This is the 22nd instalment of this feature here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, where we chart the best-of-the-best from around the filmmaking and video production world. This article covers the best posts from July 2017.

Every month, I post a round-up article featuring the best things I’ve found around the web on filmmaking and video production. If you missed one, we have a complete archive here.

We’re talking articles, videos, infographics, all sorts. Anything that stands out to me and that I think is worth keeping in an archive, I’m going to include in these reports.

I post these articles at the end of each month, along with all the regular posts you get on Filmmaking Lifestyle.

The Best Posts Of July 2017

Yo! And welcome to another addition of Filmmaking Lifestyle’s ‘Best Posts Of…” feature.

It’s all happening here at Filmmaking Lifestyle. My book is going to be out very soon. I know people keep asking and I have made something of a habit of deflecting the delayed release date.

In fact, I haven’t really set a release date in the past.

The truth is, I keep moving it back as I wanted it to be perfect. The truth is, it’ll never be perfect. So I’ve just written the very best book on starting & growing a video business that I can at the present time.

It’ll be out in the next two weeks. Got some finishing touches to make on the salespage and some other things. I can’t wait to get it out to you guys!

Also, news on the re-release of my Video Business Coaching Program. I’m at the point now where I’ll be opening the coaching program up to new clients for the first time in a while. I’ve let in a couple of extra people who specifically emailed me and asked. But the program hasn’t be ‘open’ officially for a while now.

That’s all about to change…soon. More news on that in the coming weeks!

And I should probably mention that with the release of my book, Video Business Fast Forward, I’ll be offering a special offer deal for those loyal readers on my newsletter list. If you’re not already on my newsletter list, you can do that below.

I want to give something back to the awesome people who support me the post, so this is my way. You’ll be getting a large reduction of the price of the book. So, if you haven’t already, get on my list!

With the general admin stuff out of the way, let’s get to the links this month!

Filmmaking & Video Production

Want to make money selling stock footage? Check out this great article on How I earned my first $150K by selling stock footage.

What’s been occurring on Filmmaking Lifestyle? To start out the month, we had the top beginner mistakes in video production. Don’t make these!

Next up, we covered the ins and out of being a creative genius.

We also had articles on leadership in your business and what you’ll see if you are shooting wedding videos.

To round out the month, we featured the first in a two part series on Becoming a YouTube Sensation. Want to know how to make it big on YouTube? This is the guide you want to read!

Mentorless has a great piece this month on Steven Soderbergh’s Process to Make a Low-Budget Feature in 18 days with Non-Professional Actors.


Christopher Nolan on his filmmaking process in Dunkirk? Yes, please!

This is cool. A professional stunt coordinator takes you through a scene in Atomic Blonde, showing tricks they used to create a convincing and cinematic fight scene:

Stunt Coordinator Breaks Down 'Atomic Blonde' Fight Scene

Atomic Blonde stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave breaks down every stunt in Charlize Theron's blockbuster fight scene.

Posted by WIRED on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Pretty horrible news: Film crew robbed at gunpoint in downtown Oakland.

Better news: Toronto Film Festival Kicks Off $3 Million Campaign to Support Female Filmmakers.

Our friends at Go Film Now have an awesome piece on how to figure out your shots before you even step on location. This worked crazy well for my recent passion project! Plan the perfect film with a survey.

Software, Hardware & Visual Effects

Let’s start off with a recent article that appeared on The Verge. PSA: don’t use Venmo if you’re selling any equipment.

Interested in getting the VHS look in Premiere Pro?

Here are 3 Mistakes All Beginner Editors Make:

Want a Canon C300 mark ii? Now has never been a better time to get one. C300 Mkii $2000 Price Drop by Canon.

Picture of the Month

This month’s Picture of the Month is a meme and it comes courtesy of the cameramemes Instagram page:

Video of the Month

These 10 easy steps “will make your video more cinematic”:

Find anything else out there that you feel is worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next month’s article, make sure you stay shooting! Adios!