When we’re on set, the right pair of gloves can make all the difference.

They protect our hands from the rigors of a long shoot and improve our grip on pricey gear.

But let’s face it, not all gloves are created equal.

We’ve scoured the market to find the best filmmaking gloves that blend durability, dexterity, and comfort, so you can focus on getting that perfect shot.

Best Filmmaking Gloves

Let’s take a look at some of the top filmmaking gloves.

1. Setwear Pro Leather Gloves

In the bustling environment of a film set, the SetWear Pro Leather Gloves stand out for their blend of toughness and tactility.

They’re designed specifically for handling hot lights and rigging gear which makes them an asset for any crew member.

Their construction features genuine leather which ensures longevity.

Meanwhile, the gloves maintain flexibility, a critical aspect when we’re manipulating intricate equipment.

What sets these gloves apart are the reinforced patches in high-stress areas.

These elements give us the peace of mind that they will endure through demanding shoots and frequent use.

The fingers are pre-curved which mimics the natural resting position of our hands.

This feature prevents fatigue and maintains our dexterity, allowing for prolonged periods of work without discomfort.

Comfort is paramount and the SetWear Pro Leather Gloves come equipped with a stretch spandex back.

This provides a snug fit and breathability which is essential during those long hours on set.


Their velcro closure ensures a secure fit around our wrists.

Adjustability is key to keeping out debris and providing a comfortable experience.

Features that highlight the SetWear Pro Leather Gloves include –

  • Genuine leather for maximum durability,
  • Reinforced patches in critical areas to withstand wear and tear,
  • Pre-curved fingers to reduce hand fatigue,
  • Stretch spandex back for a breathable and comfortable fit,
  • Velcro closure for adjustability and secure fit.

By incorporating SetWear Pro Leather Gloves into our gear, they not only help us handle equipment safely but also contribute to our overall efficiency on set.

Their thoughtful design elements are tailored for the rigorous demands of film production and our relentless pursuit of the perfect shot.

SetWear Pro Leather Gloves, Black Medium
  • High Grade Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium

2. Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Framer Gloves

In the demanding world of filmmaking, the right pair of gloves can be a game-changer.

Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Framer Gloves are engineered with the film crew’s needs in mind.

They offer an exceptional combination of durability and dexterity that’s hard to beat in high-pressure environments.

Their unique design exposes the thumb, index, and middle fingers for intricate tasks while protecting the rest of the hand.

These gloves are crafted for those who require precision without sacrificing safety.


The exposed finger design ensures you have the tactile feedback necessary to manage small or delicate items.

But it’s not just about touch – the covered fingers are equipped with heavy-duty padding for protection.

When it comes to comfort, Dirty Rigger gloves are in a league of their own.

They feature:

  • Memory foam padding to adapt to your hand’s unique contour,
  • Breathable fabric that keeps sweat at bay even during the longest shoots,
  • A snug fit that prevents slipping while allowing full wrist movement.

Also, the gloves boast a double-stitched construction for an extended lifespan.

This level of attention to detail ensures they’re not only comfortable but also that they’ll stand the test of time.

The robust materials used in the creation of these gloves grant peace of mind, knowing your hands are guarded against the abrasions and burns common on set.

Durability and comfort combined make the Dirty Rigger gloves a valuable addition to our filmmaking arsenal.

They’re resilient enough to handle the challenges of a bustling film set and offer functionality without compromising on protection.

With Dirty Rigger, you’re equipped to manage whatever the production day throws your way.

The incorporation of Dirty Rigger gloves effectively bridges the gap between safety and efficiency.

They adapt to the vigorous demands of modern filmmaking, proving invaluable to grips, gaffers, and camera operators alike.

Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Framer Rigger Glove Various Sizes (Large)
  • Light & flexible for all-day comfort
  • Snug fit to minimise snagging
  • Double layered synthetic leather on palm and key wear areas
  • Double stitched seams

3. Petzl Cordex Lightweight Belay/rappel Gloves

While exploring the vast array of filmmaking gloves, we mustn’t overlook the Petzl Cordex Lightweight Belay/Rappel Gloves.

