One of the most useful tools a photographer can have is their monopod. A tripod offers stability, but it’s bulky and big.

Monopods are much lighter than tripods so you can take them with you anywhere.

We’ve always been a fan of monopods. It’s nice to have something quick and easy just in case you need it, like if the opportunity for that perfect shot were about to pass by.

As opposed to setting up your tripod, which takes time and forethought.

With a monopod, there is no delay when catching that special moment. Monopods can also be helpful because they take some weight off your camera so you don’t get too tired whilst hiking during those long trips into nature.

Choosing a monopod might seem like a daunting task with all the available options on the market.

That’s why today we’re talking all things about monopods.

First, we’ll talk about all the things you need to consider.

Second, we’ll mention all the things you need to consider when buying one.

Best Monopod

These are the best monopods on the market that are worth your time and money.

1. Vanguard VEO 2S AM-264TR

In a line-up of monopods, you’ll spot the Vanguard VEO 2S AM-264TR a mile off: it’s the one with three feet on its bottom!

This tripartite stabilizer is an integral part of every Vanguard product and while it makes them bulkier, gives them more surface area to cover, for some people they’re worth any tradeoff just because they make shooting so much easier.

Vanguard’s VEO 2S AM-264TR has a sleek design and will make your shooting experience look gorgeous as it smooths out all the video.

It not only improves stability, but you’ll be able to shoot in low light with no problems.

There’s a lot of great stuff to love about this monopod. You can use it with your smartphone, and the universal connector is really convenient.

It has all sorts of cool features that make it better than other models out there like 3-way adjustable legs for different shooting positions. Great if you’re filming yourself.

Vanguard VEO 2S AM-264TR Monopod with Smart Phone Holder and Bluetooth Remote (VEO2SAM-264TR), Black
  • Compact 26mm, 4 section aluminum monopod with a folded length of 21. 5 inches and extended height of...
  • Foldable feet allow for smooth panning for following the action while shooting stills or doing video
  • Angle adjustment system at the base of the monopod positioned above the foldable feet
  • Shoot with your smart phone by utilizing the Smart Phone holder and Bluetooth Remote that are...
  • Advanced twist-leg locks using a 1/2” turn lock/unlock system

2. Benro MSD46C SupaDupa Monopod

Naming your product “SupaDupa” seems like an act of hubris at first glance, but Benro knows how strong these monopods are.

They can be as mighty as superheroes with one major difference: they don’t have to worry about wearing capes.


It’s been rated to carry up to 40kg, which is preposterous.

We don’t know anyone with even the craziest gear acquisition addiction who would need that much weight-carrying capability in a backpack, and frankly quadruple is way too much anyway.

Since it rises 183cm high when fully extended then packs down into an impressively stunted 43 cm (one-third of its full size), you can use this monopod practically anywhere – whether it be at home or abroad exploring faraway lands.

The Benro MSD46C SupaDupa Carbon Fiber Monopod is a great choice if you have the budget for it. It can be pretty costly for some, so be prepared to spend some green.

Benro MSD46C SupaDupa Monopod, 72" max Height, Waterproof Twist Locks, Carbon Fiber, Spiked Foot, CNC machined Aluminum flip Lock (MSD46C)
  • Flip lock lever – CNC machined aluminum flip lock. Easy to make quick height adjustments while...
  • Precise rotating foot - Stainless Steel conical ball bearing. Allows for even downward pressure.
  • Waterproof twist locks - These feature water-proof (and dust proof) twist locks.
  • Carbon Fiber - carbon fiber leg tube construction.
  • 5 Year Warranty – 5 Years with online registration.

3. Manfrotto Xpro 5

This Monopod is made of tough aluminum and comes with a three-leg section that allows for fast movement. Although it could prove incredibly pricy.

The mounting plate features 4-20 & 3/8″-16 screws so you can attach all sorts of accessories to it.

Manfrotto’s new tripod is simply amazing! The pan and tilt movements are EXTREMELY smooth.

You can even lock the vertical axis, giving you 360-degree horizontal pans without a single glitch.

Manfrotto even throws in hand warmers to keep your hands from getting cold when it gets freezing!

The XPRO 5 is perfect for videography and photography alike. It’s so easy to get those ground-level shots, with a minimum height of just 20.7″.

The max height is 60.2″, letting you capture any angle possible!

The Manfrotto branded locking system makes it really easy for photographers to quickly adjust their tripod without having any problems in doing so.

This is because of how well these hooks are designed which have been approved by both professionals and consumers alike who swear that its security level will last long even if you tighten up all the way.

Manfrotto MVMXPROC5, Xpro Fluid Video 5 Section Carbon Fibre Monopod, Fluidtech Base, Quick Power Lock System, Portable, Professional Videography, Black
  • UNI Safety Payload means your gear is safer than ever. We updated how we measure payload for this...
  • Lightest video monopod dedicated to travellers
  • FLUIDTECH base for smooth movement in all directions
  • New rubber leg warmer design for fast and secure movement
  • Quick Power Lock system for rapid, effortless and reliable set up

4. SIRUI P-326

It was hard to choose between the Sirui P-326, a sturdy little monopod, and Manfrotto XPro 5.

