ShareGrid has different plans depending on how much storage space and bandwidth you need.

The most basic plan gives you 500MB of storage space for free, as well as 100GB of bandwidth per month.

The next level up is called ShareGrid Plus. This plan gives you 1TB of storage space and 1TB of bandwidth per month.

The top option is ShareGrid Pro which gives you 10TB of storage space and 10TB of bandwidth per month.



ShareGrid has 2 investors including Archer Gray And MHS Capital.

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ShareGrid Review

What Are ShareGrid Review

ShareGrid is an online platform that offers a wide range of services. With ShareGrid, you can easily create templates and distribute them to your clients. You can also offer individual templates to your clients for their use.
The template creator will have full access to the template files and can modify or update them at any time.

ShareGrid has integrated with many other sites, so you can easily share your templates with anyone who has a ShareGrid account using the same login credentials.

You can also make money from being a template designer by selling your templates on the ShareGrid marketplace.
This is done through an affiliate program that allows you to receive a commission if someone buys one of your templates from the marketplace.


ShareGrid Review: Cost-Effective Filmmaking Rentals & Insurance


In the bustling world of creative production, ShareGrid has emerged as a game-changer for filmmakers and photographers alike.

It’s a platform where professionals can rent out their gear or get their hands on top-notch equipment without the hefty price tag.

We’re diving deep into ShareGrid to see if it lives up to the hype, offering insights on its usability, inventory, and community trust.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, navigating the rental market can be daunting.

That’s why we’re breaking down ShareGrid’s features, customer service, and overall value.

Stay tuned as we explore how ShareGrid stands out in the crowded space of gear rental services and whether it’s the right choice for your next project.

Usability Of Sharegrid

Navigating a rental platform can feel like piecing together a puzzle.

With ShareGrid, the experience is streamlined – it’s user-friendly and intuitive.

We’ve witnessed a plethora of platforms that demand steep learning curves.

ShareGrid sets itself apart with simplicity and ease of access.


The website design guides you effortlessly through the rental process, making it a breeze for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Creating an account is quick and involves just a few steps.

Once registered, browsing equipment categories or searching for specific items is straightforward.

The process to list our gear is just as seamless.

We appreciate how ShareGrid has structured its listing process – it’s clear cut and hassle-free.

Here are some key aspects of listing equipment:

  • Thoroughly detailed categories ensure we put our gear under the proper lens,
  • Uploads of high-quality images that showcase our equipment are handled smoothly,
  • Pricing suggestions help us remain competitive while optimizing our returns.

We value transparency, especially when it involves transactions and equipment handling.

ShareGrid’s messaging system allows for clear communication between renters and owners.

This feature fosters trust and ensures everyone is on the same page.

We’ve noticed how the platform adapts to various user preferences.

Whether you’re into indie productions or big-budget films, the flexibility ShareGrid offers is commendable.

It caters to a range of needs and budgets without compromising on quality or selection.

Inventory On Sharegrid

Our exploration of ShareGrid reveals an impressive range of inventory.

From high-end cinema cameras down to essential grip gear, the platform houses a diverse array of equipment.

ShareGrid understands filmmakers have specific needs depending on project scales.


So, they’ve curated an inventory that caters from indie filmmakers to large studio productions.

It’s not just about cameras and lenses; ShareGrid’s inventory spans across all facets of production.

Whether you’re in need of lighting, audio gear, or even drones, it’s likely ShareGrid has it listed.

Their variety is a testament to the community of professionals who trust the platform as a go-to source for their gear.

Diving deeper, we notice that ShareGrid features equipment from leading brands.

These brands include:

  • Red,
  • Arri,
  • Canon,
  • Sony,
  • Blackmagic Design.

Apart from being a hub for film and video gear, ShareGrid also accommodates accessories that are vital for a complete setup.

They’ve got everything from memory cards to monitors; making sure you can find all necessary items in one place.

The state of the equipment is often a concern when renting.

