International productions can be a foreign concept for many people.

If you are wondering what the whole film production travel game is about, this book will help you understand the ins and outs of how to plan and prepare for an international film production.

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planning travel on international film productions

What Is planning travel on international film productions?

Planning travel on international film productions is more than just booking flights and hotels for a crew.

It’s about making sure the whole process runs smoothly and that everyone arrives at their destination on time and in the proper condition.

Also, it’s about saving money, which is especially important when you’re dealing with an independent film production budget.


The first step in planning international travel for a film crew is checking to see if the production has any contacts or “fixers” who can help with arrangements. These people are usually based in the country of filming and know all the necessary details.

For example, they can find out where to get drivers’ licenses or special permits or find accommodations that are licensed to host foreign crews for low rates.

If the production doesn’t have a fixer, you’ll be responsible for getting everything set up. Start by contacting people in charge of making sure everyone gets to their location safely and legally.

Find out what paperwork needs to be filled out, how much it will cost and how long it will take. If you don’t already have contacts in place, call around to get the names of people who can help you set things up.

Once you have your paperwork in order, start looking for hotels that will meet your needs.

How To Plan Travel On International Film Productions

Have you participated in a film production outside your home country (or even outside your national region)?

Have you been hired to work on a movie or commercial somewhere abroad, with little knowledge about how to plan for the trip?

This guide will help make you aware of some of the challenges and opportunities involved in travelling on an international film production.

Whether this is your first time or a seasoned traveler, it’s helpful to know what to expect. Well, we have good news – you are our reader!

And you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide full of insights and advice from professionals with years of experience working internationally.

You’ve got important questions about planning a big trip abroad – about passports and visas, about arranging for accommodations and transportation, about keeping in touch with those back home – and we’ve got the answers!


Planning Is Essential In Film Production

Planning is essential in film production. We offer you the right starting points and structures to elevate your production value and save a lot of your time. 

Our experts will discuss the planning process, why a plan is necessary in filmmaking, along with some examples.

Learn why cheating your first film experience may eventually lead to rejection of your work by the industry. Our advice will equip you with the right tools to go ahead and prepare for success.

Filmmakers must begin by setting a location and time for the shoot in order to properly inform their actors as well as make sure everyone is available.

Next, write a script and make sure everyone involved is present for rehearsals. Finally, it is time to get started. 

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Do You Need To Provide Hotels For Crew In Film Production

Do you need to provide hotels for crew in film production? Get quotes from the top hotels in towns and cities around the world.

Typically speaking, you will want the cinematographer and key grip in the same hotel as the production company (the one with the Production Manager), and then the supporting cast in hotels nearby. Producers can generally negotiate deals with nearby hotels for these stay overs.

Expanding The Travel Filmmaking Operation

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with world travelers and filmmakers Eustace Sutherland and Christopher Guest to expand the Travel Filmmaking operation. For many years, travel filmmaking has remained a popular trend.

Between the combination of technological and artistic advances in photography, videography, and audio recording, there are an untold number of possibilities when capturing images of faraway or exotic places. 

The lines between cinematography and photography have become blurry, with filmmakers using cameras that could be mistaken for studio equipment.

Professional-grade camera equipment is now affordable enough to be used by anyone with a passion for capturing images of the world around them at a high standard of quality. 

With the recent trends in travel media, filmmakers like yourself who want to increase their production quality should begin investing in an arsenal of equipment that will help you create movies that pack a punch.

If you love traveling and filmmaking, then you need a bag that’s big enough to hold your gear while fitting the travel requirements. This ingenius bag has ample space for a DSLR camera and accessories, along with separate padded areas to hold a 17-inch laptop and two iPad tablets.

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Key Tips When Making Travel Films

Traveling is one of the best things you will ever do. It allows you to experience different cultures and have a greater understanding of the world around you. 

You get out of your comfort zone, learn new languages and meet new people who expand your mind.

Still, there are some key things to rememberwhen making travel videos such as how to pack light and the best way to tick off your bucket list that will help make your first adventure a good one!

In case you need some ideas and inspiration, here are just some of the best ways to start living the digital nomad lifestyle! 

Travel Vlogging 101: How To Grow Your Audience

Are you ready to grow your audience? Welcome to Travel Vlogging 101: How To Grow Your Audience. 

We’ll break down the 10 most important things you need to know to take your channel from zero subscribers up to the millions like Casey Neistat and Colleen Ballinger.

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Discover how you can use daily video posts, keyword research, time-saving tricks, effective branding and more, to grow your audience.

Whether you’re making videos for fun or profit, this guide has everything you need to start gaining followers. (Note: Kindle version also available at Amazon). 

Building an audience is HARD work. It takes time , a lot of planning, and dedication. 

While it’s not impossible to achieve overnight success, it probably won’t include a tropical island or beautiful destination with all the perks of being a travel vlogger.

In this video, I want to share some tips and hopefully demystify the process.

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