Screen recording is a great way to share your screen activity in real-time with your audience.

Screen recording can be done using the built-in Chrome browser or through a number of extensions. 

Best Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

What Is Screen Recording Chrome Extensions?

Screen recording is a feature that is built into the Chrome browser. The first time you open a video recording tab on your computer, it will prompt you to enter your password and then open the extension.

When you click the record button, you will see a preview of what your screen looks like after it has been recorded. It’s not the best quality, but it will give you an idea of what the video will look like when it’s finished.

After clicking “record”, you can set up options such as which microphone (or microphones) to use, whether or not to include sounds in recordings, if any sound should be muted, and so on. If you’re using multiple microphones simultaneously, then Chrome will automatically detect which one should be used for each channel (left/right).



What Are Screen Recording Chrome Extensions?

Screen recording extensions are a new breed of Chrome extension that aims to help you record your web session. These extensions allow you to capture the entire screen of your computer or Chromebook in a matter of seconds, and they are easy to use.

Screen recording is a form of video recording that allows you to record what’s happening on your computer screen. It’s useful for demonstrating how something works and for showing people how something works, but it’s also really fun to do when you’re bored and want to goof off.

There are several different types of screen recording extensions available, including desktop screen recording extensions and Chromebook screen recording extensions. If you have an Android phone or tablet, there is also an option for capturing your Android device’s screen as well as the desktop version of Google Chrome itself.

Best Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

Screen recording is a handy tool for taking notes, showing how-to videos, and demonstrating products to your customers. The built-in tools in Chrome are good enough for most people, but if you need more control over the timing and graphics, these extensions are what you’re looking for.


This extension makes screen recording easy. Simply right-click on any page in Chrome and select “Record” from the context menu. The extension will automatically record whatever’s on your screen as well as any audio that’s playing.

You can also set it up to record a video with sound or both at once (kind of like Windows Movie Maker).

Screencastify has a large number of options available such as choosing where to save your videos (either on YouTube or elsewhere), adjusting their quality and format, adding captions, and setting duration for each recording.

It also offers basic editing tools so you can trim down recordings even further before uploading them to YouTube or another site of your choice.

The free version includes ads but the Pro version removes them entirely so you can focus on making great content instead of worrying about how much money you’re losing by having an ad there!

1. Screencastify

Screencastify is a screen recording and annotation tool for Mac, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS. Screencastify can record your desktop or a specific window, take notes while recording and use those notes in the video.

You can also share your recordings online or export them to MP4 format for viewing on any device. You can also annotate your recording with text boxes, shapes and arrows that you draw directly on the desktop as you are recording it!

In addition to basic functionality like recording and editing videos, Screencastify also has some really cool features that make it stand out from other tools like this.


First off, it’s completely free! No registration required! Second, you can export your videos in multiple formats including MP4 so that they look great on any device including Apple TV! Thirdly, there’s an integrated audio editor with equalizer settings so you can get the perfect sound for your recording!


Screencastify is a video editor and screen recorder with a wide range of features.

It’s intuitive and easy to use, but it also packs many advanced features.

Screencastify Features

  1. Easy-to-use interface: Screencastify has an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for anyone to use. It also has a simple design so you can focus on your video without having to think too much about what you’re doing.
  2. Multiple audio tracks: You can record multiple audio tracks in your videos, so you can choose from different voices, music or sounds effects to add more depth and realism to your videos.
  3. Video effects: You can add filters, transitions and other visual effects to your videos using Screencastify’s built-in editor panel or by importing them from other sources like Adobe After Effects or Photoshop CC (PC/Mac).


Screencastify Pros

– You can record your screen and video as you work on it.

– Screencastify also allows you to record screencasts of your website or application.

– Screencastify lets you record audio as well. It also allows you to add voice-over narration to the video.

– You can share your screencasts on social media, YouTube, or anywhere else with a link to the original file.

– The interface is simple and easy to use. There are no confusing options or settings, which makes it great for beginners who want to start using screencasting right away without having to learn how to use advanced features first.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a screencasting tool that allows you to record your screen and save it as an MP4 video file. The program can also be used to capture the mouse and keyboard, allowing you to create a digital video of your computer activity.

Screencast-O-Matic has a number of features that make it easy to use and powerful enough for most users.

You can use Screencast-O-Matic to record your computer screen or digital camera’s display. The program will automatically adjust the brightness of the image to ensure that it’s visible on any computer screen.