They have very similar specifications and are at roughly the same price points but we found that they differed in weight (0.9 lbs.) with lighter ones being better suited for still photography courtesy of retracted length – which is incredibly short at 15.6”

This is one of the sturdiest tripods we’ve ever handled. It extends to 61.4″ by the way, which suits the 6-foot frame perfectly while standing up to take pictures.

The carbon fiber construction gives it a max load of 22 lbs., more than enough for large telephoto lenses like the Canon 600mm lens.

If you work with much smaller lenses normally, this will be perfect for fluid moving shots and quick pans

The P-326 is a quick and easy setup that comes with an adjustable carabiner clip, for when you want to travel light.

The camera grip makes it easier to take steady shots without the worry of losing control over your gear. It also includes a compass on top so they’ll never get lost.

SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod
  • Light-weight 8X carbon fiber in 6 sections
  • Reversible 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 screw on the mounting plate
  • Wrist strap and hand grip for comfortable hold and insulation
  • Silicon twist lock enhances durability

5. Benro Adventure 4

The Benro Adventure 4 Series Monopods are the perfect option for taller individuals or those looking to shoot with a camera that needs more reach and stability.

The Adventure 4 is available in aluminum and carbon fiber, it can lift a hefty 40 pounds (18kg) payload.

This means you won’t have to risk overloading them with your camera gear or compromising the safety of your equipment.

The Adventure 4 has two models – one that’s made out of aluminum and another that uses lightweight carbon fiber material for maximum strength at a minimal weight. Both will prove efficient when lifting their 18-kilogram max capacity load.

Like any other monopod, it comes with both 3/8″ and 1/4 screws that allow users to attach a head or mount their camera directly to the support.

Both of the modules have five sections and they are both composed out of either aluminum or carbon fiber.

The difference is that the aluminum model extends up to 75.2 inches, while the shorter carbon fiber one stands at 72″.

When setting up the Benro Adventure 4, you get to use flip locks.

That means that it’s quick and easy – no fussing with knobs or screws. So when a shooting opportunity arises, you’ll be ready for your shot.

Benro Adventure 4 Series Aluminum Monopod (MAD49A)
  • The Adventure Series 4 Aluminum Monopod combines classic design with advanced materials and...
  • The 5 section aluminum tubes extends to a maximum height of 75.2" and weighs only 1.85 lbs., but can...
  • Features a mounting plate with a reversible 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded mount for attaching a video...
  • Ideal for location shooting or for studio use.
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty (Extended to 5-Years with Online Registration).

6. SIRUI P-306

Searching for a great monopod that won’t break the bank? The Sirui P-306 is right up your alley.

Priced at just under 100 bucks, this pole gives you all of the value and performance without breaking the piggy bank.

The P-306 is a lightweight tripod that weighs less than 1.1 pounds (.56 kg).

It can hold up to 17 lbs (8 kg) of weight, making it the perfect travel companion for photographers who want to capture amazing shots on their journeys without having to worry about carrying around heavy equipment all day long.

The compact size and versatility make this an ideal accessory for anyone with gear they need easy access to when shooting outdoors or in tight spaces indoors.

With six sections, it can extend up to a maximum height of 60.6 inches (155 cm).

This means that most people will be able to use this monopod comfortably including those who are shorter and taller than the average person.

When folded down, the Livo is just 15 inches and can be clipped onto a backpack or shoved into your bag.

This makes it perfect for travelers who want their camera with them at all times without having to carry around a bulky case.

SIRUI P-306 Professional Lightweight 6-Section Aluminum monopod
  • Six-section aluminum monopod
  • Reversible 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 screw on the mounting plate
  • Wrist strap and hand grip for comfortable hold and insulation
  • Silicon twist lock enhances durability

Best Monopod – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s take a look at some considerations to keep in mind when looking to buy a quality monopod.

What You Can Use A Monopod For

A monopod is a device that is basically just one leg, and it’s used to stabilize your camera for better photography.

You can also use it as leverage when you need to take photos of an object in motion or if the lens on your camera seems too heavy.

What Monopod Is Best For You?

In the world of videography, there are many different monopods to suit every photographer.

Some may require extra long or lightweight ones while others need a footed monopod for stability and control.

Our number one all-around choice is Manfrotto XPRO which has an aluminum construction that can handle anything you throw at it!

Do You Even Need One?

If you’re looking for a way to stabilize your camera but don’t have space for an extended tripod, get yourself one of these!

Monopods are smaller and lighter than tripods – not to mention they usually come with other features such as built-in monopod heads which can be handy when things start getting cramped.

Will A Monopod Help You?

One way to achieve a steadier shot than simply hand-holding your camera is by using monopods.

You’ll be able to use slower shutter speeds, lower ISOs, or smaller aperture’s and for those times when you don’t have space or time extend the tripod legs 3 times as high up off the ground this will work just fine.

Best Monopods – Wrapping Up

Monopods are one of those photography tools you may not realize ever need, but once you use one you won’t be able to live without it.

From stabilizing your shot in a crowded place to providing much-needed rest for muscles when using long lenses and heavy camera bodies

We urge everyone to try out monopod at least once or twice. Personally, we rarely shoot in crowded places where stable shots are needed.

However, a monopod is invaluable for getting higher vantage points shooting large group photos at gatherings.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a monopod, get out there, and get snapping.

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