Known for their versatility, these gloves strike an impressive balance between protection and sensitivity.

Their lightweight construction ensures a high level of dexterity, crucial for filmmakers who need to manipulate camera equipment with precision.


Yet, even though their light feel, they’re sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a demanding set environment.

One of the standout features of the Petzl Cordex gloves is the material used.

Crafted from high-quality leather, they provide excellent grip and durability.

The leather is further reinforced with double-layered fingertips and palms, minimizing wear and tear in these high-stress areas.

This combination of materials means our hands are sheltered comfortably, without compromising on the tactile feedback necessary for intricate tasks.

The Petzl Cordex gloves come with an ergonomic cut and a low-profile Velcro closure that fits seamlessly around our wrists.

This thoughtful design element ensures that the gloves stay secure during activities, yet remain easy to put on and take off between scenes.

Plus, the absorbent material on the back of the thumb serves as a convenient brow-wiper, a small but significant feature under the hot lights of a film set.

These gloves also stand out for their breathability and ease of care.

With air flowing freely through the fabric, our hands stay cooler, reducing the chances of discomfort and slippage due to sweat.

And when they do need a clean, these gloves can be tossed in the wash, emerging ready for action without losing their shape or dexterity.

Features at a glance:

  • High-quality leather for grip and durability,
  • Lightweight and breathable for comfort,
  • Ergonomic design and secure Velcro closure,
  • Washable for easy maintenance.

Whether we’re setting up lighting systems or executing precise camera movements, the Petzl Cordex gloves deliver the performance we need to keep the show running smoothly.

As we consider tools that aid efficiency behind the scenes, it’s clear that these gloves offer a practical solution to the diverse demands of filmmaking.

PETZL CORDEX PLUS Gloves - Lightweight, Breathable Leather Belay Gloves for Climbing and Rappelling - Black - S
  • UNCOMPROMISED DURABILITY: Sometimes 'durable' gloves are bulky, stiff, and uncomfortable. With the...
  • PROTECTION WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST: A double layer of leather provides enhanced protection in...
  • EASE OF USE: Simple, yet durable velcrohook-and-loop closure. Carabiner hole for easy storage and/or...
  • EXTRA PADDING: Padding in the palm of the glove helps prevent protect against heat generated during...
  • CARABINER HOLE: Wrist hole fits most carabiners for easy storage and/or racking on your harness or...

4. Mechanix Wear – M-pact Covert Tactical Gloves

When tackling demanding tasks on set, protecting our hands is paramount.

That’s where the Mechanix Wear – M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves come into play.

These gloves are engineered for high-impact applications, ensuring we’re ready for challenging environments.

They offer full-coverage hand protection with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) that safeguards knuckles and fingers from impacts and abrasions.

The patented impact guard also frees the index finger for smooth trigger guard entry and mobility.

Sequentially, the gloves’ dual-layer internal fingertip construction reinforces the thumb and index finger.

This feature increases durability where we need it most.

The rugged armortex grip displaces liquids and provides durable gripping power in wet or dry conditions.

Enhancing grip and control doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort – the M-Pact Covert gloves boast:

  • A form-fitting TrekDry material that helps keep our hands cool and comfortable.,
  • An XRD® palm padding that absorbs vibration and shock when we’re handling heavy equipment or tools..

For precise control, these gloves integrate a 0.6mm synthetic leather fingertip.

This delivers the perfect blend of tactile control and protection, an absolute necessity for delicate operations such as adjusting focus on a camera lens or splicing wires.

The M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves are machine washable, maintaining their integrity cycle after cycle.

This ease of care ensures we can maintain a fresh pair, ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Besides, the gloves come in various sizes ranging from small to XX-Large, accommodating the diverse hands that contribute to our production.

We find the correct fit critical for maintaining dexterity and comfort during long hours on set.

With these gloves, we maintain an edge in safety and efficiency, keeping our focus on crafting captivating visual stories.

5. Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Gloves

As we jump deeper into the essentials for a film set, we can’t overlook the Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Gloves.