It also enables you to capture audio from both speakers and headphones simultaneously, so you can record sound from multiple sources at once.

The editor lets you edit captured images, add text and video files, and share them on Facebook or YouTube with ease. You can even make your own animated GIFs using Photoshop or GIMP!

Screencast-O-Matic supports Windows XP or later versions of Windows (including Vista), Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions, Linux (Ubuntu 5.10), FreeBSD 8 or later versions, Solaris 9 or later versions, and OpenBSD 4.3 or later versions



Screencast-O-Matic Features

Screencasting software can be used for many different purposes. Whether you are an expert or just a beginner, these features can help you create quality screencasts that will help your audience learn or understand something new.

1) Use Screencast-O-Matic to record your desktop, laptop and mobile device.

2) Record video on your computer or mobile device.

3) Share your recorded videos online using our online editor.

4) Easily edit your recorded video with our easy to use editing tools.


Screencast-O-Matic Pros

Screencast-O-Matic Pros is a screencasting app that allows you to record your desktop activity in a highly professional way. The app is very easy to use, and it’s a must-have for anyone looking to record their desktop activity.

The first thing you’ll notice about Screencast-O-Matic Pros is its simplicity. You can easily create a screencast by clicking on the “Record” button and then recording your actions with just one click. You’ll see a preview of what your recording looks like before you press the “Stop” button to stop recording.

You can also adjust the settings for Screencast-O-Matic Pros by clicking on “Settings”, which will take you to another page where you can change different options. These include:

* Sound Quality – This lets you choose between two different sound levels: “Low” or “Medium”. The former produces lower quality recordings while the latter produces higher quality ones.

* Video Resolution – This lets you choose how high your video resolution should be when creating your screencast. You can also choose whether or not there should be any watermarking in your screencasts (if so, this

3. Droplr

Droplr is a simple, easy-to-use Facebook app that allows you to create and schedule posts with just a few clicks.

Droplr is a Facebook app that lets you post photos and videos directly on your page without having to go through the social network’s interface. The app offers a variety of functionality, including the ability to add text, hashtags, links and more.

The application can also be used for photo and video editing, as well as creating collages from multiple source images. All of these features are available within Droplr’s free version, but if you’re looking for more advanced functionality, you’ll need to upgrade to Droplr Pro for $5 per month or $50 per year.

Droplr works with any mobile device running Android 2.3 or later, iPhone 4S or newer devices running iOS 6 or later, iPad 3rd generation or newer models running iOS 6 or later and all web browsers supporting HTML5 video playback


You can use Droplr to do the following:

  1. Create a new account and upload your photo.
  2. Search for photos and create collections of them, or start from scratch and search through the entire library with our advanced search capabilities.
  3. View photos in collections, or filter your results by location, date uploaded, tags, etc.
  4. Customize the layout of your feed by using different layouts (grid view, carousel, list view).
  5. Explore all photos on a particular topic or style (e.g., food) with an enhanced browsing experience that helps you find what you’re looking for faster than ever before!


  1. Automatically generates a list of new posts at the beginning of every day.
  2. View all your posts in one place, and get notifications on each new post via email and social media channels.
  3. Share your posts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!
  4. Get notified when someone mentions you – or vice versa!

4. Cloudapp

Cloudapp is a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud-based service that allows companies to easily deploy, maintain, and scale their IT infrastructure.

Cloudapp was founded in 2012 with the mission of simplifying the management of IT services for businesses. The company’s flagship product is Cloudapp Infrastructure Manager (CI), a cloud-based service for managing physical and virtual servers, storage devices, network devices and applications.

CI helps organizations manage their entire IT infrastructure from a single dashboard.

In addition to CI, Cloudapp offers two additional products: Cloudapp Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Cloudapp Virtual Network (VPN). These products allow customers to create their own private clouds within the public cloud infrastructure provided by Cloudapp.

Cloudapp’s services use open source technologies such as Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters to provide high availability and reliability while reducing administrative overhead.


CloudApp Features

CloudApp is a cloud-based video hosting service that allows users to upload and share videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. It also allows you to create your own personal profile and manage your content. CloudApp offers its users a number of premium features including:

– Upload multiple videos at once

– Upload unlimited photos from your phone or camera

– Manage all of your uploaded content from any device

– Keep track of how many views each video gets on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube


Cloudapp pros:

  1. We have a large number of developers and designers that are ready to assist you in your next project. We have the best design, development and marketing teams in the industry.
  2. Our team members are highly skilled with various technologies including but not limited to JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, PHP, Laravel etc.
  3. We have a comprehensive test suite for our projects to ensure quality code is delivered to you on time.

