Filming locations in Los Angeles are very popular and make for a great experience. We have seen many movies filmed here in the past like “The Terminator”, “Grease”, “Bad Boys”, “Forrest Gump” and many more.

Films like these have made a name for the city and people have come to love it.

filming locations in los angeles

What Is Like To Film in los angeles?

If you have a project coming up, then you may be wondering what it is like to film in Los Angeles.

This is definitely one of the most popular locations for filming due to the amazing weather year-round and all of the different types of climates that can be found around the area.

However, every city has its pros and cons, and you need to know what to expect when filming your next project here.

There are so many different reasons why Los Angeles is one of the best places to film a project.


Many people choose this city because they feel that it represents the city of dreams and they want their project to convey those same feelings.

There are also so many different types of locations that can be found throughout the area, allowing you to really make your project come alive with scenery that fits your theme.

The first thing that you can expect about filming in Los Angeles is that it is going to be warm and mild pretty much all year round.

Filming Locations In Los Angeles

The filming locations in this city are endless and you can’t help but get impressed by them.

If you are planning on visiting this place, you should know that there is much to see and do. It is one of the most popular places for tourists due to its beauty and diversity.

Toluca Lake

Filming locations in Toluca Lake are very scenic and beautiful with trees, beautiful houses, wide open space and much more. The lake is situated on Balboa Island which is why it is called Lake Balboa as well.

There are also many famous restaurants that can be found here so if you go there you will never be hungry.

The area has been used in many movies including WUSA, Clueless, Galactica 1980, Mr Mom, Piranha 3D, The Big Lebowski, Private Parts and Independence Day among others. You won’t be disappointed by what you see here.

Popular Filming Locations In Los Angeles

Location scouts work to find the perfect setting for a film. The location has to look the part and allow filmmakers to craft the scene how they want it.

If a director wants a beach, there are plenty of beaches that can be used in Los Angeles, but finding the right beach with the right scenery will take time and energy.

If you’re scouting for a major film, your job is to do research on all of the locations that will be used in the film and compile them into a book.

This will show the director which locations are worth considering and which ones should be crossed off of the list.

You’ll need to consider things like whether the location is permitted to be used in filming and if it’s available during the time frame that your production company needs

Location scouts also work with landowners to find a place they want to use in their film.

They let them know how their property will be portrayed and offer money upfront so that landowners can prepare their property ahead of time.

Other jobs include researching new filming locations and working on possible casting choices.

A lot goes into creating a successful film, and experiencing many different aspects of filmmaking helps you become an even more well-rounded location scout.

For more on becoming a location scout and their responsibilities, read our article.

Reviews For Film Shoot Locations In Los Angeles

When you want to book film shoot locations in Los Angeles, it is important that you are able to find the best film shoot locations for your production.

While it can be difficult to find a place that is affordable and has all of the amenities that you need, there are several resources available to help you out.

TripAdvisor is an excellent resource for finding film shoot locations in Los Angeles. This site can help you access reviews from past guests and learn more about individual hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

You will also be able to find customer ratings, which will help you figure out what amenities that specific location offers. also offers reviews of film shoot locations in Los Angeles. This is a great way to learn more about certain hotels without having to worry about paying extra fees or commissions.

You can also read customer reviews and get recommendations on where to eat or what other activities are nearby.

Avoiding Commission Fees

You should always make sure that you avoid commission fees when booking film shoot locations in Los Angeles.

If you book directly through the property’s website, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, booking through third-party sites may cause additional fees to be tacked onto your bill. It’s best to stay away.

Why Would You Want To Shoot Your Film In Los Angeles

Shooting a film in Los Angeles is one of the most common mistakes that filmmakers make. The idea of shooting in a big, exciting city like L.A. holds a lot of appeal for filmmakers. 

The weather is great, and there are a lot of different locations to shoot at.

Thing is, you don’t need to shoot in L.A. to make a film set in L.A., and if you’re planning on making an independent film in the Los Angeles area, you might want to reconsider. 

Why? Well, for starters, there are better places to shoot your film for the same budget that you would use to shoot it in L.A., or you could use that money towards your cast and crew budget instead to increase the production value of your film by getting bigger name actors.

Realize, too, that shooting your movie in Los Angeles means you will have a much smaller budget than if you were shooting somewhere else–and the reason is simple; L.A.’s costs of living are higher than just about anywhere else in the world! 

Shooting your film here often means paying more for everything from your caterer to renting equipment (it’s expensive), hiring crew, etc…

And then there’s also the traffic.


