Your video storyboard is the blueprint for your video. It is a visual representation of your ideas and story, so you need to spend time creating something that you are proud of. The process can be very exciting, but it is also time-consuming and often frustrating.

Trying to make things perfect before you start shooting can be crippling to your creativity. If you have spent a lot of time making your storyboard perfect, then you may find that you can’t make changes once you start shooting.

How To Make A Music Video Storyboard

What Is a music video storyboard?

A storyboard is a plan for your music video that indicates the sequence in which you’ll shoot your scenes, and is a great way to visualize how your video will flow.

It’s an essential tool when planning any type of music video project, whether it’s a mainstream band’s video, or something for your friend down the street.

Creating a storyboard for your music video allows you to see the true visual flow of your video, and begins to let you see the kind of shots you need to shoot.



There are two main types of music video storyboards:

1. The Script/Outline

This is where you write out the words that are going to be said in each scene. You can either write them out on paper or type them up in a program such as Microsoft Word.

2. The Visual Guide

This is where you draw or photograph each scene and illustrate what’s going to be happening in each shot. With this type of storyboard, you don’t include any dialogue or narration.

You can use either method to create your music video storyboard, but most people tend to find that doing both at the same time helps keep things straight in their minds and ensures they’re not missing anything essential.

For example, if you’re creating a script/outline at the same time as drawing each scene.

How To Create A Story Board For Your Music Video?

Start by making something simple on paper first, then if changes are needed, there is still plenty of time before the shoot to fix those mistakes. A great way to keep track of the changes between versions is to use Photoshop’s Layers function.

Once you have finished with a version, save it as a PSD file and then create a new blank document in Photoshop. Then simply drag and drop each layer from your previous version into the new document and make any changes necessary to each one.

Once you have your song made, the next thing that you need to do is create the storyboard for your music video. This will not only help you guide your audience through the video, it will also help you get a good idea of where you are going with it and how to execute it.

What Is A Storyboard When It Comes To Music Video Shoots?

What Is A Storyboard When It Comes To Music Video Shoots?

What Is A Storyboard When It Comes To Music Video Shoots?

A storyboard is a visual representation of the video that you have planned to shoot. The storyboard is not just a graphic representation but it is also a step-by-step planning of the shoot. A storyboard serves as a guide to everyone who will be involved in the production of the video. It has all the details from costume selection, props, location, and many other aspects of the shoot.


The music video storyboard has all of these details that are essential for a successful shoot. Helps to control the cost- Storyboards help you and your team to visualize the project before you actually start shooting it. This helps to reduce wastage and unwanted expenditure during production.

You can have an estimate of what you would spend on each scene and this will help you plan your budget effectively. The estimated costs are based on how much time is required for production and how many people are needed for that particular scene.

If any changes need to be done, then they can be easily changed without spending more money on production.

 Better management of resources-

Why A Storyboard Is Needed When Making A Music Video

Creating a storyboard is one of the most crucial steps of making a music video. It’s all about planning your shoot and making sure you know exactly what you are going to do. You’re not just making a music video, you’re creating a film.

Note: This article is an extract from a book called “Music Video Production Made Easy” by David Hoppe, available on Amazon.

What Is A Storyboard?

A storyboard is a visual representation of how your video will look, including the shots you want to use and how they will be edited together. It’s like a blueprint for your video. Before you can create your video, you must first know exactly what it is that you want to film before you even set foot on set. This can be achieved with the use of a storyboard.

Storyboarding is incredibly helpful when it comes to planning any type of production, but if you are making an independent or commercial music video, the need for careful planning is even greater than that required for other forms of filmmaking.

How To Make A Music Video As A Singer

So, you have a great song and you want to share it with the world. But how do you make a Music Video as a Singer? Tons of people are on their phones or computers daily watching Youtube videos, so why not make yours in one of them? You may have the best voice in the world but if nobody knows about it,it won’t matter.

And if you want to  become a famous singer and be signed by a record label, your videos are extremely important. 


So here’s how to make a Music Video As A Singer: 

Step 1. Decide what kind of video you want to make-

Do you want to go with a plain black background and just sing on screen? Do you want to go with basics like your name, maybe some album art, and then just start singing? Or would you rather have action in the video? If so, what kind of action would fit your song best?

Would dancing or lip syncing be fun for your fans and potential fans? You can also go with something crazy, like making your own movie based on your song! 

Step 2. Make sure you have everything important-

If you’re doing an action video, do you need anything special for filming your music?

Filming Music Videos – How To Make Music Videos

When it comes to filming music videos, first impressions can make or break an artist’s career. The more professional your video looks, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get noticed by record labels, booking agents, and entertainment companies. The easiest way to create a high-quality music video with no money at all is to follow these tips:

Consider the genre of your music. Music videos depend heavily on the genre of music they are portraying. Different genres look for different colors, moods, and types of camera movement. If you’re not sure what kind of style you want for your video, try taking some time to watch music videos from artists in similar genres as yourself. They’ll give you a good idea about what works for your genre and what doesn’t.


Find out if you need a permit to film in your location.

A lot of people think that because they aren’t making a profit off of their video, they don’t need a permit to film in public areas like streets or parks. However, most cities have ordinances in places that require permits for filming in public areas even if there is no profit involved.

This is because most filming activity involves setting up equipment that could potentially block pedestrian traffic or disrupt daily activities.

How To Create A Story Board For Your Music Video Conclusion

Music videos are a great way to market and promote your music.Music videos can be used to show people that you are an artist, and that you write your own songs.

TIP: If you are looking to make a music video for your song, but do not know where to start or what to use, then check out this article on how to create a story board for your music video conclusion.

There is so much competition when it comes to the music industry, so you need every advantage you can get. Creating a music video is one way that will help you sell more albums.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you get started with the production of your music video. The first thing is coming up with the right concept for your video.

You need something that will stand out from the rest of the crowd, something memorable and catchy. Make sure it has some sort of meaningful message behind it as well.

Another thing that will help people remember your video is if it has special effects in it. Special effects are very popular these days, so if you can include them in your video it is likely that people will remember it more easily.