More specifically, a cloud application is software that runs its processing logic and data storage between 2 different systems: client-side and server-side. Some processing takes place on an end user's local hardware, such as a desktop or mobile device, and some takes place on a remote server.

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5. Fluid

Fluid is a special type of object that can be moved. Fluid objects are used in many games and simulations, such as Minecraft, to simulate the flow of water or other liquids through pipes and channels.

Fluid objects have properties that define what they can do. A fluid can be a liquid or a gas, but it cannot be both at the same time.

For example, if you try to create a liquid with the Create Fluid command, you will get an error message: “This command cannot be used on material that has already been created as either a solid or a gas” (Minecraft 1.7).

A fluid is also an empty space that contains no solids, liquids or gases — just like air. Fluid blocks have no other properties than being empty spaces; they do not have any texture on them and they do not function like other blocks such as torches or stairs.


Fluid features are features that are not considered to be a part of the data model, but rather part of the application. They are data structures and operations on them.

For example, in a document management system, you may want to allow users to upload documents into a database or store them in a separate directory structure. Fluid features allow you to do this by providing an upload interface for your users and allowing them to navigate to their uploaded content easily.

Fluid features can also represent other kinds of information that may be useful in your application.

For example, if you have a game engine where players can create maps for their games, then you might want to have some mechanism for the player’s map that allows them to import it into the game engine so that they don’t have to re-create all of their maps from scratch every time they want one.

This would be another fluid feature that allows players’ maps to be imported into the game engine without having to recreate all of those maps from scratch each time they wanted one.


Fluid Pros is a full-service engine and fuel system repair center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We service all makes and models of cars and light trucks. Our technicians have years of experience performing repairs on all types of vehicles.

We stock the largest inventory of genuine OEM parts available anywhere. We also carry aftermarket products from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Bosch, Delphi, Motive Industries, Mopar, Flowmaster and more.

Fluid Pros serves customers throughout Southeast Michigan with a wide range of services including:

  • Oil Changes
  • Transmission Fluid Flushes
  • Engine Refreshes & Tune-Ups
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Coolant Flush & Recharging
  • Tire Rotations & Balance Services

6. Movavi

Movavi Video Editor is a free video editor with a lot of great features. It’s designed to help you create high-quality videos and make them look great, whether you’re adding text or music to your clips or just need to crop an image.

The app has more than 200 effects that can be applied to clips and images, including ones that are designed specifically for video editing. You can also use it to add titles and captions to your videos, as well as add filters, transitions and special effects to create the perfect video.

Movavi Video Editor also includes a wide range of editing tools for creating different types of videos, like slideshows and music videos. You can even organize your clips by creating folders based on the type of project you’re working on or by dragging them into separate projects.

If you’re new to video editing or want a simple way to create professional-looking videos without having to spend hours learning complicated software, Movavi Video Editor may be just what you need!


Movavi  Features

Movavi Video Converter is a video converter that can convert all your favorite formats to any other format you want. It also allows you to convert videos from one format to another in one click. The software supports more than 50 video and audio formats, including DivX, XviD, MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4, ASF, WMV, MP3 and more.

If you are using Movavi Video Converter Pro on your Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later version of iOS 10.2 or later version of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later version of Windows 7 (32-bit) or later version of Windows 8 or later version of Windows 8.1 or later version of Windows 10 (32-bit), then it can also directly edit the video file without converting it first!

Video Converter Feature:

The main features of Movavi Video Converter are as follows:

1) Convert videos to popular formats such as MPEG 1/2/4/H264 and MP3 with high quality;

2) Support batch conversion to process multiple files at once;

3) Support converting multiple files at once for faster processing time


Movavi is a video editing and production software company. The company makes several different brands of editing software, including Encore, Vegas Pro, and ShowStudio. Movavi produces web-based video editing solutions for online channels and mobile devices.

  1. Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Movavi Video Converter for Mac is one of the best and most popular video conversion tools available. It converts almost every format and codec without any quality loss. It can also convert videos in MP4 format with audio to MP3 or WAV format with no quality loss. You can preview the converted video before converting it and easily change the settings of your preferred format.

