When shooting in bright outdoor conditions, a reliable sun hood can make all the difference.

Hoodman has created a versatile sunshade that caters to larger monitors, ranging from 7″ to 10″ screens.


The Hoodman Sun Hood has a robust build that ensures longevity and protection against the elements.

It’s been designed to fit various monitors seamlessly, thanks to its adjustable straps that secure the hood in place.

Installing the Hoodman is a straightforward process we find incredibly convenient.

Its quick-release belt makes it simple to attach or remove without any hassle.

In terms of portability, we’re impressed by how the Hoodman folds flat.

This design makes it ideal for travelers who need to pack light and can’t afford bulky accessories.

The hood’s interior is lined with a dark fabric that absorbs light and reduces reflection.

This feature helps maintain the clarity of the monitor’s display even under direct sunlight.

Highlighted Features of the Hoodman Sun Hood:

  • Durable construction,
  • Adjustable mounting straps,
  • Quick-release belt system,
  • Folds flat for easy transportation,
  • Light-absorbing interior lining.

With the inclusion of the Hoodman Sun Hood in our gear, we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in screen visibility.

It provides the much-needed shade to ensure our monitor displays remain visible no matter how harsh the sun gets.

5. Atomos Sunhood For Ninja V Monitor

When shooting outdoors with an Atomos Ninja V monitor, we’ve found that the Atomos Sunhood is a fantastic accessory to maximize screen visibility.

It’s designed specifically for the Ninja V’s 5-inch display and helps to reduce glare and reflection in bright conditions.

This sunhood attaches securely to the monitor using silicone rubber straps that ensure it remains in place during shooting.

Its snug fit prevents any light leaks, providing an optimal viewing experience for the videographer.

One key feature of the Atomos Sunhood is its durable build.

The materials used are tough and ensure that the sunhood can withstand the rigors of fieldwork.

  • Easy to attach and remove,
  • Made from durable materials.

Another standout aspect is how the Atomos Sunhood enhances the Ninja V’s usability.

By shielding the monitor from excess light, we can accurately assess exposure, focus, and framing without the interference of glare.

Transportation and storage of the Atomos Sunhood are also hassle-free.

It’s collapsible – making it compact and easy to pack with the rest of our gear.

It doesn’t add much weight to our setup, which is always a plus while on location.

The minimalist design ensures that our setup remains sleek and professional-looking.

Yet, it provides extensive coverage ensuring that we have clear, unobstructed access to all necessary information on our monitor.

Effortless to install and remove, the sunhood serves as a valuable tool for the modern filmmaker.

This accessory is a testimony to Atomos’s commitment to creating practical, field-tested solutions for videographers.

Atomos Sunhood for Ninja V (Black)
  • Blocks sunlight
  • Quick attach/release
  • Reduces glare
  • Enables full visibility
  • For use in bight light

6. Elvid 7″ Rigvision HDR Monitor Hood

Continuing with our selection of the best camera monitor sunshades, we must highlight the Elvid 7″ RigVision HDR Monitor Hood.

This monitor hood is a perfect fit for those in need of a high-quality solution to combat glaring sunlight during shoots.

The product is designed to deliver an unobstructed view of your monitor, boosting visibility in even the harshest lighting conditions.

The Elvid RigVision comes equipped with some notable features – – A durable, water-resistant nylon-over-metal frame construction

  • A magnetic quick-release system for easy attachment and removal – The flexibility to accommodate various 7” monitor models.

One of the key attractions of this monitor hood is its ease of use.

It’s straightforward to set up and dismantle, which means you won’t waste any precious time on set.

Also, its robust build ensures that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor filming.

Another significant aspect is the Elvid RigVision’s compatibility with touchscreen monitors.

Our touchscreen operations are unhindered, providing the convenience we require without compromising on screen protection.

Also, its compact design does not bulk up our gear, making transport and storage hassle-free.

In terms of durability, the Elvid RigVision HDR Monitor Hood stands out from the pack.

The materials used ensure longevity, so this isn’t a product you’ll be replacing often.