These gloves are designed to endure the rigor of outdoor shooting schedules, particularly in cold and wet conditions.

The micro-fleece liner keeps our hands warm while the durable outer shell ensures they stay dry.

The performance of these Youngstown gloves is anchored by several key features –

  • A form-fitted design to provide superior dexterity and reduced hand fatigue – Waterproof technology to handle adverse weather conditions – Insulation that traps heat without bulkiness.

Handling equipment with these gloves is virtually seamless, thanks to the non-slip reinforcement that adds durability and grip.

This allows us to focus on the task at hand without constantly removing our gloves to adjust equipment.

Their use extends from setting up camera stands to adjusting lighting rigs, proving their versatility on set.

The Youngstown gloves boast an impressive feature – a supportive cuff with an adjustable Velcro closure.

This not only secures the glove snugly to our wrists but also prevents debris from entering.

The gloves’ lifespan is further enhanced with the triple-layer technology that resists punctures and abrasions.

Our grip is fundamental when manipulating expensive and delicate film equipment.

The tacky texture of the gloves’ palms aids us in maintaining a firm grip on everything, from ropes to clamps.

And even though their sturdy build, these gloves allow for the critical tactile feedback needed for nuanced tasks.

For those of us working long hours on set, comfort is non-negotiable.

Youngstown has integrated a soft, brushed liner that not only warms the hands but also provides a level of comfort we can rely on throughout the day.

This combination of warmth, waterproofing, and comfort is hard to come by in other gloves we’ve tested.

6. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG

When handling various filmmaking equipment, durability and dexterity are essential.

The Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG offer both, ensuring that our film crew can work with precision and protection.

These gloves feature a hybrid cuff system – the perfect combination of safety and comfort for our wrists.

They are designed with a secure fit and quick release safety feature, making them a top choice among film professionals.


Ironclad’s patented palm design provides us with enhanced grip and longevity.

The thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection ensures our hands are shielded against accidental impacts that could occur on set.

The construction of these gloves is engineered for a wide range of motion.

The materials used are both flexible and breathable, which is critical when we’re working long hours on set.

Key features include:

  • Double stitched seams,
  • Synthetic leather reinforcements,
  • TPR knuckle protection.

The versatility of the Ironclad GUG makes them a reliable option for nearly any task on set.

Whether we’re adjusting lights, rigging cameras, or moving set pieces, these gloves are up for the challenge.

With their machine-washable fabric, we can easily keep the gloves clean and ready for the next day’s shoot.

This feature is vital for maintaining hygiene and prolonging the life of the gloves.

The combination of function and comfort means that the Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG stand out as an essential piece of gear on our film set.

Their robust construction suits the diverse demands of filmmaking, ensuring we’re prepared for whatever comes our way.

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG, All-Purpose, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable, (1 Pair), Large - GUG-04-L , Black
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TASK SPECIFIC WORK GLOVE - The number one selling Ironclad work glove
  • HAND SAFETY - Thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection provides impact and abrasion protection across...
  • SECURE FIT - Adjustable Hook and Loop Closure provides a secure custom fit for ideal performance
  • SWEAT MANAGEMENT FEATURE - Terry cloth sweat wipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb...
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Machine wash cool. Air drying is recommended in order to keep the size consistent...

7. Cinebags CBG-10 Cinema Production Gloves

Moving forward in our exploration of top filmmaking gloves, we can’t overlook the CineBags CBG-10 Cinema Production Gloves.

These gloves are tailored specifically for professionals in the film industry, offering a blend of durability and precision.

Crafted with the demands of a film set in mind, the CBG-10 gloves feature heavy-duty materials.

The high-wear areas are reinforced, ensuring the gloves withstand the rigors of daily use.

The design of these gloves takes into account the need for tactile sensitivity.

This is crucial when we’re adjusting delicate camera settings or handling costly lenses.

One standout aspect is the flexibility the CBG-10 gloves provide.

They enable full range of motion which is key for us when we’re setting up intricate shots or working with complex equipment.

For added functionality, CineBags has included:

  • Storage pockets for essential small tools,
  • Designated loops for attaching to carabiners.