Iconic Filming Locations In Los Angeles

There are many iconic filming locations in Los Angeles. The most iconic is the Hollywood sign located in Southern California’s Hollywood Hills. It was originally constructed in 1923 as an advertisement for a local real estate development, but due to its immense popularity, it became a cultural icon.

The sign is protected and maintained by the City of Los Angeles, and has become a major tourist attraction in Los Angeles. Of course, it’s not the only filming location in Los Angeles. Below are some other notable filming locations:

The Griffith Observatory is located on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park atop Los Angeles, California. The observatory overlooks the city of Los Angeles and includes two telescopes: the Zeiss Telescope and the Nickel Telescope, both operating since 1912.

The observatory was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1985 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been used as a filming location for multiple films including The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Inception.

The Bradbury Building is located at 304 South Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. The building has been featured in numerous films including Blade Runner, Batteries Not Included, L.A. Confidential, Mulholland Drive, and Somewhere In Time, among others.

Los Angeles Locations In Argo”

The film Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, is a thriller set in Iran during the 1979 revolution. The movie’s central plot revolves around the escape of six Americans who had been hiding at the home of the Canadian ambassador to Iran.

Towards the end of the film, the group is forced to leave their refuge and make their way across town to reach a waiting plane at the airport. As they are driven towards their destination, we see them pass through various locations in Los Angeles.

The map below shows these locations as they appear today, including a brief description of each place and an aerial photo showing how it looked in 2012 (Google Street View). Walking from Westwood Boulevard and south on Le Conte Avenue, the group first encounters a large hill that was created for the film.

It served as a natural barrier for their car. Today, it is home to several apartment buildings (see aerial view). Shortly after passing this hill, they are stopped at a checkpoint in front of UCLA’s Drake Stadium.

At this point, we see them turn onto Gayley Avenue and enter Westwood Village. Their car passes between two banks before making a left turn onto Broxton Avenue where they can see Los Angeles City Hall.

Los Angeles Locations Featured In “The Artist”

The Artist is a 2011 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Michel Hazanavicius, who co-wrote the screenplay with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, members of the French electronic music duo Daft Punk, who scored the film.

The story takes place in Hollywood in 1927, where an established but tired silent movie star (Jean Dujardin) is preparing to make a talkie for the first time. His biggest rival (John Goodman) is working on his own sound film.

The main character George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), a popular silent film actor, struggles to adapt when talkies become popular and cause his career to fade. One day, he meets young dancer Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) who becomes his protege and, later, wife.

The Artist has taken over my life. I must have seen the movie a dozen times, and it still makes me giddy. And this is for a film that’s nearly 100% silent.

Blade Runner Locations In Los Angeles

With Blade Runner 2049 now out on home video, I thought it would be a great time to revisit the set locations used in the original Blade Runner back in 1982. The movie is set in a futuristic Los Angeles in 2019 and the locations are still standing today.

All of these locations are located in Downtown Los Angeles (or where downtown was in 1982) except for the Bradbury Building. The Bradbury Building is located at 120 W. 4th Street (between Broadway and Hill). I’ve included pictures to show you what it looks like today, not just from the movie.

Here’s a map of where all of these places are so you can see them in relation to each other. The first two places are within walking distance from each other and are less than a mile apart. The third one is about two miles away and takes some navigating through the city to get to.

You may have to do some walking or take an Uber or Lyft if you want to see all of these locations on foot. 

Tyrell Corp – 240 South San Fernando Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90012

This location has been used for many television shows and movies over the years since Blade Runner was filmed here including The X-Files and Ghost Whisperer.

Film Noir Locations In Los Angeles

Film noir is a genre of crime dramas that were popular in the 1940s and 1950s. These movies often featured cynical and down-on-their-luck detectives and dark urban settings, and they were known for their use of shadow and light.

Describing what makes film noir so distinctive is somewhat challenging, as there are no specific elements that define all of them. 

Instead, film noir is a mixture of several genres: gangster films, mysteries, melodrama, hardboiled crime thrillers, and more.

Film noir was hugely influential on later movie genres such as the neo-noir genre (which includes films like Chinatown) and the French New Wave movement of the 1960s. 

Locations in Los Angeles that have made appearances in film noir movies include downtown, Hollywood, Wilshire Blvd., Fairfax Ave., San Pedro Harbor, City Hall, Melrose Ave., Skid Row and Silverlake/Echo Park.

One of the most notable locations is The Bradbury Building on 304 S Broadway.

The Bradbury Building was originally built in 1893 by architect George Wyman as a textile factory called “the Cotton Factory.” Over the next few decades, it changed hands multiple times until it was purchased by W.C.Hollywood as a great place to film noir locations.