And even though its strong build, it offers an impressive level of flexibility which is essential for on-the-go adjustments.

Finally, the magnetic strips that come with this hood make for an exceptionally secure attachment to our monitor.

This peace of mind allows us to focus on capturing perfect shots instead of worrying about our equipment’s stability in windy conditions.

7. Kamerar MAX-1 Matte Box With Sunshade

When out in the field, we understand that combating harsh lighting is pivotal.

The Kamerar MAX-1 Matte Box with Sunshade is an asset for those situations.

Its design allows for quick lens changes, offering convenience when time is of the essence.

Plus, the adjustable height makes it compatible with a wide range of cameras and lenses.

This matte box isn’t all about convenience and versatility.

It’s also robust, ensuring longevity even in demanding conditions.

The sunshade made from high-quality material doesn’t just block out unwanted light.

It also protects the lens from accidental scratches and elements.

Key features of the Kamerar MAX-1 lie in its details:

  • Swing-away feature for quick lens swaps,
  • Donut-style lens adapters ensuring light-tight seal,
  • Front and rear adjustable flags for extra flare protection,
  • Lightweight design that doesn’t add undue stress to the camera rig.

We’ve noticed that its user-friendliness is unmatched.

Setting the Kamerar MAX-1 up is a seamless process which we find particularly beneficial during fast-paced shoots.

The sunshade smoothly integrates with the matte box, so there’s no fumbling with complex attachments.

Also, our experience tells us that poor light conditions can drastically affect the recording quality.

That’s why the precise adjustability of the Kamerar’s flags to block out stray light is a standout feature.

Whether we’re dealing with the midday sun or reflective surfaces, it’s got us covered.

Finally, we appreciate versatility in film gear, and the Kamerar MAX-1 doesn’t disappoint.

It’s compatible with both industry-standard 15mm rods and comes equipped with multiple filter trays.

Whether we’re aiming for a naturalistic look or artistic flair, this matte box gives us the control we need.

8. Fotodiox Pro Collapsible Sunshade For 7″ LCD Field Monitors

When working outdoors, the Fotodiox Pro Collapsible Sunshade becomes an invaluable accessory for your 7″ LCD field monitors.

It’s specifically engineered to provide glare-free viewing, ensuring you maintain visibility even in bright sunlight.

The design features a robust collapsible frame – this makes for easy storage and transport.

Durability is key, and the Fotodiox Pro doesn’t fall short, with its high-quality materials ready to withstand the rigors of on-location shoots.

  • It attaches with ease, using touch-fasteners for a secure and adjustable fit.,
  • Its back cover protects ports and cables from the elements while you concentrate on the task at hand..

Flexible yet sturdy, our experience shows that this sunshade will hold up in a variety of conditions.

It’s been thoroughly tested and proven to reduce monitor glare effectively, so you can review your footage in real-time without the usual hassle.

Compatibility is a non-issue, as the Fotodiox Pro fits most 7-inch monitors without obstructing buttons or functions.

The sunshade’s smart design ensures full access to monitor controls and mounting points.

With its intuitive setup, videographers can expect a hassle-free experience when adjusting the sunshade angle or position.

The Fotodiox Pro is adaptable, making it conducive to swift changes in shooting scenarios.

9. Portkeys LH5P 5.5″ 4K HDMI/3G-SDI On-camera Monitor With Sunshade

When on location, we know the right gear can make or break a shoot.

That’s where the Portkeys LH5P monitor with its dedicated sunshade comes into play.

This 5.5-inch monitor isn’t just compact – it’s loaded with features.

We’re talking about 4K HDMI input, 3G-SDI support, and a crisp display that offers exceptional clarity in various lighting conditions.

The sunshade attachment is a standout for this model.

It’s tailor-made to snugly fit the Portkeys LH5P, ensuring no stray light adversely impacts screen visibility.

Functionality wise, it’s a breeze to set up.

The sunshade boasts a simple yet secure mounting system that allows for quick attachment and detachment on the go.