To ensure we maintain a firm grasp on our gear, the gloves are equipped with non-slip grip surfaces.

Whether it’s a camera crane or a new-age gimbal, our hold needs to be secure.

Another significant feature is the padded palm area.

It helps absorb shock and minimize hand fatigue during those extended shooting days.

The CBG-10 gloves cater to all weather scenarios.

They’re breathable enough for hot outdoor locations yet provide enough protection for cooler, windy environments.

CineBags has incorporated a practical hook and loop closure system.

This allows for a customizable fit and quick adjustments on the fly.

In terms of care and maintenance, the CBG-10 gloves are straightforward.

They’re machine washable, making it easy for us to keep them clean and ready for each shoot.

Considering their tailored design and robust features, it’s clear the CineBags CBG-10 Cinema Production Gloves are a reliable choice for film industry professionals.

They protect our hands while enhancing our ability to operate equipment effectively.

8. Magid Safety T-REX TRX500 Impact Gloves

Diving into another essential piece of gear, we come across the Magid Safety T-REX TRX500 Impact Gloves.

These gloves are specifically engineered to provide premium hand protection while allowing for the dexterity necessary in the filmmaking process.

The T-REX TRX500 gloves boast a range of features that cater to the needs of a grip or camera operator.

With their form-fitting design, they don’t just offer protection; they ensure seamless equipment handling.

One key aspect we appreciate is their ANSI level A6 cut resistance.

This level of protection ensures our hands are safe from the various hazards on set.

Also, they are crafted with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) back padding.

The TPR shields our knuckles and fingers from impacts without compromising mobility.

– Durability and comfort – the gloves’ synthetic leather palm provides a soft feel along with resilience against wear and tear

  • Breathability – with a mesh construction allowing for airflow, our hands stay cool even under the hot lights of a set.

Besides, these gloves come with a grip-enhancing silicone pattern on the palm.

This feature ensures we maintain a firm hold on our equipment, regardless of the environmental conditions.

The TRX500 gloves are also designed with a hook and loop wrist closure.

It allows for a secure fit that adapts to our individual wrist sizes, keeping the gloves in place during even the most intricate tasks.

What stands out about these gloves is their multipurpose nature.

We’re not just protected against cuts and abrasions; impact resistance also plays a pivotal role in their design, making them suitable for a variety of scenarios in filmmaking.

9. Maxiflex Ultimate ATG 34-874 – 3/4 Coated Gloves

Moving on, we’ve got the MaxiFlex Ultimate ATG 34-874 gloves.

Their 3/4 coating provides excellent dexterity along with a degree of durability that’s hard to rival.

These gloves are a testament to the ideal balance between protection, comfort, and performance, making them a top pick for filmmakers focused on grip and handling.

What makes the MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves stand out is not just their dexterity but also their nitrile coating.

This enhances their resistance to tears and abrasion while ensuring a firm grip on equipment.

The breathability of these gloves is second to none, thanks to the patented micro-foam coating that keeps hands cool and dry even during intense shoot days.

Another noteworthy feature is their form-fitting design.

It wraps snugly around the contours of your hand, minimizing hand fatigue.

This aspect is critically important when you’re working on set for extended periods and need to maintain a steady grip on your tools and gear.

The MaxiFlex gloves also boast of:

  • 360-degree breathability – ensuring a healthy air flow around the hands,
  • Knit wrist cuff – prevents debris from entering the glove,
  • Silicone-free components – eliminate the risk of residue transfer onto film equipment.

Choosing gloves like the MaxiFlex Ultimate ATG 34-874, with their balance of breathability, grip, and protection, ensures that the minutiae of filmmaking is handled with the utmost precision and care.

Their sleek design and advanced materials are precisely what’s needed to maintain efficiency and safety on set.

MaxiFlex Ultimate ATG 34-874 - MEDIUM 34-874/Seamless Knit Nylon/Lycra Glove with Nitrile Coated icro-Foam Grip on Palm and Fingers, Gray/Black (Pack of 12)
  • Designed and developed as a breathable glove for precision handling in dry environments.
  • Continuous knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove.
  • Nitrile foam-coating offers 360° breathability.