ShareGrid addresses this through a meticulous verification process.

This ensures that listings are not only diverse but also in top working condition.

Equipment owners are encouraged to regularly update their listings with thorough descriptions and current images.

Regular updates to the inventory mean the latest gear is just a few clicks away.

We notice that new items are added frequently, keeping pace with the evolving technology in the film industry.

This dynamic approach enables filmmakers to access the most current equipment without the hefty price tag of purchasing outright.

From Arri’s SkyPanel lights to the MōVI Pro gimbal, the array of equipment available through ShareGrid is substantial.

It allows filmmakers the flexibility to experiment with gear that might otherwise be out of reach.

Our platform lets us push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling without the full-scale investment.

Community Trust On Sharegrid

Trust is paramount in any rental transaction, particularly when high-value items such as cinema cameras or audio equipment are involved.

Within our filmmaking community, ShareGrid stands out not just for its inventory but also for its commitment to fostering trust among its users.

Our trust in ShareGrid is not misplaced – they’ve implemented a robust system to keep our transactions secure.

They use a peer-to-peer review system which allows us to read about other users’ experiences before committing to a rental.

Accounts on ShareGrid are thoroughly verified to ascertain their authenticity.

This effort goes a long way to ensure that the person we’re renting from or to is reputable and reliable.

When it comes down to it, ShareGrid’s assurance measures have managed to create a secure environment:

  • Secure payment system – reduces the risk of fraud or non-payment,
  • Insurance options – provide coverage for damages or loss, which alleviates concerns about the safety of our gear.

also, ShareGrid seems to understand the importance of building a close-knit community.

They organize meetups and workshops that allow us to connect with other creatives beyond the platform.

This added layer of community engagement enhances the trust factor.

Not only are we renting equipment, but we are also investing in relationships within the filmmaking circle, creating potential collaborations for future projects.

Our confidence in ShareGrid is constantly reinforced through consistent and transparent communication facilitated by their messaging system.

This direct line of communication establishes a clear understanding of rental terms and fosters mutual respect between renters and owners.

Features Of Sharegrid

When diving into the features that set ShareGrid apart, we’re immediately struck by the comprehensive coverage it offers.

ShareGrid provides an all-in-one solution for filmmakers, ranging from equipment rental to insurance options.

Its features are tailor-made to alleviate the logistical headaches often associated with production.

Among these features, real-time availability charts stand out.

Users can check availability at a glance, ensuring they can plan their shoots without the fear of double bookings.

The dynamic pricing models too are designed with budget flexibility in mind, catering to indie filmmakers and professional studios alike.

  • Insurance protection for gear – Secure payment processing.

The mention of insurance and payment security cannot be overstated.

ShareGrid offers protection plans to safeguard renters and owners against unforeseen incidents.

This security is bolstered by a reliable payment system that guarantees transactions are both safe and simple.

The site’s social proof is evident in the robust user reviews and ratings system.

These peer-to-peer assessments are crucial for trust building within the filmmaking community.

also, a well-maintained messaging system enhances clear communication between all parties.

  • User reviews and ratings – Transparent messaging.

Expanding our equipment inventory is a cinch with ShareGrid’s diverse selection.

From the staples of RED and Arri to the innovation in Sony’s latest releases, ShareGrid caters to our every need.

It ensures gear quality and keeps us at the cutting edge of technology.

finally, community engagement through ShareGrid does more than just Help rentals.

It nurtures relationships, fosters collaboration, and helps us grow as filmmakers.

Whether we’re seasoned professionals or just starting out, ShareGrid aligns perfectly with our mission to create with passion and professionalism.

Customer Service On Sharegrid

When it comes to customer support, ShareGrid demonstrates an understanding of the urgent needs that filmmakers frequently have.


Our experiences show they’re quick to respond, offering timely assistance that’s invaluable during time-sensitive projects.

