The term “storyboard artist” can refer to two different types of artists. The first type of storyboard artist is the one who does the drawings for a movie, TV show, or commercial.

They use their skills to draw out what they think will happen in each scene and how it will look on screen.

The second type of storyboard artist is an individual who creates comic books and graphic novels using sketches instead of words.

In this scenario, you might have a sketch illustrated by a professional artist that tells the story using pictures instead of words.



What Is a Storyboard Artist?

Storyboard artists are a crucial part of the filmmaking process. They create sketches that tell the story of each scene and sequence in a movie or TV show.

Storyboards are created before any other production work begins in order to plan out and visualize how each shot will look, from start to finish.

They guide the director and other crew members in understanding how the scenes will play out on screen.

Storyboard artists work with a variety of art supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, or paints to create their drawings.



What Does A Storyboard Artist Do?

A storyboard artist is responsible for drawing the sketches of a movie or TV show before they are filmed. The drawings will be used to plan out camera angles, actors’ movements,  and dialogue.

Storyboard artists use Photoshop, Illustrator, or paper and pencils to create their boards.

They often work closely with directors, cinematographers, production designers, and editors during pre-production in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly on set.

Advice From The Industry

The foundation of a piece of art is the storyboard.

A storyboard artist’s job is to take the ideas and script of a director or screenwriter and turn them into an illustrated blueprint that can be followed by actors in order to create movie magic.

How Do You Become A Storyboard Artist?

Many people know the feeling of being captivated by a movie and wishing they could create such an experience for others, but few are aware that there is an actual job title devoted to doing just that: Storyboard Artist.


Every storyboard artist has their own unique journey on how they landed in this field.

Some were film students who found themselves drawn to drawing images from their favorite movies, while others had always loved creating art and wanted the opportunity to turn it into a career.

The first step in becoming a storyboard artist is finding out what type of work you enjoy most—animation or live-action movies?

Then, find schools with programs that suit your interests and skillset. A great way to get started would be looking.

How Do You Get The Job

Every storyboard artist has their own unique journey on how they landed in this field.

Some were film students who found themselves drawn to drawing images from their favorite movies, while others had always loved creating art and wanted the opportunity to turn it into a career.

The first step in becoming a storyboard artist is finding out what type of work you enjoy most—animation or live-action movies.

Then, find schools with programs that suit your interests and skillset.

what is a storyboard

The first way is by going to film school and earning an undergraduate degree in either Film or Television Production.

This will teach you the basics of how to make films and TV shows, which includes all aspects from pre-production through post-production.

For those who don’t have time for a four-year program or just want to jump right into it, there’s always an alternative path: get your feet wet as an animator for TV commercials or video games before transitioning into storyboarding.

Storyboard Artist – Skills And Education

A storyboard artist is a person who creates drawings for an animated movie.

They use their skills to plan, organize and sequence the movement of characters in film or animation.

Storyboard artists are typically required to have a degree in art or filmmaking.

One has to be very skilled with drawing skills, camera angles, composition, pacing, and timing as well as being able to visualize shots that are not yet filmed.

A good storyboard artist can use their imagination and creativity to create an entire film based on just dialogue or basic descriptions of scenes from the script.

There is so much more to being a storyboard artist than just drawing pictures.

A professional must be able to understand how each frame will affect an audience as well as convey mood and tone through their drawings.

how to make a storyboard

The Storyboard Artist Salary

The average year salary for a storyboard artist is $52,000. This doesn’t include bonuses and commissions, which can be lucrative.

Storyboard artists are often animators who have to work with the design team in order to create layouts for animations.

They also need to know what will look good on camera and how different shots affect the overall pacing of an animation.

Storyboards are used by film production companies as a way of planning out scenes before they start filming.

So it’s important that these professionals have a high level of understanding of cinematic techniques such as continuity editing and shot composition in order to make sure that every scene looks correct from beginning to end.

What’s A Storyboard Artist Good At?

A storyboard artist is a visual thinker.

They are tasked with the job of creating the blueprint for how an entire film will look, feel, and sound.

The storyboard artist has to be able to imagine what scenes should go next, where shots should be framed, and what props need to show up on the screen.

Storyboard Artist Resources

Understanding the need for a storyboard artist is vital.

Storyboarding allows you to create an outline of what your vision is before going into production, and can save you time and money in the long run.