Los Angeles Locations From The Fast And The Furious Movies

Who doesn’t love a good action flick? And who doesn’t love those action flicks that are set in Los Angeles? You know, the ones where everything that can go wrong goes wrong and then it all works out in the end. Well, here is a list of some of the most memorable locations from your favorite movies shot in Los Angeles.

  • Tower Theater, 8384 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

This neo-classical cinema was built in 1927 and converted into a theater in 1969. The building has been used for several movies including Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” music video and “Rush Hour 2.” It was also featured in an episode of “Family Guy,” as well as an episode of “The West Wing.”

  • The Tom Bradley International Terminal (LAX)

This airport terminal was seen in many films including “The Bodyguard,” “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and “It Could Happen to You.” This terminal is known for its high ceilings, columns and large windows.

  • In-N-Out Burger

The futuristic In-N-Out Burger building was featured in the 2010 science fiction film “TRON: Legacy,” which stars Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund. 

Rent A Filming Location In Los Angeles, California

Filming on location is not only great advertising to potential clients, but it also helps with your local business reputation. Many people are now visiting businesses’ websites to check out their location as well as the products and services they offer.

If you have a filming location in LA and other parts of the country, you can draw people in from all over who want to see where their favorite show or movie has been filmed. 

Taping On Location 

Renting out a space for filming helps promote your business or industry on a national level.

For example, if you own a chiropractor office in Los Angeles, California, you may be able to rent the space out and have an episode of “The Bachelor” filmed there. The more people who know about your business, the more likely they are going to come back!

As a bonus, if an episode is aired that was taped at your office, you can use it as free advertising for yourself. People will recognize your building and know that they can visit you when they need chiropractor services in Los Angeles, CA.

Rent A Film Shoot Location In Los Angeles, California

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The Best Movie & TV Locations In Los Angeles

If you want to spot the next hot star or hit TV show, Los Angeles is the place to be. The entertainment capital of the world is home to some of the most influential and talented actors, directors, and producers in the world.

Trying to find these famous movie and TV locations can be fun and exciting. You can also learn many interesting facts about how some of your favorite movies were filmed. 

Here are some of the best, most popular, and most recommended movie and TV locations in Los Angeles:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood – You can visit many famous movie locations at this amusement park. Some of your favorite shows include “The Tonight Show,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Psych,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and more. Universal Studios has a lot of history with movies so it’s worth checking out if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Paramount Pictures – This studio has been making great films since 1912. Today, it is owned by media conglomerate Viacom. Paramount is responsible for creating such hits as “Gladiator,” “Anchorman” and “Indiana Jones.”
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour – If you want to visit a studio where your favorite shows are made, then this is a great option for you.

Chinatown Filming Locations In Los Angeles

Chinatown is a favorite for many TV and Film producers. Chinatown has appeared in numerous movies and television shows over the years. It’s easy to see why. There are so many things to choose from when you’re looking for props, locations, or even extras. We’ll take you on a tour of some popular filming locations in Chinatown today.

  • San Gabriel Hotel

The San Gabriel Hotel is located at 506 North Broadway. This hotel was featured in a number of films including “Lethal Weapon II” which was released in 1989, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

  • Chinese American Museum

The Chinese American Museum is located at 425 North Los Angeles Street. This building was originally built as the Braly Block in 1887. In 1988, this building was completely renovated by architect Frank Gehry. Since that time, it has served as a museum, gallery and event space for the Chinese community in Los Angeles County.

The building has been used for film production since then, including “Rush Hour” (1998), starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, and “21 Jump Street” (2012), starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum

  • Old Plaza Fire House

This location is not open to the public but it can be viewed.


Back To The Future Filming Locations In Los Angeles

Even though it is not really a part of the downtown area, the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and the nearby TCL Chinese Theatre) is a great place to start any tour of filming locations from Back to the Future.

The Rooftop Chase scene was filmed on the rooftop of the building across from the TCL Chinese Theatre. There are plenty of nice restaurants on this street with great views over Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. If you want to see all film locations from Back to the Future in one day, this is your best bet.

Next up is Mel’s Diner on South Highland Avenue in Hollywood. The exterior shots of Lou’s Cafe are actually filmed at Mel’s Diner, which is still in business today. In fact, there are plenty of filming locations in Los Angeles that you can visit.

Afterwards, drive up to Mulholland Drive, which runs right by Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal City Walk. To find all filming locations from Back to the Future, just drive up Mulholland Drive and look for all filming locations along the road.

You can also take a detour to go over Laurel Canyon Boulevard and look out for the Lone Pine Mall, where Doc Brown’s house was located.