We’ve all been there—deep into a photo shoot when our DSLR’s battery life plummets.

It’s frustrating, right?

That’s where a trusty battery grip comes in, transforming your camera’s stamina and your shooting experience.

Investing in the best DSLR battery grip means you’re ready for extended sessions, no sweat.

Let’s jump into the top picks that’ll keep your camera powered up and ready for action.

Best DSLR Battery Grips

Let’s take a look at some of the top DSLR battery grips for longer shoots & improved handling.

1. Canon BG-E20 Battery Grip For EOS 5D Mark IV

When it comes to enhancing the EOS 5D Mark IV’s shooting capacity, the Canon BG-E20 Battery Grip stands out.

We recognize its value in providing not only extended battery life but also in adding stability and ergonomic benefits to our photography sessions.

The grip is designed to hold two LP-E6N or LP-E6 batteries.

This effectively doubles the shooting time before any recharge is necessary.

Operational efficiency is at the forefront with the BG-E20.

The grip’s inclusion of extra controls, such as a shutter release button for vertical shots, makes it a practical tool for portrait photographers.

Also, the battery grip is constructed with the same rugged, dust-, and water-resistant quality as the EOS 5D Mark IV.

We appreciate this level of durability which aligns with the camera’s professional build.

Our experience suggests that the added weight of the BG-E20 brings a sense of balance especially when using larger lenses.


It’s a trade-off we’re more than willing to accept for uninterrupted shooting time and the convenience of additional controls.

Canon has integrated a couple of subtle yet impactful features into the BG-E20 –

  • A multifunction button,
  • A joystick control.

These inclusions make the user interface and overall handling while shooting both simpler and more intuitive.

For photographers who often find themselves in prolonged shooting environments, the BG-E20 is a reliable companion.

It’s an investment towards seamless performance and extended creative possibilities with the EOS 5D Mark IV.

Canon Battery Grip BG-E20
  • Large capacity battery grip designed for the EOS 5D Mark IV, ideal for high volume and easy vertical...
  • Powered by two Battery Pack LP-E6 batteries or an optional DC Coupler DR-E6 and AC Adapter AC-E6N.
  • Improved ergonomics for comfortable holding
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 151. 7 x 114. 4 x 84. 3mm
  • Compatibility - EOS 5D Mark IV EF 24-105mm f/4L is II USM kit, EOS 5D Mark IV body refurbished, EOS...

2. Nikon MB-D17 Multi Battery Power Pack For D500

When it comes to uninterrupted shooting experiences, the Nikon MB-D17 is the crème de la crème for Nikon enthusiasts.

Supporting the Nikon D500, this battery grip offers a remarkable blend of ergonomic design and extended battery performance.

It’s equipped to carry one EN-EL15 battery or eight AA batteries.

This versatility allows photographers to adapt swiftly to various shooting conditions without worrying about power.

With the MB-D17 attached, users can enjoy nearly double the shooting capacity.


Ensuring every precious moment is captured without pause.

But that’s not all.

The MB-D17 enhances the D500 with improved handling, particularly for vertical compositions.

The additional controls, such as a secondary shutter-release button, make it simple to switch between horizontal and vertical shots seamlessly.

Let’s not overlook the practical extras –

  • Built-in shutter-release button,
  • AE/AF lock button,
  • Multi selector,
  • Main and sub-command dials.

These features maintain the ease of use and accessibility that Nikon users are accustomed to.

The MB-D17 also shares the D500’s durable build – designed to be dust- and weather-resistant.

Which is essential for those who find themselves in challenging environments.

Investing in the MB-D17 not only extends the camera’s life between charges.

But it also makes for a more well-rounded photographic tool.

Paired with the Nikon D500, the MB-D17 is an essential accessory for serious photographers who demand the utmost in battery life and convenience.