Nowadays, it’s important to make sure that when looking for a storyboard artist, they are skilled in all aspects of this process from start to finish.

This includes knowing how to work with software like Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint as well as being able to produce layouts that are visually appealing while still maintaining clarity.

What Is The Common Career Path For Storyboard Artists?

There are three main paths to take as a storyboard artist. The first is the freelance path, where you’re selling your services to various production companies and studios.

You’ll need to be able to work on a variety of projects and adjust your style accordingly. The second option is that of an in-house artist with one company or studio.”

The third option for a career as a storyboard artist is teaching at art schools or universities; this would require more experience in order to teach students who want careers in animation.

Storyboard Artists On Twitter

Storyboard artists are a crucial part of the filmmaking process. Whether they’re designing sets, drawing characters, or describing camera angles and movements, storyboard artists play an important role in bringing films to life.

As social media has become more popular and accessible, many storyboard artists have taken to Twitter to share their work with fans.

These illustrators often tweet out sketches and other behind-the-scenes content that give followers insight into their creative processes.

Storyboard Software

Storyboard software is a type of visual programming language that uses images and animations to create interactive stories or presentations.

It’s an excellent tool for anyone who needs to show their process in detail from start to finish.

StoryboardSketch can be used by novice users as well as professionals, but it does offer some features geared specifically toward designers such as color tools, vector graphics, custom brushes, and more.

Storyboard Templates

Storyboard templates are a great way to plan out and organize your storyboards for any project.

They can be used to not only create the storyboard but also as a guideline when animating.

Storyboarding is one of the most important steps in animation because it helps you visualize what will happen on screen during production, which makes it easier for you to animate.

Finding A Storyboard Artist For Hire

As a Filmmaker, you know that creating the master movie is all about storyboards.

You need to map out every shot that your film will ever take, using the storyboard as a guide.

In fact, storyboards can be so important to successful film creation. Without them, many a film has failed miserably.

But what exactly are storyboards?

Well, a storyboard artist is someone who draws storyboards – often very carefully – in order to help visualize the end result of a film.

Not only do they map out the action of the film, but they also put it in such a way as to make sense. So you have your beginning… well… where your storyboards begin.

Hiring A Storyboard Artist – Next Steps

From there, you’ll go into your scenes and continue in that exact order… until you get to the end.

Of course, it’s not all about the beginning and end. Some storyboard artists don’t work with just one element, but rather many.

For example, some only draw the top-level elements of a scene – like a car or a building – while others work on the bottom-level elements as well – like smoke billowing from a smoldering fire.

No matter what element of your storyboard you’re dealing with, your artist will be able to add it.

So how do you find someone who draws storyboards like you?

Well, if you want the highest quality art, you’re going to have to look to professionals.

While that might be expensive, it’s well worth it to find the perfect storyboard artist for you. There are a few things you can look for to ensure you find the right one.

First, it helps to find someone who freelances. Freelance art directors have their own artists working for them and work to create storyboards as their main business.

If you don’t have the budget to hire an in-house art director, look to someone who freelances and creates storyboards on a smaller scale.

It’s not uncommon for freelance storyboard artists to start out creating storyboards for a company before branching out into creating their own.

You should also find an artist who is willing to talk to you. While you can see a picture of a storyboard online, getting a real person to talk to you about their work is a much better idea.

Storyboard Artist – Wrap Up

A professional artist should be willing to sit down with you and explain their process, including the different types of storyboards they’ve created.

If you get a sense that the artist doesn’t really understand your project or simply isn’t up to speed on how to create a great storyboard, move on.

When you find a storyboard artist for your project, you need to figure out how long it will take them to complete the job.

Make sure you get a contract that details the length of time involved.

Also, keep in mind that this is not an easy job. An artist working on a storyboard should be able to produce a storyboard that looks incredible and moves forward at a steady pace.

Once you find a storyboard artist for hire, the process can begin. You’ll want to set up a meeting where the artist can come and see your project.

Ask questions about the size of the project and any other specifics you’re interested in.

Make sure you get all of the information you need to know before you set up a meeting. You need to know how long the project will last, which characters are involved, and what type of sketches and storyboards the artist will be creating for you.

Keep in mind that hiring an artist to create a storyboard is an investment that will pay off for years to come, so be sure to choose someone you can trust.