  1. Movavi Screen Capture 3D

Movavi Screen Capture 3D offers you many different options to create stunning screen captures from your desktop or laptop screen, including freehand or straight lines, resizing options, rotation angle, anti-aliasing level and background color/image.

This software also allows you to capture full video frames or individual still images as well as add audio effects such as blur effect or color balance adjustment to each captured image frame before saving them in separate files

7. Vmaker

Vmaker is a full-featured, cross-platform video editor that allows users to record, edit and share videos. Vmaker is easy to use and offers a wide range of features for creating videos on any device.

Vmaker’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create professional-looking videos in minutes. Users can record or import videos from their devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The program also allows users to export videos from other video editing programs like Sony Vegas Pro and Windows Movie Maker.

Vmaker supports a variety of file formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV and others. Users can add narration over their clips using the program’s built-in text editor. Vmaker also includes tools for enhancing your video such as contrast adjustment filters, color correction filters and more.


Vmaker is a video editor that uses the power of your computer to create amazing videos.

Vmaker Features:

– Video Effects, Filters and Presets: A wide range of filters and effects for every need.

– Animated Texts: Create texts that move around your videos.

– Backgrounds: Choose from a variety of backgrounds to add depth to your videos.

– Music: Add soundtracks to your videos, or use the music library to create custom soundtracks.

– Titles: Add titles with text, images or music for an even more professional look.


Vmaker Pros:

-Full HD videos with ease.

-Real-time 360° view with a single click.

-Editing tools like trim and crop to add more professional look to your videos.

-Add music or voice over if required for better user experience.

8. Loom

The loom is a tool that allows you to weave fabric. It consists of two parts, the loom and the shuttle.

The loom is a horizontal wooden frame with two sets of warp threads attached to it, one set above the other. The warp threads are long pieces of wood or metal, usually plastic on modern looms.

You use these to create a pattern in yarn on top of the weft threads, which are shorter pieces of wood or plastic that weave through the warp threads and create the fabric’s pattern.

The shuttle is a small piece of hardwood or plastic that holds its own end of the weft thread as you move it through its own hole in the middle of your loom’s “table.” It has a hole at one end so that you can insert it into another hole in your loom (called a “heel”) and pull it out again at other end (called a “toe”).


Loom Features

Loom Features

With the Loom you can make everything from simple bracelets to complex jewelry pieces. The list of features that come with this product is extensive and includes:

– The ability to create items with a wide range of sizes, from bracelet sizes to necklace lengths. The largest item that has been created on the Loom so far is a necklace (about 25 inches long).

– You have the option of creating several different types of bracelets at once, each with its own unique design. This means that you could make some small bracelets and then use the same piece of string to make larger ones.

– You can also use different colored strings to create your own custom color combinations. This makes it easy to find a bracelet or necklace design that suits your tastes best.


Here are the top 5 reasons to work with Loom Pros:

  1. You Get the Most Out of Your Investment

We understand that your time is valuable, so we take care of your business from start to finish. From creating a proposal that gets you the best return on your investment, to managing your company’s accounting, communicating with vendors and keeping up with sales projections, we make it easy for you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

  1. We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way

Our team members are committed to helping you reach your goals and exceed expectations every step of the way — which means they’ll be right by your side when things go wrong or you need assistance with something else entirely.

We want to make sure that everything is taken care of before we’re even done talking about it; this means there’s no more waiting around while I try to figure out how best to help you out personally. If you have any questions or concerns at all, we want them answered quickly and efficiently, so don’t hesitate


Loom is a good tool to make screen records and videos and upload automatically the videos without any command from the maker. For that, it is very handful to manage many videos. The price is very cheap and accomplishes the most basic needs for screen recording.

Try Loom
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

9. Nimbus

Nimbus is a Canadian company that specializes in the creation of online courses.

Nimbus was founded in 2010 by a group of business professionals who wanted to make it easier for people to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. The company’s founders have backgrounds in education, software development and marketing.

In 2011, Nimbus launched its first product,, an online tutorial for teaching beginning programmers how to code using Python.

Today, Nimbsus’ flagship product is Nimbus Learning (formerly LearnToCode), which offers over 100 different courses on topics ranging from coding to web design and more. These courses are available both as standalone subscriptions or as part of a subscription-based learning package called Nimbus Pro that includes all of Nimbus’ learning material along with access to our learning labs where students can practice their skills at no cost.


Nimbus features include:

– A free and open source platform for the creation of e-commerce websites.

