ShareGrid has different plans depending on how much storage space and bandwidth you need.

The most basic plan gives you 500MB of storage space for free, as well as 100GB of bandwidth per month.

The next level up is called ShareGrid Plus. This plan gives you 1TB of storage space and 1TB of bandwidth per month.

The top option is ShareGrid Pro which gives you 10TB of storage space and 10TB of bandwidth per month.


ShareGrid has 2 investors including Archer Gray And MHS Capital.

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ShareGrid Review

What Are ShareGrid Review

ShareGrid is an online platform that offers a wide range of services. With ShareGrid, you can easily create templates and distribute them to your clients. You can also offer individual templates to your clients for their use.
The template creator will have full access to the template files and can modify or update them at any time.

ShareGrid has integrated with many other sites, so you can easily share your templates with anyone who has a ShareGrid account using the same login credentials.

You can also make money from being a template designer by selling your templates on the ShareGrid marketplace.
This is done through an affiliate program that allows you to receive a commission if someone buys one of your templates from the marketplace.



How Does ShareGrid Work?

 ShareGrid is a cloud-based software that allows you to share files with your friends, family and business associates. You can use the service to send photos, videos, documents and more to other ShareGrid users.

When you sign up for ShareGrid, you create an account and connect it with Facebook. You can also add contacts from your phone book or Outlook address book. Once connected, you can start sending files by uploading them from your computer or mobile device to the ShareGrid server.

If you have a Windows PC or laptop that’s connected to the Internet, you can use ShareGrid on any computer or mobile device running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. You must have an Android phone (version 2.1+) or an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.0.1 or later installed on your mobile device in order for ShareGrid to work properly on it.

ShareGrid works with most web browsers such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+ and Chrome 19+. It doesn’t support Google Chrome on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite because it’s not compatible with 64-bit applications like Google Chrome is at present.”

ShareGrid Options For Creatives Of All Levels

 ShareGrid is a platform that connects brands with content creators, allowing them to share their own original videos and images in exchange for exposure.

The company offers a variety of different options for managing your account and the content you create. Here are three ways to use ShareGrid:

Videos: You can upload and edit videos within the platform. Brands can purchase branded content directly from your channel, or they can choose to pay a fee to have their video featured on your channel as well.

Images: You can upload an image and then choose which brand or brand campaign you want it to appear under. As with videos, brands can purchase branded images directly from your channel, or they can choose to pay a fee to have it featured on your channel as well.


ShareGrid People & Places

 ShareGrid People & Places is a mobile application that helps you find people, places and things to make your life more productive.

ShareGrid People & Places is a mobile application that helps you find people, places and things to make your life more productive. The app is designed to help you organize your day-to-day life and get things done by connecting your calendar with others in your network.

ShareGrid People & Places allows users to share their calendars with other users in their network. This way everyone can keep track of what’s on everyone else’s schedule. Users can also create groups for themselves or other people they know who may be interested in the same activities as them.

ShareGrid People & Places offers an intuitive user interface using natural language input and voice recognition technology, allowing even inexperienced users to quickly access all of their contacts’ calendars without having to learn any new commands or complex shortcuts.”

How Much Does ShareGrid Cost?

 ShareGrid is a great solution for businesses that are looking to get their content out there without having to spend a ton of money. You can send out personalized emails, run promos, and even create custom landing pages by simply uploading your content.

ShareGrid offers a variety of different plans that can meet any business’ needs. For example, there’s the Starter Plan which costs $49 per month and includes unlimited email delivery and email responses. This plan is perfect for those who have a limited number of subscribers or want to send around 100 emails per month.

If you want more than just email delivery, you can upgrade to the Business plan which costs $99 per month with unlimited access to all features including webinars, surveys and more. The Business plan also comes with additional benefits like increased storage space, faster page loading times, unlimited custom domains and more!

Can I Rent My Gear To Others Using ShareGrid?

 ShareGrid is a cloud-based marketplace that connects photographers and videographers with other photographers and videographers, so they can rent out their gear.

