In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of advertising, it can be hard to keep up with trends.

One of the best ways to learn about what’s going on in the industry is by attending one of the most prestigious events: The Clio Awards.


the clio awards

What Are the clio awards?

The Clio Awards are an international awards program that recognizes and honors the very best in advertising, design, entertainment and communication.

The first Clio Awards ceremony was held in New York City in 19620, after the awards were founded in 1959.

Since then, the Clio Awards have grown to become one of the most prestigious awards for creative excellence in the world.

Tens of thousands of entries from across the globe are submitted each year to be judged by a distinguished panel of judges from around the world.



The word “Clio” is Greek for “history,” and history is what the Clio Awards are all about. We recognize those who have made history with their creative work, those who have pushed their respective fields forward and influenced our collective culture.

As an international award, we look to honor not only America’s greatest achievements but also those from around the globe as well.

Since winning a Clio Award is often a career-defining moment for an agency or advertiser, we offer a full range of services and support to help you prepare your entry — from pre-submission planning through judging results — as well as educational programs to help you prepare for a successful future in advertising.

What Are The Clio Awards?

The Clio Awards are given out each year by the American Advertising Federation. This prestigious award is one of the oldest advertising awards in America, having been established in 1959.

Since then, it has evolved into one of the most highly anticipated and respected awards in advertising.

They honor some of the best and brightest in all fields of marketing, from television commercials to billboards to print ads.

They even have a special category for interactive advertisements, which includes websites, video games and even apps!

The basic goal of The Clios is to recognize creativity and excellence in advertising through a series of competitions that culminate in an annual award ceremony held every fall.

These include everything from creating a compelling ad that sells a product or service to public relations campaigns and also media planning. In order to win, an advertisement must stand out as being truly extraordinary due to its originality and creativity.

Every year, a panel of judges from the New York-based International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hand out top honors to the best and brightest work submitted by agencies across the country in over 100 categories.

What Do The Clio Awards Celebrate?

The Clios are an annual international ceremony which celebrates the world of advertising and creativity.

They were first introduced in New York in1960, and since then have grown to become one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the advertising industry.

The awards consider entries from both agencies and clients, and aim to highlight the very best in advertising material from both sides. They invite entries from all over the world, as long as a significant amount of work was completed on that entry within the last year.

What constitutes an entry?In order to be eligible for a Clio award, you must submit a video, which can be entered into any of 10 categories. These include Film, Radio, Print & Publishing, Interactive & Digital Media, Design & Illustration, Public Relations, Mobile Marketing & Content Creation, Out-of-Home Media & Displays and “Best Use of Broadcast”.

If you manage to impress even one category judge with your video, it will be granted a nomination. A second stage is where you must win over the majority of judges.

This involves further screening of all videos in each category by judges who will decide whether they want to make it onto an official shortlist.Only once this process is complete will your video enterThe Clio Awards, the advertising industry’s most prestigious accolade, have been presented at a star-studded event in New York City since 1960.

The awards honor and recognize creative excellence in all facets of advertising, design and communication.How are winners selected?The Clio Awards are judged by an independent body of experts — members of the Advertising Hall of Fame who volunteer their time to ensure that each year’s competition is judged fairly, impartially and with a keen eye toward recognizing excellence.

What categories do they cover?Clio Awards are presented in a wide range of categories: Broadcast/Cinema, Digital/Interactive Media, Design, Advertising, Radio/Audio and Print.Who has won the Clio Award?A wide variety of companies have been recognized for their outstanding achievements with the Clio Award.

Recent winners include: Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill, American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout Campaign and The Chevrolet Camaro.

Where Are The Clio Awards Held?

For many years, the Clio Awards have been one of the most important advertising awards in the world. The Clio Awards are given out every year by Clio Awards Ltd.

and are held at a variety of locations.Because of this, it’s hard to say exactly where the Clio Awards will be held until the locations have been finalized, but here’s a look at where they have been in years past:The first three years that the Clio Awards were awarded (1966-1968) were held in Manhattan.

In 1969, the awards moved to Chicago and remained there for 13 years. In 1982, the awards returned to New York City and stayed there for 10 years before moving to San Francisco for five years between 1993 and 1998.