3. Sony VG-C3EM Vertical Grip For Α9, Α7r III, Α7 III

When we’re talking about extended shooting capabilities, the Sony VG-C3EM Vertical Grip is an indispensable tool for photographers using Sony’s α9, α7R III, and α7 III cameras.

Its robust design ensures a secure and comfortable grip, further enhancing the ergonomic feel of the cameras.

Not only does it hold two NP-FZ100 batteries, but it also effectively doubles the shooting time.

This is crucial for professionals who can’t afford to miss a shot due to battery constraints.


Here are some key features of the VG-C3EM Vertical Grip:

  • Second shutter: Adds a second shutter button for easy portrait shooting,
  • Multi-selector: Enables quick selection of AF points,
  • Dials: Provide access to essential camera settings even in a vertical position.

Also, like the cameras it’s designed for, this grip doesn’t shy away from harsh conditions.

The Sony VG-C3EM is built with weather-sealing that matches the resilience of the α9, α7R III, and α7 III, allowing us to shoot confidently in various environments.

Integrating seamlessly with the camera’s aesthetics and interface, this vertical grip also maintains the overall look and feel.

Also, its battery-housing compartment is meticulously designed to ensure batteries stay safe and reliable even during extended use.

Each moment in photography is precious and the VG-C3EM understands that.

It not only facilitates longer sessions but does so without introducing any distractions or disruptions to our creative workflow.

Sony VGC3EM Vertical Grip for α9, α7R III, α7 III black
  • Loads two NP-FZ100 batteries (sold separately)
  • Dust- and moisture-resistant sealing
  • Rigid magnesium for durability

4. Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip For Lumix DC-GH5

When the goal is to capture images over extended periods, the Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 battery grip emerges as a robust contender.

Designed specifically for the Lumix DC-GH5, this grip is a powerhouse that mirrors the camera’s staple qualities – durability and enhanced functionality.

The grip accommodates an additional DMW-BLF19 battery, effectively doubling the life and allowing photographers to shoot for longer without interruption.

This is vital for events like weddings or wildlife photography where opportunities are fleeting and every moment counts.

Ergonomically, the grip complements the Lumix DC-GH5 by providing a comfortable hold in various shooting positions.

It’s especially beneficial for vertical compositions, offering a second shutter button that mimics the camera’s own.

Here’s what sets the Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 apart:

  • A rugged, dust and splash-proof design,
  • Intuitive controls including an extra joystick for focusing,
  • Seamlessly integrating with the DC-GH5’s form factor.

Professionals will appreciate the grip’s attention to detail – the buttons and dials are placed such that there’s no need to readjust one’s hand after changing camera orientation.

This responsiveness is key during fast-paced shooting scenarios.

Beyond just batteries, the DMW-BGGH5 equips users with a variety of options for connectivity.

This includes a USB cable allowing for continuous power supply – an attribute essential for videographers who engage in prolonged sessions of recording.

Our experience with the grip shows it does not only improve handling but also enhances the camera’s visual appeal.

A seamless aesthetic blend with the Lumix DC-GH5 means the grip looks as if it’s an intrinsic part of the camera, rather than an add-on.

5. Fujifilm VG-XT3 Vertical Battery Grip For X-T3

Fujifilm’s lens on practicality is evident with the VG-XT3 Vertical Battery Grip, designed for the mirrorless X-T3.

Doubling as a vertical grip, this accessory provides users with increased comfort and improved handling, especially when shooting portraits or during extended use.

This grip not only extends battery life but also mirrors the camera’s durability with its weather-resistant structure.

It holds two batteries, bringing the total number of batteries, including the one in the camera, to three – ensuring we have enough power for all-day shooting.

Photographers who prefer additional physical controls will appreciate the VG-XT3’s design.

It includes:

  • A shutter release button,
  • A focus lever,
  • AE-L button,
  • AF-L button,
  • Command dials,
  • A Q button,
  • An Fn button.

Incorporating these controls on the grip allows for intuitive operation in vertical shooting.