– The Nimbus Core is a platform that enables users to build their own e-commerce websites in minutes, with no programming experience required.

– The Nimbus Engine is a frontend framework that allows you to create responsive sites without writing any code.

– A powerful admin dashboard that allows you to manage all aspects of your store, including categories, products, customers and more


Nimbus Pros is a professional video editing software for Windows and Mac. It has a very simple user interface, but it is also powerful, with a lot of features.

Nimbus Pros has multiple editing modes:

– Multi-track editing mode: you can edit multiple tracks in the same window. This allows you to create complex edits quickly and easily.

– One-track editing mode: the software shows only one track at a time, so you can focus on working with that track without worrying about other tracks.

– Timeline view shows all your clips in one place, organized by timeline order or alphabetically by filename. This makes it easy to move around between different clips or find specific ones quickly.

– Reel View mode displays your project as it would be played back on your computer or camera’s output device. It’s useful for checking out how your project will look before exporting it or sharing it with others (and much more).

10. Awesome Screenshot

This is a screenshot of a website. It’s not just a pretty picture though, it’s an example of what a great screenshot should look like. A well designed image will show off the information that you want to convey in the best light possible.

In this case, the image shows off the product in its full glory, but also shows off all of the details about it – from price to availability and even its place in your online store.

It has been cropped to fit on one page, making it easy for you to see all of the important information without having to scroll down or zoom in on each item individually.

The border around this image is also quite interesting because it provides more detail about what is going on inside this product shot.

The border includes text that says “Product Details” and “Product Size”, which makes them very clear and easy for users to understand what they are seeing before they even click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Awesome Screenshot Features

Here are some of the best Awesome Screenshot Features you will love:

  1. Crop, rotate, and resize your screenshot with a few clicks.
  2. Save screenshots in PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP formats.
  3. Animate your photos with the built-in animations editor.
  4. Share your screenshots via Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox with just one click!


  1. Screen Capture
  2. Collage Maker
  3. Icon Sorter
  4. PNG to JPG Converter
  5. Video Cutter & Trimmer
  6. Video Joiner (Merge video clips)
  7. Video Splitter (Split a video into smaller clips)

11. Vidyard

Vidyard is the world’s leading video platform for Brand Marketing, providing real-time analytics and insights that help brands build deeper relationships with their customers. Vidyard’s powerful analytics empower marketers to make smarter decisions across all touchpoints, including digital video, mobile, email marketing, and paid media.

Vidyard empowers brands to use video as a strategic marketing tool that drives ROI. Brands are able to measure the impact of every video across all channels in one dashboard. Vidyard’s platform helps you engage more deeply with your audience by creating custom content on demand, using our AI-powered content creation technology.


Vidyard is a cloud-based video hosting service that allows you to upload, store and manage your videos from anywhere in the world.

With Vidyard you can easily publish and promote your videos on multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You can also embed your videos on any website with just a few clicks.

Vidyard offers its users a wide range of features that enable them to create engaging videos for their audiences. These features include:

* Video creation tools – Vidyard provides its users with an easy-to-use video creation tool that allows them to create engaging videos in minutes. The tool enables you to add text captions, music, transitions and more while keeping up with the latest trends in video editing technology at all times.

* Video analytics – Vidyard analyzes your audience’s behavior by tracking how long they watch your videos and how many times they rewind or pause them when watching them. This data helps you improve your content so that it remains interesting for your viewers even after multiple viewings.

* Video sharing – Vidyard allows you to share high-quality videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram


Vidyard Pros:

  1. Vidyard is a cloud-based video marketing platform that offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for creating and managing videos.
  2. It integrates with third party tools like Slack, Google Analytics and MailChimp so that you can monitor your campaigns in real time.
  3. Vidyard uses machine learning to optimize the performance of your videos based on their demographics, engagement levels and behavior patterns, making it easier than ever to find the right content for your audience.
  4. You can access all of your video assets in one place – from live recordings to pre-recorded interviews, webinars and more – without having to go find them yourself or negotiate with the sales team at each company you want to use!

12. Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video editing app for iPhone and iPad. It’s built by the same team that brought you Vine and Twitter, and it has all the same features. That said, there are some differences between Hippo Video and those other apps.

Hippo Video is available on the App Store for both iOS devices and Macs. If you’re using an iOS device, this app can be used as a companion app to another video-based service like Snapchat or Instagram Stories — but it also stands alone as a standalone app with its own unique features.