During that time, a sister event called the International Advertising Awards was held in London.The Clio Awards then went back to New York City but remained only for two years before moving to Los Angeles in 2002.

The Clio Awards have been held in Los Angeles ever since.There are 5 categories of awards at the Clios: Film & Video, Radio, Print & Publishing, Outdoor Advertising, and Interactive Advertising/New Media or Digital Media.

Those categories are further broken down into a number of subcategories:The Clios are awarded each year at an awards ceremony held in New York City. The award show is presented by the American advertising industry, which means that the Clios are a great way to see some of the latest campaigns and ideas that will take off and become popular over the upcoming year.

Tune in to find out who walks away with the coveted “Golden Clio,” one of the highest honors in advertising.Clio® is the world’s leading film and multimedia festival for creativity.

It was founded by the New York advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in 1966, and has been held annually ever since. The event attracts entries from all over the world, with awards handed out to the best work in a number of categories including TV commercials, radio spots, print ads, corporate films and digital work.

The Clio Awards ceremony takes place every year at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. A full list of award categories can be found here:

How Many Clio Awards Has Geico Won?

Geico has won 38 Clio Awards.The 38 awards are:2006 – Geico – “Unskippable” Direct Response TV Advertising Campaign2006 – Geico – “Unskippable” Direct Response TV Advertising Campaign2006 – Geico – “Unskippable” Direct Response TV Advertising Campaign2006 – Geico Canada – “Leadfoot” Direct Marketing/Interactive Application2006 – Geico Canada – “Leadfoot” Poster Design2007 – Geico UK – “Walking Man” Digital Advertisements2007 – Geico UK – “Walking Man” Print Advertisements2008 – GEICO (USA) – Website & Redesign2008 – GEICO (USA) – Website & Redesign2009 – GEICO (USA) – GEICO Mobile Website for iPhone and iPod touch2009 – GEICO (USA) – GEICO Mobile Website for iPhone and iPod touch2010 – GEICO (USA) – GEICO Mobile Website for Android Phone and Motorola Milestone/Droid/Bionic Devices2010 – GEICO (USA) – GEICO Mobile Website for Android Phone and Motorola MilYou might be surprised to learn that the Geico gecko has won more than 70 awards for its advertising.

The Geico gecko has brought in more awards than any other mascot in advertising history, including those from the coveted Clio Awards.Clio Awards are a highly prestigious award given out by the American Advertising Federation.

They are awarded to advertisers who have had success in the field of advertising, and recipients gain prestige for their work.In fact, the first time that Geico submitted an ad campaign for the Clio Awards, it was turned down because they were not even eligible to enter.

It was only after Geico threatened to sue them that they relented and allowed Geico’s ad agency to submit ads for consideration.

The campaign won 24 Clios. For comparison, Apple’s famous “1984” commercial has won just one Clio Award.

Tens of thousands of brands, big and small, compete for the coveted prize in advertising each year. But few companies can match Geico’s success.

The brand has won more awards than any other company.Tens of thousands of brands, big and small, compete for the coveted prize in advertising each year.

But few companies can match Geico’s success. The brand has won more awards than any other company.

Geico, the nation’s third largest auto insurer, has been awarded a total of 45 Clio Awards since 2000 and is the only insurance brand to achieve this distinction. In fact, Geico has won more Clio Awards than any other company in any industry category.

Geico is consistently ranked among the top auto insurance providers by numerous publications and surveys. For example, the company has been recognized as one of America’s Most Trusted Insurance Companies for 16 consecutive years by the Gallup Organization.

Geico was also named among the Top 10 Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE magazine.The key to Geico’s success is a strong commitment to advertising that is focused on a target audience and resonates with consumers while delivering on its promise to save people money on their car insurance.

The Geico gecko serves as an endearing spokesman

Who Designed The Clio Award?

Who designed the Clio Award?The Clio Award was designed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka.The Clio is a prestigious international award that recognises creative excellence in advertising, design and communication.

It was started in New York in 1959 by the American advertising industry’s first woman president, Mary Wells Lawrence.The name comes from a Greek Muse of History, Clio.

The judges are leading creative directors and art directors. The award is presented annually to agencies and their clients in more than one hundred countries worldwide.