The tactile response of these buttons keeps shooting smooth and functional without compromising on the workload.

The VG-XT3 grip also comes with a headphone jack – a feature particularly useful for videographers monitoring audio during recording.

Besides, the grip supports AC-15V AC Adapter and DC Coupler CP-W126, supplying power for prolonged video shoots or time-lapse photography.

The additional grip size doesn’t overwhelm the X-T3’s sleek design.

Instead, it compliments it, maintaining the classic look while enhancing the camera’s ergonomic feel.

Users find that the camera and grip ensemble maintains a balanced weight distribution, crucial for handheld photography.

By expanding the X-T3’s potential, this grip allows us to revel in the creative process without the interruption of power issues.

Its combination of ergonomics and extended battery life meets the needs of demanding photography sessions and is a serious consideration for X-T3 users looking for a powerhouse upgrade.

Fujifilm VG-XT3 Vertical Battery Grip
  • Hold the camera vertically and maintain access to the shutter release button, front and rear command...
  • Holds two additional batteries to increase the maximum number of shots to 1, 100 (in normal mode).
  • Dust-resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10 DegreeC/14...
  • Battery-charging functionality, and is capable of fully charging two batteries in two hours

6. Pentax D-BG6 Digital Camera Battery Grip For K-1

When diving into the world of extended DSLR shooting, the Pentax D-BG6 Battery Grip for the Pentax K-1 emerges as a standout accessory.

This robust grip not only adds to the ergonomic comfort but also significantly boosts battery life.

For photographers who demand more from their K-1, especially during long shooting sessions, this grip effortlessly doubles the camera’s power.

It holds an additional D-LI90 battery, ensuring that you’re armed with enough juice for even the most demanding projects.

Its build quality mirrors the K-1’s weather-resistant design, making it an ideal companion for outdoor shoots.

Whether you’re braving the elements or shooting in a controlled studio environment, our grip remains dependable.

Here are its key features –

  • Extended vertical shooting controls,
  • Duplicate set of essential buttons,
  • Dustproof, weather-resistant construction.

With these added controls, we find that maneuvering through settings in a vertical position has never been easier.

The intuitive placement of buttons provides seamless operation without any awkward hand adjustments.

Integrating the D-BG6 has no impact on the K-1’s connectivity.

The grip offers access to all the ports, so tethered shooting or quick data transfers aren’t hindered.

It’s clear that this battery grip is designed with thoughtful consideration for the K-1’s capabilities.

Its seamless integration with the camera’s aesthetic and functions makes it an extension rather than just an accessory.

Keep in mind that while battery grips can add to the weight of your setup, this extra heft can be beneficial.

A more substantial grip can aid in stabilizing shots and can often balance out heavy telephoto lenses.


For those keen on optimizing their K-1 for extended shoots, the Pentax D-BG6 Digital Camera Battery Grip is a worthy investment.

It maintains the camera’s sleek physique while significantly expanding performance capabilities.

Pentax D-BG6 Digital Camera Battery Grips (Black) for K1 / K1 Mark II
  • Weather and Dust Resistant
  • On/Off switch and command dials
  • Extended grip for vertical shooting
  • Shutter release button for vertical shots
  • For K1 and K1 mark II

7. Vello BG-C14 Battery Grip For Canon 5D Mark IV

We understand the importance of uninterrupted shooting, especially with a powerhouse like the Canon 5D Mark IV.

That’s where the Vello BG-C14 Battery Grip comes into play.

This grip isn’t just an accessory – it’s a necessity for any professional photographer who doesn’t want to miss a shot.

Built with the dedicated photographer in mind, the BG-C14 mirrors the design and functionality of the 5D Mark IV.

This ensures a seamless experience.

The grip provides the same control layout, so when you’re snapping photos in portrait orientation, there’s no fumbling for buttons or dials.