This means you can rent your gear to others without having to ship anything. If you’re traveling and want to shoot some photos or videos, you don’t have to worry about packing up your camera equipment. You can just get it from ShareGrid and share it with the world!

ShareGrid offers two ways for photographers to sell their gear: by uploading photos or videos directly from your camera (known as “direct sales”) or by listing it on a “photo/video listing” page that allows users to browse through listings looking for the perfect item.

If you want to sell directly from your camera, you’ll need to install the ShareGrid app on your smartphone. Then download the app and follow the instructions provided by ShareGrid (it’s very easy). Once installed, you’ll be able to upload photos or videos directly from your phone while shooting without having any other devices connected (like a laptop).

Is ShareGrid Safe?

 ShareGrid is a platform that allows users to sell their digital assets. The platform provides several features, including an instant exchange and a private marketplace. The latter is available for members only and provides them with benefits such as listing fees, profit sharing and more.

As mentioned earlier, ShareGrid offers two types of accounts: personal and business. It is important to note that both accounts have different requirements for joining the platform.

Personal account holders must be at least 18 years old, but they are not required to verify their identity with a government agency or bank. In addition, they can set up an account using their e-mail address or phone number.

On the other hand, business accounts require verification before being allowed access to the platform’s features. They must provide proof of identity (via documents such as utility bills), home address and telephone number.

Furthermore, these users must also provide their company name and tax ID number so that ShareGrid can verify them as well as ensure that they have permission from their employer or client to use the platform’s services.

ShareGrid Alternatives

ShareGrid is one of the most popular file-sharing programs available on the Internet. It has a large user base and is very easy to use for new users. However, there are other alternatives that you can use instead of ShareGrid if you want an easier method of sharing files with other people.

  1. Dropbox – If you are looking for an alternative to ShareGrid that works on any computer platform, then Dropbox is a good choice for you. It has been around for several years now and is still going strong. It allows you to share folders with other people, as well as photos and videos, without having to worry about bandwidth limits or speed issues. Plus, it’s completely free!
  2. G Drive – G Drive is another popular file-sharing service that offers unlimited cloud storage space via their website or app (both Android and iOS). You can upload files up to 100mb per file size, which means they will be stored in your account until they are deleted or shared elsewhere through G Drive’s servers (depending on how long your share stays active in your account).

Kitsplit vs ShareGrid

 KitSplit and ShareGrid are two of the most popular file sharing sites for gamers. They have a few things in common, but there are also some major differences. Let’s take a look at how they compare:

User Interface

Both KitSplit and ShareGrid offer a simple user interface that makes it easy to share your game files with others. The only difference is that KitSplit offers more options for customizing your profile, such as images and text.

File Hosting

KitSplit and ShareGrid both allow you to store your downloads in their own cloud storage, but they do it differently. KitSplit allows you to upload your files directly from your computer while ShareGrid requires you to upload them through the site first before they are accessible by others on the site.


Kitsplit offers many more features than ShareGrid, including cloud storage, private chat rooms, and file sharing from mobile devices through its app (iOS and Android). However, ShareGrid has more features than KitSplit in terms of supported platforms, including Xbox One and PS4 consoles (Xbox Live) as well as PlayStation 4 (PSN).

Borrowlenses vs ShareGrid

 Borrowlenses and ShareGrid are two of the most popular websites in the photography world. Both sites allow you to upload your photos, watermark them and share them with other users who you can also follow.

The main difference between Borrowlenses and ShareGrid is that Borrowlenses allows you to share your photos with people who aren’t on your friends list while ShareGrid only allows sharing with people who are on your friends list.

If you have a large amount of photos from different shoots, this can be a huge time saver because it means that you don’t have to spend time looking for the right photo for each shoot anymore. You can just simply upload all of them into one place where they can be found by any user of either website.

Another great feature about both websites is that they both provide easy access to their members area, where you can download all of your uploaded photos as high resolution copies. This is great if you want to print out an image or make a poster out of them!