10. Portwest A740 Powertool Pro High Performance Glove

When considering gloves for filmmaking, we know durability and dexterity can’t be compromised.

Portwest A740 Powertool Pro High Performance Gloves deliver precisely that – a blend of ruggedness and finesse well-suited for film set demands.

With a synergy of comfort and reliability, the gloves boast a reinforced palm and thumb area.

These are specialists in absorbing vibrations from power tools which means less strain on our hands during construction or deconstruction of sets.

Their ANSII cut Level A3 rating assures us of substantial protection against cuts and abrasions.

Our equipment and materials remain safe from accidental damage as well, courtesy of the glove’s secure grip.

These gloves integrate spandex and neoprene for stretch and flexibility.

We’ve found our hands maintain a full range of motion which is critical when we’re performing intricate tasks on set.

Key Features of the Portwest A740 Gloves Include –

  • EN 388 compliance ensuring superior resistance to abrasion and tears,
  • High-visibility coloring that enhances safety by ensuring our hands are seen,
  • Hook and loop strap for a snug fit that prevents slippage.

Plus to safety, we also value gloves that can adapt to various weather conditions.

The Portwest A740 gloves offer excellent insulation against cold, keeping our hands warm during shooting in chilly environments.

Their tactile sensitivity doesn’t impede touchscreen use.

We can navigate devices without removing our gloves, saving time and preventing exposure to the elements.

For those long hours on set, we know comfort is as crucial as functionality.

That’s why the breathability of the Portwest A740 gloves is a game-changer – keeping our hands cool and dry even under hot studio lights.

Film professionals know that quality gloves are an extension of their toolkit.

Portwest A740 Powertool Pro High Performance Gloves exceed expectations, helping us maintain a grip on excellence in all our endeavors behind the camera.

Ensuring Safe And Effective Handling With Filmmaking Gloves

When handling expensive and sensitive film equipment, it’s crucial to have the right gloves.

They need to provide not only protection but also the tactile sensitivity required for precision work.

Our hands are our most valuable tools on set, and protecting them directly translates to safeguarding our investment in equipment and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Film set environments can be unpredictable, and the conditions often require that our gloves offer more than just basic protection.

They must also cater to the specific needs of the tasks at hand, including:

  • Resistance to abrasion and tears,
  • Flexibility and dexterity,
  • Grip enhancements for secure equipment handling.

Selecting gloves that strike a balance between durability and touch sensitivity is essential.

We want our fingertips to discern the slightest textures and movements while still being shielded from potential hazards.

Materials like ultra-thin leather or engineered fabric blends are at the forefront of offering such capabilities.

Breathability in filmmaking gloves can’t be overlooked.

Long hours on set demand that our hands remain cool and dry, reducing slippage and discomfort.

Not to mention, moisture-wicking properties prevent the build-up of sweat, which can compromise our grip and equipment safety.

The gloves we choose must conform to the contours of our hands.

This ensures that dexterity isn’t sacrificed in the name of protection.

Each finger must move freely, allowing for nuanced control whether we’re adjusting lighting, rigging cameras, or managing cables.

Touchscreen compatibility is another feature that’s become indispensable.

With technology being a cornerstone of modern filmmaking, we’re often interacting with screens.

Gloves that allow us to use touch-sensitive devices without removal keep us efficient and focused on the task, not on our gear.

Ensuring safe and effective handling on set is a complex task.

By finding the right filmmaking gloves, we’re investing in our safety, efficiency, and comfort.

All of which contribute to a more productive and successful film set.

Top Filmmaking Gloves: Grip & Handling Excellence – Wrap Up

We’ve explored the critical features that make for the best filmmaking gloves, underscoring their role in a successful production.

It’s clear that the right pair can make a significant difference in our performance on set.

We know that durability, comfort, and functionality are key in our fast-paced environment.

Let’s ensure our hands are as prepared as our minds for the next project by choosing gloves that meet all our needs.

Remember, the right gloves aren’t just about protection—they’re an essential tool in our filmmaking arsenal.