Here’s what makes the Vello BG-C14 stand out:

  • Extended battery life with capacity for two LP-E6/LP-E6N batteries or eight AA batteries,
  • Additional shutter release – facilitating easy portrait shooting,
  • Back Control Dial – aiding in quick adjustments.

Handling the BG-C14 is a dream.

It boasts an ergonomic design which greatly improves the overall feel and balance of the camera in your hands.

The weight distribution with the grip attached makes those longer shoots less of a strain on your wrists.

Durability is also a core feature of the BG-C14.

It’s built to withstand the same rigors as the Canon 5D Mark IV, ensuring that you can take it into challenging environments with confidence.

This grip doesn’t just extend your camera’s battery life; it extends its capabilities, allowing you to shoot with assurance wherever your photography may lead you.

Integrating the grip with your Canon 5D Mark IV is a breeze.

The design complements the camera body, not just in appearance, but also in the ease with which it allows access to the battery chamber.

Without this grip, you’re simply not leveraging the full potential of your Canon 5D Mark IV.

By using the Vello BG-C14, we’ve noticed a significant improvement not just in shooting duration but also in comfort and operability.

It’s a win-win for any photographer looking to capture those lengthy sessions without a hitch.

8. Meike MK-A7II Pro Battery Grip For Sony A7 II

When deciding on a battery grip that complements the Sony A7 II series, the Meike MK-A7II Pro is one option we can’t overlook.

Built with precision, this grip promises to enhance both the functionality and ergonomics of your camera.

The grip’s design is key for photographers who spend hours on their craft.

It’s contoured to fit comfortably in our hands, reducing the fatigue commonly experienced during prolonged shooting sessions.

Our shooting efficiency skyrockets with the Meike MK-A7II Pro, as it supports the use of two NP-FW50 batteries.

You’ll find uninterrupted shooting sessions become the norm, not the exception.

With an intuitive layout, the grip grants easy access to a range of controls such as:

  • A dedicated shutter button – Multi selector,
  • AF start button,
  • AE lock/FE lock button.

Not only does the Meike MK-A7II Pro allow us to capture images in a vertical orientation effortlessly, but it also integrates a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control.

The remote has a range of up to 100 meters, meaning we have more creative freedom when positioning and shooting our subjects.

Even though its robust features, the grip remains lightweight and durable, ensuring our Sony A7 II can withstand the rigors of outdoor photography.

Also, the inclusion of a tripod socket maintains compatibility with our existing setups.

In terms of aesthetics, the Meike MK-A7II Pro matches the sleek design of the Sony A7 II.

This seamless integration ensures our gear looks professional and works in harmony.

By fitting snugly onto our camera body without adding unnecessary bulk, the Meike MK-A7II Pro becomes an extension of our photographic toolkit.

Every button and dial is positioned for tactile accessibility, which means we can adjust settings on the fly without missing a beat.

Enhancing our shooting potential while on the move has never been easier.

The Meike MK-A7II Pro remains a quintessential piece for photographers ready to take their Sony A7 II to new heights.

9. Olympus HLD-9 Battery Grip For OM-D E-M1 Mark II

  • Shutter release,
  • Two dials – Two function buttons Beyond an extra battery compartment and enhanced control, the HLD-9 positions critical buttons and dials in an intuitive layout. This layout ensures we transition seamlessly between shooting orientations without fumbling for controls. Integration with the camera’s design is seamless, maintaining the OM-D E-M1 Mark II’s sleek profile. We’re able to uphold the aesthetic integrity of our gear without sacrificing functionality or ergonomic advantages. The Olympus HLD-9 battery grip becomes an invaluable asset well before we reach critical moments of action or artistic expression. With the additional battery space and strategically placed controls, our shooting capabilities are expanded without adding unnecessary bulk..
Olympus HLD-9 Power Grip Battery Holder, black, for E-M1 Mark II & E-M1 Mark III
  • Power battery holder compatible with the E-M1 Mark II camera
  • Dust, splash, and freezeproof (-10C)
  • Arrow pad allows same operation while holding the camera vertically or horizontally
  • Accepts 1 BLH-1 battery (sold separately

10. Neewer Battery Grip For Nikon D750 DSLR Camera

When we’re aiming to extend our shooting time and improve handling with our Nikon D750, the Neewer Battery Grip is a standout choice.