Tokujin Yoshioka was born in Tokyo in 1965. He studied at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London and founded his own company, Super Potato, in 2000.

He won the silver prize at the Design Museum’s ” Young Designer of the Year” competition and received several awards for his furniture designs before establishing himself as a successful product designer for companies including Alessi, Muji and Flos.In 2003 he won the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum museum of architecture and design, becoming the first Japanese designer to do so.

He was appointed Professor of Industrial Design at Domus Academy in Milan in 2004 and joined London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) as an external tutor shortly afterwards.Who designed the Clio Award? Who designed the Clio Award? Who designed the Clio Award? The answer is Ryan. Ryan did. Ryan did. Ryan did. This award is amazing because of how beautiful it is.

Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it is.Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it is.

Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it is.This award is amazing because of how beautiful it is.

Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it is. Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it is.

Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it is.This award is amazing because of how beautiful it is.

Because when you look at this award, you’re going to see how beautiful it isIn 1983, the Clio Awards were born. It was the ultimate statement of ambition, a symbol of success and excellence in advertising.

Tina Koutsogiannis and Alison Brod Public Relations were determined to bring the Advertising Age International Advertising Festival to Australia. They also wanted to institute an award similar to the Cannes Lions which would celebrate outstanding creative work on a national level.

This idea was given substance when Gold Coast advertising agency owners, Denis Manton and Michael Cummins pledged their support by offering the trophy for this new award – The Clio Award.Denis Manton and Michael Cummins met at Scotch College in Melbourne in 1957.

They both studied law at Melbourne University and formed a partnership at the end of their articles in 1963. In 1970 they established their own advertising agency, Cummins & Manton-Ervay (now known as Cummins & Partners).

Seven years later, they moved into a purpose-built headquarters on the Gold Coast where they have been located ever since.The first Australian Ad Festival (now known as The Adnews Awards) took place in 1982 at The Waratah Hotel in Sydney.

One hundred and forty entries were received from 19 agencies across Australia. The first winner was David Jones who took home two Gold awards

How The Clios Reward Advertising?

The Clios are considered to be the “Oscars” of advertising. They are given to the finest marketing campaigns, in a wide variety of categories, by an independent panel of judges.

The Clios also reward excellence in public relations, as well as creative work in television, radio and interactive media.Trophies are awarded for work that is outstanding, innovative and forward-thinking—as well as for work that is simply outstanding.

The Clio awards were founded in the 1960s by Howard Gossage and John Caples (both legendary advertising men). They were named after the Greek Muse of fame and glory because they celebrate just that—the best of the best!The Clios have no entry fee, no application procedure and no minimum number of entries per category.

All you need is a great idea!The Clios are the advertising and design world’s version of the Oscars.They’re a global award given to creative professionals and students for outstanding achievement in advertising, design and interactive.

And this year, for the first time ever, I’m proud to be a judge for the awards.The Clios reward creativity but they also reward advertising that works.

As an advertiser, you want your money to be well spent on ads that are actually connecting with people. The Clios help you answer the question: Was it worth it?It’s important that all parts of an ad campaign work together to achieve this goal – from research and strategy, through production and post-production.

But too often, because of cost constraints or a desire to move quickly, ads are created without having all pieces in place before production begins.The results can be disappointing for all involved – both creatives and customers alike.

What are the Clios?

Clio is a yearly competition presented by the American Advertising Federation, and it is one of the most prestigious awards for advertising and design. The first Clio winners were awarded in 1961, with more than 60 categories and around 2000 entries.

The competition is held every year during the week of the Cannes Film Festival, which is why it was named after the Greek muse for history and dramatic arts. Since 2007, it is being hosted in Las Vegas.

Towards the end of March, a jury gathers to discuss and select winners in all categories. All entries that make it to the finals will be included in an exhibition at Clio week and will be judged there as well.

The winners have their work shown at Cannes Lions and are awarded there as well.For many agencies, the Clios are a great opportunity to show off their best work from the past year to a wide audience. Over the years, some of the most memorable ad campaigns have been rewarded with a Golden or Silver Clio award.

Clio CategoriesThe following three hundred advertising and design categories are part of this year’s competition:

Advertising (Media) Campaign – Television or Cinema Advertising Campaign – Press Advertising Campaign – Out-of-Home (OOH