Almost everyone has special and very practical ideas in their minds. There are those who have in their heads the makings of a great screenplay.

There are also those whose business ideas really have the potential to make it big in the current technology-driven market. There are also those who have this very unique plan for an architectural project.

However, not everyone has the capacity to put their ideas into action. Some just don’t have enough confidence in themselves.

They are either full of doubts in their own skills and talent or not so confident in the practicality and feasibility of their ideas given the current technologies.

Others just don’t have the money needed to get the ball rolling. And this is totally understandable, since nothing ever happens in this world without cash.

Now, if you are among those who are just short on cash, there is nothing to worry about because there are now several ways to earn money for your personal projects. In this article, we are going to present five of them.


We are often dissuaded from getting loans by people who have conventional belief systems. They say that debt is never good and that we are only setting ourselves up for trouble when we are in debt.

They have a point, but they surely are not entirely right. Loans, which clearly are a type of debt, are a great way for us to take action when the timing is right and not necessarily when the funds are available.

If your project is going to have great returns, then the loan will not be a problem because it will eventually just pay for itself through the business that it supports.

But it’s really unwise for people to get loans just to fund a holiday trip abroad or to afford a lavish birthday party. These things end even before the loans that are used to fund them are paid off.

The fact that they are not being enjoyed continuously makes it a lot more challenging for the debtor to find the motivation to pay the loans off.

There are different types of loans to choose from. There’s the personal loan, which might require a good credit rating for you to get approved. Then there are car title loans, which only require the title of your vehicle.


When you make a loan against your car title, it does not automatically follow that the car will be taken from you. You can still use it as long as you are able to repay on schedule.

Aside from those mentioned, you can also get a business loan directly from a bank. All you have to do is make a business proposal, and then convince the assessors that there really is great potential for growth for your proposed venture.

This might require a little bit of courage and a crash course on persuasive speech, something that psychology really can help you with.

Work More Than Just One Job

Sometimes, the rule in life is simple – if you want more, you must also be ready to do more.

Hence, if you want more money for whatever project you have in mind, you must be willing to work more than just one job for it. This will really take a toll on your time and freedom, so you should only do this for the right reasons.

Now, what kinds of jobs should you take? The most practical side job to take is one that you can take care of right in the comfort of your home. Such jobs allow you enough flexibility to still take care of your other tasks at home or from your main job.

They also save you a lot of time since they don’t really require you to get changed and travel just to reach your place of work.

There are now online platforms such as that help freelancers find projects that they can work on.

It is advisable for first-time freelance workers to stay within the platform for their first projects. Doing this ensures that they get their pay on time and that they will be given the opportunity to apply for other projects once their current one ends.

Home-based jobs are usually those that have something to do with web development and design, customer service, content writing, and virtual assistance among others. If you are skilled in even just one of these, you are surely ready to take on an online job.

Restructuring Of Personal Expenditures

If you really want to raise funds for your project through your savings, the first thing that you should do is review your spending behavior.

  • How much are you spending on the things that you need?
  • How much do you spend for the things that you want?

When you cut back on the not so important expenses, you will really be surprised by how much money you save. Before you know it, the money saved will be enough to launch that little project of yours.


Sometimes, we just need to be a little more disciplined in handling our money, as any personal finance blog article would recommend, in order for us to raise the funds that we need.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are usually done to declutter homes or any other space. But a garage sale can actually be more than just a decluttering mechanism.

If you really want to earn money, you can make an inventory of the things that you own and then put the ones that you do not need anymore up for grabs!

This way, you are able to transform idle money into disposable cash that you can very well use to fund ideas that you think are worth all your attention.


When you’ve done all the scrimping and saving, and the amount of money that you raised still is not enough, perhaps it’s time for you to ask for help from other people around you.

It is very common now to start crowdfunding campaigns for whatever personal project an individual has. Hence, if you have an idea, and you think it’s great, write a short profile about it and post it on crowdfunding sites.

This profile should sound convincing enough to make readers want to support your idea with their hard-earned cash without asking for anything in return. It must use simple but powerful words that are carefully chosen to really make the point clear.


This is what makes crowdfunded projects different from ones supported by investors — the business owner remains accountable to nobody but themselves.

Raising the funds that we need to make our ideas a reality is not always an easy feat. Sometimes, an affront to age-old values must be made.

Other times, a little bit of sacrifice in terms of lifestyle is required, such as when we need to restructure our spending or even sell some of our belongings.

There might be even be instances where we are compelled to give up a little of our freedom, such as when we need to take more than one job.

But if the idea is really worth something, then these little concessions shouldn’t matter that much. In fact, they will even be satisfactorily compensated.