Not only does it allow for an additional EN-EL15 battery, but it also makes portrait orientation shooting as comfortable as landscape.

The grip provides a sturdy feel, and the added weight ensures a more balanced experience, especially with heavier lenses.

Its button layout mimics that of the D750 itself, offering intuitive control without having to move the camera away from our eye.

Key features that make the Neewer Battery Grip an essential accessory include:

  • Extended Shooting Time – Doubles the battery capacity,
  • Vertical Shooting Function – Integrated vertical shutter release and control dials,
  • Improved Ergonomics – Enhanced grip for shooting in various orientations,
  • Tripod Threading – A built-in thread for tripod usage without the need to remove the grip.

The affordability of this grip doesn’t translate to a compromise in quality.

It’s solidly built, and most importantly, it doesn’t disrupt the communication between the Nikon D750 and the battery, ensuring the camera’s performance remains optimal.

Owners of the Nikon D750 who have longed for extended shooting sessions without frequent battery swaps find the Neewer Battery Grip to be an invaluable asset.

It elevates the comfort level during lengthy shoots and stabilizes the camera for sharper images.

Integrating the Neewer Battery Grip with our Nikon D750 seamlessly expands the camera’s potential.

Its design feels like a natural extension of the camera – reinforcing that it’s an accessory specifically made for photographers who demand more from their DSLR without hindering mobility.

Battery Grip Kit for Nikon D750 DSLR Camera (MB-D16 Replacement)-includes Qty 2 ENEL15 Batteries + Battery Charger + Vertical Battery Grip
  • Holds 1 EN-EL15 battery
  • Provides Extended Shooting Time
  • Improves Stability, Allows For Vertical Camera Shooting
  • AA cartridge plate holds 6 AA batteries for added convenience
  • Includes: Battery Grip + Qty 2 ENEL15 Batteries + Rapid AC/DC Battery Charger + Cleaning Cloth

Enhancing Shooting Time With DSLR Battery Grips

When it comes to photography, having enough power for extended shooting sessions is crucial.

DSLR battery grips serve as an indispensable tool that frees us from the constraints of a single battery’s lifespan.

The additional batteries housed within the grip not only double or triple our shooting time but also provide a necessary balance to our setup.

It’s particularly beneficial when handling larger lenses.

Some key features of DSLR battery grips include:

  • Multiplying battery capacity,
  • Improving camera handling and stability,
  • Offering vertical shooting controls.

With battery grips, we can shoot uninterrupted during events such as weddings, sports, wildlife, and long-exposure photography.

This removes the stress of changing batteries at critical moments.

Also, the grips are designed to complement the form and aesthetics of our cameras.

They’re often equipped with buttons and dials that replicate the camera’s own interface making adjustments while shooting vertically as intuitive as in a horizontal orientation.

For photographers covering live events or engaging in intensive shooting sessions, battery grips are game changers.

They not only eliminate the worry of running out of power but also transform the camera into a more professional and ergonomic tool.

Top DSLR Battery Grips – Wrap Up

We’ve explored how DSLR battery grips can revolutionize the way we shoot by providing the extra power and comfort needed for those long photography sessions.

They’re an invaluable tool for any photographer looking to capture those perfect moments without the interruption of changing batteries.

With better handling and the convenience of vertical controls, our shooting experience is not just extended but also enhanced.

Let’s embrace the full potential of our DSLRs and never miss a shot again.

Whether we’re in the wild waiting for the perfect wildlife shot or at a wedding capturing every emotion, our gear is now as ready and resilient as we are.