The first thing you’ll notice about Hippo Video is that it’s very simple to use: there are no menus or submenus; everything you need is right in front of you. You can drag videos around to rearrange them in any way you like, just like in any other video editor like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Ultimate.

Once you’ve created a project from scratch or imported one from your library of photos, videos or audio clips, Hippo Video will automatically sync up any images that appear in your project with their corresponding clips so they look realistic when viewed together (similarly to how iMovie works).


Hippo Video Features

Hippo Video is a video editing app, which can be used to edit videos. It has a wide array of features that make it one of the best video editing apps in the market. The following are some of the features of Hippo Video:

1) Export: You can export your videos in any format and save them on your device.

2) Edit: You can edit your videos with various effects and filters.

3) Upload: You can upload your final edited videos directly to YouTube and Facebook.


If you’re looking for a video production company, Hippo Video Pros is the right choice. We are an independent, family-owned and operated business that has been in business for over 40 years.

We specialize in video production services including:

  • Pre-Production Services: Video consultation, script writing, location scouting and more
  • Editing Services: Production of all types of videos from commercials to documentaries to music videos
  • Custom Animation & Illustration: Create custom illustrations for your videos or use our existing library of animations for your next project

What Are Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are small programs that enhance the functionality of Google Chrome. Extensions can add new features to your browser, such as an extension that lets you read news articles in another language or an extension that suggests new Web pages based on what you’re looking at.

Google Chrome extensions are downloaded to a computer’s hard drive and stored there until they’re needed. When you open Google Chrome, the extensions are automatically loaded in the browser tab you selected when installing them.

You can also manually load them into any of your other tabs by clicking on their icon in the address bar.

Google Chrome extensions are installed from websites and downloaded directly from Google’s Web Store. They can be used with all major versions of Chrome and most minor versions, including mobile versions.

What Is The Need For Browser Screen Recording?

Browser screen recording is a useful tool for web developers and designers who want to record the steps they take when creating websites. Screen recording can be used as a training tool for anyone who wants to become a better web developer.

Screen recording allows you to create a video of your entire browsing session, including all the steps you take to create a website or app. When you record your browsing session, you can then play back that video and see exactly what you did when creating your website or app.

This is useful because it gives you an opportunity to go back and review how you worked and make corrections where needed. It also allows fellow developers to review your work and point out any errors or omissions in the process.

Characteristics To Look For In Screen Recording Chrome Extensions

Screen recording extensions are a great addition to any Chrome browser. The latest versions of Chrome come with built-in screen recording functionality, but it can be difficult to find the right extension for your needs. Here are some characteristics to look for in a screen recording extension.

Fast and Easy Screen Recording

If you’re trying to record video while doing other things on your computer, such as browsing the internet or playing games, there’s no time for slow software that slows down your experience. You want an extension that works fast and is easy to use so you can get back to what matters most: watching your video!

Screen Recorder Extension Compatible with Chromebooks

Chromebook users may have limited options when it comes to screen recording software because most of them don’t have access to the desktop version of Chrome OS. If you’re shopping for a screen recorder for Chromebooks, make sure it’s compatible with this operating system so you don’t run into any problems when connecting the two together later on down the line.

Screen Recording Chrome Extensions – Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Recording Chrome Extensions – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I record a screencast?

A: To record a screencast, you need to have Screencast for Chrome installed. Go to the Screencast tab in your browser, click New and select Record from the drop-down menu. The recording process will start immediately, and you will be able to play it back in the Extension tab.

Q: How can I share my recorded video with others?

A: You can easily share your recorded video via email or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. If you have not yet installed an extension like Shareaholic (or equivalent) on your browser, you can also export your video directly from the Extension tab in Screencast for Chrome into a separate file on your computer.

Screen Recording Chrome Extensions – Wrapping Up

Screen Recording Chrome Extensions are one of the best ways to record your screen and share it online. There are many third-party screen recording extensions available for Google Chrome but we have been using Screencastify for the last few years, which is not only easy to use but also provides smooth and stable performance.

If you are looking for a free screen recorder extension for Google Chrome, then look no further than Screencastify. With this tool, you can record desktop activity from within your browser. You can pause the recording at any time by clicking on the play button in the bottom right corner of your browser window.

The extension is very simple to use as it does not require any configuration or setup process. All you need to do is install it on your computer and then start recording. Once you start recording, all that needs to be done is click on the play button in the bottom right corner of your browser window and then click again when you want to stop recording.