Lensrentals vs ShareGrid

Lensrentals and ShareGrid are two popular cloud storage services with a lot of things in common. Both companies are based in the United States, but they do have some differences.

Lensrentals is an online storage company that allows you to store files on their servers and retrieve them from anywhere in the world. You can also access your files through an app for mobile devices or websites like Dropbox.

ShareGrid is also located in the US, but it focuses more on sharing than storage. You can share files with others via email or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Lensrentals vs ShareGrid: Storage Features

Both Lensrentals and ShareGrid offer unlimited storage plans. This means that you don’t have to worry about running out of space while using the service. However, there are some differences between these two services when it comes to file types supported by each company’s servers.

Lensrentals only supports .jpg and .mp4 images, while ShareGrid supports many more file types including PDFs, videos, audio files and more. If you need a service that can support multiple file types then these two companies might not be right for you because they only support a few file types

ShareGrid Review – Our Verdict

ShareGrid is a cloud-based social media sharing platform that allows users to create their own personal and professional profiles, share content with others and engage in discussions. ShareGrid is powered by the award-winning ShareGrid API, which is available for developers to use on their own websites and applications.

The API allows developers to integrate the ShareGrid platform with their own applications or websites.

The ShareGrid API is based on REST architecture and uses HTTP/1.1 protocol (full support for SSL). Its main features include:

Authentication: The API supports two types of authentication, username and password and OAuth 2.0 (for more information about OAuth 2.0, see our OAuth 2.0 tutorial).

Content management system: Developers can integrate their site with the ShareGrid content management system (CMS) to manage users’ profiles, posts, comments etc..

ShareGrid – Features To Look For

 ShareGrid is an online sharing platform that allows users to share their files and content with others. ShareGrid offers a variety of features to make it easy for users to share their files, including a large library of free file hosters and other features that can help you share your files in the most efficient manner possible.

ShareGrid Features To Look For

ShareGrid has several features that make it easy for users to share their files and content on the platform. Some of the most popular features include:

File Hosting – ShareGrid offers a large library of free file hosts where users can upload any type of file they want. This helps users save money when they need to store large amounts of data or when they just want to save space on their hard drive.

You can also use ShareGrid’s premium file hosting feature if you need more storage space or bandwidth for your files.

Email Sharing – ShareGrid allows users to send emails directly from the platform so that they don’t have to worry about setting up an email address or password. This allows them to instantly share any type of file without having to go through any extra steps like logging into different websites or apps first before sharing their files

ShareGrid – Frequently Asked Questions           

Q: What is ShareGrid?

A: ShareGrid is an online marketplace for the sale and purchase of digital goods and services.

Q: Is ShareGrid free to use?

A: Yes, it is completely free to use!

Q: How do I sell or buy digital goods or services on ShareGrid?

A: To sell or buy your digital goods or services, you can go to the ‘Sell’ tab and fill out the details of your item. You will then be able to set a price for your item and select how many you would like to sell at this price.

When someone clicks on your item they will be directed back to your profile page where they can view all of their items listed on ShareGrid, as well as any other information such as reviews, images and more! If they decide they want to purchase one of these items they simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button next to it. From there you will be redirected back to our payment portal where you can enter their details (such as name, address etc.)

Once this has been done you will then be redirected back to our payment portal where we can process their payment (in most cases) straight away!

ShareGrid Review – Wrapping Up

ShareGrid is a powerful platform that allows businesses to create a website and sell their products online. It’s easy to use, and it comes with a free domain name, hosting, and design templates. However, there are some limitations when it comes to the amount of products you can sell on the site.

You can also use third-party payment processors such as PayPal or Amazon Payments to take payments from customers who purchase your merchandise through ShareGrid. This means that you don’t have to worry about managing sales tax collection or collecting payments in person at the store location.

The only drawback is that you do not have control over the customer experience on your website once they make a purchase.

If you want more control over your customers’ experience, then I recommend checking out Shopify’s merchant services options instead of using ShareGrid as your storefront platform because they allow you to customize your pages with custom themes and plugins from companies like Google Ads and others.