The platform provides multiple support channels – each serving different user concerns effectively:

  • Email Support – Ideal for non-urgent inquiries where a paper trail is helpful.
  • Live Chat – For real-time problem-solving.
  • Phone Support – When immediate verbal assistance is needed.

Users report satisfactory interactions with ShareGrid’s representatives who exhibit not only technical know-how but also a genuine interest in the users’ creative endeavors.

It’s refreshing to find a tech platform where customer service agents truly understand the specifics of the film industry.

ShareGrid’s resources don’t stop at direct human contact.

Their website features a comprehensive FAQ section, and they offer educational content that helps users navigate the intricacies of equipment rental.

This proactive approach ensures we’re equipped with the necessary knowledge before even encountering potential issues.

also, ShareGrid’s community forums allow us to liaise with other creatives who may have experienced similar challenges.

Here we can share solutions and advice, further highlighting the platform’s collaborative spirit.

It’s a unique blend of professional support and peer-to-peer assistance tailored for filmmakers.

On social media, ShareGrid maintains active engagement, swiftly addressing any concerns raised in public forums.

Their openness in these spaces aligns with the transparent communication we’ve come to appreciate from their service.

Overall Value Of Sharegrid

As filmmakers, we’re always on the lookout for tools that boost our production value while being cost-effective.

ShareGrid hits the mark.

It’s a platform we’ve come to rely on not just for its convenience but because it delivers real value to our productions.

Investing in gear can drain our budget, but ShareGrid’s rental model allows us to access the latest technology without the high upfront costs.

We’ve found that the rental fees are reasonable and often more affordable compared to other rental options.

This makes ShareGrid an attractive choice for both seasoned professionals and budding filmmakers.

also, the platform’s insurance options bring us peace of mind.

We know that our rented equipment is covered, reducing the risk we carry on our shoots.

Here are our key takeaways:

  • Ease of use and accessibility,
  • A broad array of equipment options,
  • Cost savings on high-end gear,
  • Robust insurance protection.

It’s not just about gear rental, though.

ShareGrid provides a community for filmmakers to connect and collaborate.

We find the peer review system invaluable for gauging other users and equipment, ensuring we make informed choices.

finally, ShareGrid’s educational content and resources have proven to be an unexpected bonus.

By offering tips and advice, the platform helps us improve our craft while fostering a sense of community among creators.

Whether we’re scoping out gear or looking to refine our skills, ShareGrid has become an integral part of our filmmaking journey.

Sharegrid Review – Wrap Up

We’ve explored the myriad benefits ShareGrid offers to filmmakers looking to rent equipment.

With its cost-effective solutions and comprehensive insurance coverage, it’s a standout choice for both seasoned and aspiring creatives.

The platform’s user-friendly nature and extensive equipment selection further enhance its appeal.

also, the peer review system and educational content ShareGrid provides truly set it apart.

It’s clear that for those in the film industry, ShareGrid isn’t just a rental service—it’s a valuable partner in the creative process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sharegrid?

ShareGrid is a rental platform specifically for filmmakers, offering a wide range of film equipment for rent at cost-effective rates.

Can You Access The Latest Equipment Through Sharegrid?

Yes, ShareGrid provides access to the latest filmmaking technology, enabling filmmakers to rent cutting-edge gear.

Does Sharegrid Offer Insurance Options For Rented Equipment?

Yes, ShareGrid includes insurance options, ensuring that filmmakers have peace of mind with covered rented equipment.

Is Sharegrid Easy To Use?

ShareGrid is designed for ease of use and accessibility, making the rental process straightforward for filmmakers.

What Kind Of Equipment Can Be Rented On Sharegrid?

ShareGrid offers a broad array of film equipment options to cater to the diverse needs of filmmakers.

How Does Sharegrid’s Peer Review System Work?

ShareGrid’s peer review system allows renters to read and post reviews, providing insights and ensuring informed decisions about rentals.

Does Sharegrid Provide Any Educational Content?

ShareGrid goes beyond equipment rentals by offering educational content and resources to help filmmakers enhance their skills.