Here’s what we find really impressive about the monitor and its sunshade:

  • Durability – The sunshade is built to withstand the rigors of fieldwork.,
  • Ease of Use – Attachment and removal are effortless, perfect for quick moves and setup changes..

But that’s not all the Portkeys LH5P has to offer.

It includes waveform, vector scope, and histogram tools for precise exposure and color monitoring.

Plus, its anamorphic de-squeeze and 3D LUT support are invaluable for filmmakers looking to capture footage with cinematic flair.

The monitor’s build quality is noteworthy; it’s robust enough to handle the demands of outdoor shoots.

This reliability, paired with its functional sunshade, ensures we can keep our focus on capturing the perfect shot, free from the nuisances of sun glare.

10. Feelworld Master MA5 Monitor Sunshade

When dealing with challenging outdoor shooting conditions, the Feelworld Master MA5 Monitor Sunshade is a boon for videographers.

It attaches easily to the MA5’s 5-inch screen, meaning we can shield our footage from the harsh glare of the sun without any fuss.

The MA5 Sunshade is designed with a simple yet effective structure that provides excellent coverage for the 5-inch display.

We appreciate the fact that it does not obstruct any of the monitor’s functions, allowing for full access to touch controls and ports.

Constructed with durable materials, the sunshade stands up well against the elements, which is crucial when we’re out in the field.

It also folds flat for convenient storage, a feature that can’t be overstated when packing gear is a concern.

Features of the Feelworld Master MA5 Monitor Sunshade include:

  • Compatibility with the Feelworld MA5 5-inch monitor,
  • Ease of attachment and removal,
  • Durable construction materials,
  • Non-obstructive design for full monitor access,
  • Foldable for ease of storage and transport.

We find the sunshade’s black interior coating particularly useful as it absorbs reflections effectively.

The contrast it provides ensures we can view our monitor’s display with clarity, even under intense sunlight.

Enhancing Monitor Visibility In Bright Conditions With Sunshades

When we’re out in the field capturing footage, bright sunlight can be a major obstacle.

That’s where high-quality camera monitor sunshades come into play.

They magnify our ability to see clear, accurate colors and maintain focus without the distraction of glare.

Our choices of sunshades can make or break our ability to assess our shots accurately in bright conditions.

Using sunshades can improve our outdoor shooting experience significantly.

The key benefits include:

  • Reduced glare on the monitor’s screen,
  • Enhanced visibility of monitor details,
  • Prolonged battery life by lowering monitor brightness,
  • Protection for the screen from scratches and smudges.

Monitors like the Portkeys LH5P and the Feelworld Master MA5 come equipped with dedicated sunshades.

These sunshades are specifically designed to fit snugly and offer the best possible shade for each monitor allowing us to focus on our craft rather than fiddling with third-party solutions.

The materials used in these sunshades matter just as much as their design.

They are crafted from light-absorbing materials such as tightly woven fabric or matte-finish plastics.

The result is a non-reflective interior that ensures only the monitor’s display is seen, clear and unobstructed.

It’s worth mentioning that these sunshades are not only functional but also add an extra layer of protection.

Our equipment is an investment, and it’s our job to keep it safe from the elements.

Durability and easy installation are non-negotiable when we’re on the go, constantly setting up and breaking down our gear.

The addition of a sunshade enhances our ability to provide professional results regardless of the shooting environment.

Whether it’s the unforgiving midday sun or the reflective surfaces around us, with the right sunshade, our monitors become reliable windows to our work.

Top Camera Monitor Sunshades – Wrap Up

We’ve seen how crucial a good camera monitor sunshade is for any outdoor shoot.

With the right sunshade, we’re equipped to tackle even the harshest lighting conditions, ensuring our monitor remains visible and our footage true to color.

Whether we’re in the field or on a bustling set, the protection and improved battery efficiency a sunshade provides can’t be overstated.

Let’s make sure our gear includes one of these essential accessories for a smoother filming experience.

Here’s to clear viewing on all our future projects!