This is the 17th instalment of this feature here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, where we chart the best-of-the-best from around the filmmaking and video production world. This article covers the best posts from February 2017.

Every month, I post a round-up article featuring the best things I’ve found around the web on filmmaking and video production. If you missed one, we have a complete archive here.

We’re talking articles, videos, infographics, all sorts. Anything that stands out to me and that I think is worth keeping in an archive, I’m going to include in these reports.

I post these articles at the end of each month, along with all the regular posts you get on Filmmaking Lifestyle.

The Best Posts Of February 2017

It was a short month, but a busy one here at Filmmaking Lifestyle. I’ve always thought January and February are important months for setting the scene for the rest of the year. I’ve made lots of progress both here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, and in my video production companies, to ensure that 2017 is a great year for business!

My friends at Zacuto have launched a cool Short Film competition called My Story Film Competition. If you’ve got something to say, and you can say it in 60 seconds or less, I strongly urge you to get involved!

I’ve been busy as usual on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. What do you think of the inspirational filmmaking/creative quote images? I’m continuing to make some inspiring photo posts featuring quotes from well known filmmakers, actors and other creatives. Let me know what you think!

Whilst I’m on the subject of social media, I’ve recently updated my Google+ name to a more branded one. So make sure you’re following me there, if you aren’t already.

With the admin stuff completed, let’s get to the links this month!

Filmmaking & Video Production

Want to learn how to make a cost-effective futuristic looking city for a shoot? Here’s how to make and shoot a futuristic city miniature with junk and cheap equipment!

And if you like that, here’s another one from the same guy making miniature film sets.

On Filmmaking Lifestyle this month, we had an article on Unpaid Invoices and how to get them paid. Struggling with a difficult client who refuses to pay? You need to read this!

I also did a review of a couple of Zacuto products. This is a really informative post, so definitely check it out if you missed it!

Next, we had an article on working for yourself. Here’s 9 Ways to Get More Out of Freelancing. These tips are effective for all kinds of businesses, not just video production.

And at the end of the month, we featured a post about the 5 Steps to Pitch a Video Client. This one’s worth a read, especially if you’re new to pitching projects to clients!


Here’s a couple of stunt men showing you how to do Fight Scenes properly. Two Hollywood stuntmen just created a tutorial to help indie filmmakers do Fight Scenes safely and make it look good.

Let’s finish this section this month with an advanced filmmaking technique. Fan of Michael Jackson? Check this out:

Software, Hardware & Visual Effects

Interested in 20GB+ of high-quality sound effects for free? Of course you!

There’s news that Pixar & Khan Academy launched new lessons on storytelling (Pixar in a Box).

The inventor of the tripod Lino Manfrotto Passes Away at Age 80.

Lighting on a budget? Here’s the best $500 Video Lighting Kit and what you can do with it.

Here’s a great list of royalty free music websites. This is a must-checkout for anyone regularly dealing with music and audio in their films.

Interested in motorizing camera sliders? Here’s a video showing you how to motorize almost any camera slider.

Here’s an amazing behind the scene, steadicam shot from La La Land.

Picture Of The Month

I often talk about filmmaking gear and give recommendations for cost-efficient cameras and other equipment that you can buy to stay within budget. This is not one of those times.

This month’s Picture of the Month is an IMAX camera that costs $1000 per minute:


Video Of The Month

This month’s Video of the Month features some sterling advice.

“Send out 500 emails to PR companies.” This is great advice — this guy clearly gets it. Awesome stuff, Tom!

Find anything else out there that you feel is worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next month’s article, make sure you stay shooting! Cheers!