We are undoubtedly living in very difficult times, and this pandemic ranks highest among the disasters of our generation.

In this century already, we have witnessed two major incidents which have altered our lives, the twin tower attacks, and the financial crisis.

These events significantly disrupted the markets of the 21st century, yet Covid is believed to be the single most disastrous event for business.

However, our response to it, from vaccine rollouts in a year to digital communication switch, is also laudable.

While, unfortunately, many businesses have been forced to close stores, others have evolved.

Innovation is the mother of tragedy, businesses that tweaked their business models and methods as a temporary measure now feel differently.

Many businesses have or plan to scale the temporary innovations to full-fledged rollouts for the post-Covid world.

From facetime to social media reels, videos were becoming a preferred mode of communication.

Covid and its social distancing have brought it to the forefront as the primary mode of communication.

People want to compensate for their inanimate lifestyle with animation through videos in any form, video calls, or advertisements.

Post Covid World

Video Content Is More Effective

There are many studies that suggest that the conversion rate for B2B companies with video advertisements is significantly higher.

Some suggest video advertisements increase conversion rates by 80%.

While you can choose your study and pick a figure accordingly, there is a wider consensus that videos are far more engaging.

The larger audience prefers to watch a short animated video than read lifeless posts. Covid perhaps has made us more adept at viewing videos than reading intently.

Video marketing allows the video producer to captivate the audience using all their senses, making it more appealing and engaging.

Video production is a challenging part of video marketing; however, few companies specialize in it.

The animation is often the favorite kind of commercial which engages the audience best. It has a creative overarch with the subtle undertones which sell the business.

Optimized videos generate excellent results on a search engine, optimized results on Google or Bing, etc.

Videos that are produced as smartly optimized pieces get higher viewership.


As more business subscribers find the video and stay longer on the page, it ranks the page website higher, boosting the search engine ranking.

Video production studios have technicians who effectively create content for different platforms. In Covid times they are highly in demand to meet the requirements of the market.

Post Covid World

Social Media Marketing Using Videos

For better or worse social media has increasingly occupied most of our personal digital space.

Since the pandemic hit, this has accelerated even more, and companies are racing to dominate this space. Whatever inhabits the social media space captures our attention.

Marketing on social media is not new, but its demand is changing with audience responsiveness.

As mentioned earlier, SEO-optimized videos that rank above others on social media have maximum views. B2B businesses aren’t only selling to other businesses but indirectly also selling to the partner company’s customers.

This means their product must sell on two levels and have larger market acceptability as well as customer satisfaction.

For this reason, B2B marketing material must be robust and dynamic; seasoned video production companies are helpful in this.

Incorporating videos on posts generates higher leads on media campaigns; short videos are easily watchable and shareable.

LinkedIn is the largest B2B network online; it boasts having the largest number of companies on one platform.

LinkedIn facilitates company promotion for a target audience using their sponsored posts for any industry.

This is a sure shot to reach your audience. But if you want the audience to interact with you, your content should be appealing and engaging.

Videos find higher engagement, and smart videos are remembered longer, and those name the circles online.

Crafting smart, catchy, and professional videos are called corporate video production; this is a growing B2B marketing strategy, like sponsored video ads.


As Believable As A Video And As Detailed As A Video

Video production studios have excellent creators who can create videos that serve your audience’s desires.

While this is easy for seasoned and well-trained creators and editors, the marketing strategists should be invested in the idea.

Videos with their multi-sensory capacities can develop long-lasting imagery of a band with the viewer.

They tell stories about the services and the relay industry history without the burden of forced education. They educate the viewer without them having to learn in the process but enjoy the content.

Video marketing allows B2B companies to dive deep into detail without losing the attention of the audience.

1–2-minute videos are going viral, and 30-second clips are trending; such is the style of marketing today.

Covid reinvented all business models virtually, and their marketing strategies are following them in the post-Covid era.

Video promotions have a clear message even without any audio to them. Statistics show us that an overwhelmingly high percentage of social media videos are watched without any volume.


Such is the power of short creative videos, but this also demands an unparalleled understanding of your target audience.

Good video animation production houses can get you an advert by simply explaining a storyline.

Diversity In Video Production Options

B2B companies that adopt videos to their marketing and service promotion strategy will witness a wide new array of tools at their disposal.

It allows advertisements to have an enchanting call to action towards the end.

As mentioned earlier, videos can vary from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. But there are also various types of video production options.

An emotional video goes further than one with bland information. Emotions vary from laughter to nostalgia to anxiety.

A nostalgia video creates action through the viewer’s personal connection to their history or experience of the past, which they cherish.

Funny videos with video animations and cartoons jumping around communicate the message with a jolly overtone.

Anxiety is used by advertisers to keep the viewer on their toes for the grand surprise at the end. It generally has suspense with another emotion to it.

There are so many options to choose from, from animations to storytelling to emotion-inducing. All of which are much appreciated in the post-Covid world.

It’s Trendy

Since the advent of short messaging services or SMS, jokes went viral, and then came the age of WhatsApp, which has made image forwarding the rage.

Presently with social media, video and gif are the most forwarded items on social media.

It is as easy for a short clip to go viral or tread as it is for memes. This is an immense opportunity for B2B companies as well as B2C companies to capture the attention of the viewers.

If an advert or promotion can create its own momentum by virtue of the content and its share-ability, its advertiser’s dream comes true.

Videos have the quality to fit in much more content with the same screen space. They further can be shared cross-platforms and spread.

Video Production In Post Covid World – Conclusion

It is clear that while Covid has accelerated the process, video production was gaining a foothold with B2B companies.

Many production companies in the pacific are contributing to this marketing, including video production studios in Melbourne.

While there is a massive opportunity in this post-Covid world, there is also a risk. The trendiness of the content also risks negative reactions if the content quality is poor.

It is essential to have partners who are experienced, technically proficient, and qualified to deliver video content.

The post-Covid world is going to be much more aggressive in their dealings as they will race to catch up for the lost time.

For businesses, advertising is the tool to outpace one another, to create content that gets the lead.


This is a highly competitive field, and a wrong hue of color can be the difference between a successful campaign and a failure.

When the stakes are high, companies will grab the most potent instrument at their disposal, video production.

Videos allow B2B companies to connect to their other business as well as their customers. It’s only wise to explore all the options video production has to offer to advertisements. And engage the best professionals for the job.

While the research will be yours, the creative mind will be of the creator, which is the video production studios.