A plot hole is a logical gap in the storyline of a movie or book. A common misconception of plot holes is something that destroys the story itself.

What they really do is leave the audience feeling unfulfilled by questions unanswered, and without a sense of closure.

Plot holes are a common enemy of many writers, especially novelists.

The classic example is the “impossible mystery,” where the author tries to explain how a crime was committed despite the fact that there is no way it could have happened.

And then there’s “the hole in the story,” which is simply when you find out something later on in the story that changes everything.

Sometimes it can be a big reveal, like when you realize that someone has died in the middle of the book and then find out who it is, but other times it might be something as simple as realizing that two characters who were having an argument were actually talking about something else entirely.


What Is a plot hole

What Is a plot hole in literature and film?

A plot hole is a gap. In literature and film, a plot hole is an inconsistency in the storyline.

Plot holes are often found in movies and books where the author or screenwriter did not pay enough attention to the details of the storyline, or did not adequately explain certain details within the storyline.

In screenwriting, a plot hole is an inconsistency in the narrative’s logic. It’s something that would occur even if the story were true, and it contradicts the basic premise of the narrative (in this case, that something happened).

It serves to undermine the credibility of the story’s events.



Plot holes are often used by critics and other filmgoers as a tool for deconstructing films and films about films.

They can be used to critique a film for its lack of realism, as well as its ability to engage audiences on an emotional level.

Plot holes are often called “gaps” in writing exercises, such as creative writing courses. A common example is “What if Superman had landed on Krypton?”

This question is meant to show how inconsistent a writer’s characterizations can be without undermining basic character development or logical consistency.

What Is A Plot Hole?

A plot hole, sometimes also known as a story hole, is a gap or missing piece in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the rest of the storyline.

The plotting within a story is what keeps the story moving forward and together (of course).

Plot holes are an anomaly that crop up when the story doesn’t make sense or makes illogical leaps.

Plot holes are very large gaps in a plot’s internal logic. It’s a place where the story would logically have to take a different turn for the plot to be well-rounded and realistic.

In other words, there is a gap in logic or an inconsistency that makes the story unrealistic or unbelievable.

Just like because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, neither does that mean a plot hole can’t arise. Plot holes are usually very difficult to spot because they often appear to be normal parts of the story.

Some examples of plot holes include:

  • The character has no idea what he’s doing or why he’s doing it (without any obvious motivation).
  • A character who can move around his or her body instantly suddenly needs help getting out of a chair or tying their shoes (these examples are brief and obvious, but there are many more).
  • A character who wields magic somehow always manages to avoid damage from whatever they’re using their magic on.



What Is A Plot Hole In Literature?

A Plot Hole Is a gap or inconsistency in the plot of a work of fiction that goes against the flow of logic established by the narrative. It is usually used to refer to contrived events created by poor writing.

They are also known as story holes, plot inconsistencies, plotholes, and story flaws.A plot hole is an inconsistency in a narrative, a sequence of events that is not supported by the plot’s internal logic.

A plot hole can be viewed as the result of telling a story from the wrong perspective: it reveals an unseen flaw in how the narrative is presented. Plot holes are also called story loopholes, plot failures, and plot omissions.

A plot hole is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story and which can detract (or even negate) from the story. Plot holes are sometimes referred to as plot gaps, plot cracks, and story holes.

A plot hole allows for any number of issues or discrepancies to crop up, such as time travel being used to alter events in the past, paradoxes that result from time travel, and other potentially harmful effects such as people losing their memories via amnesia caused by temporal disruptions in their past caused by time traveling.


What Is A Plot Hole In Film?

As with all films there are some mistakes in films but a plot hole is something that implausibly causes a problem within the story line of the film. For example this is going to be my favourite movie of all time because it has no plot holes or mistakes like so many films do.

This film has been created with great detail but most films have things that don’t make sense in them or things you just can’t work out why they have done.A plot hole is a term used to describe an inconsistency in the storyline of a film, television episode or another work of fiction.

While an individual shortcoming can be referred to as a plot hole and may only exist for a short period of time during the current story arc, if you find yourself asking questions like: “Why didn’t he just do this?” or “Why didn’t she just think about that?” then it’s probably time to start thinking about a logical explanation.A plot hole is an error within the story line of a movie, television show, or novel.

This can be anything from a minor inconsistency in length of time to a major discrepancy in the logical conclusion of events. Common examples in film include when we see something occur within a film that contradicts its established contemporary setting, followed by the film revealing that it actually did happen in the past.

Types Of Plot Holes

Often times when we read a story, especially one that’s already been translated from another language, we come across plot holes . Plot holes are small gaps between the events of a story and may leave us thinking: “Wait a minute… why did this happen?” “Why didn’t they remember doing this before?” or “What? The author didn’t think of that!?” In order to have the best reading experience, it is important to catch these plot holes early on.

Learn about the five types of plot holes and how to avoid them.There are many different types of plot holes.

This is a list of common plot holes in story lines that are found in movies, books, and TV shows. It’s funny because you can name lots of movie titles that have those plot holes.

In this article, I will be discussing the different types of plot holes and how to avoid them.

Hopefully, you can avoid the most common ones. Plot holes are things such as if one character fell into a bottomless pit, why didn’t their friends stop them? Or many people knowing about a big secret but not telling anyone or even doing anything to help outThere are many different ways that plot holes can be made and some of them can be very hard to spot but this article will tell you how to avoid making these problems in your story.

Biggest Movie Plot Holes Of All Time

In this article, I will be discussing the different types of plot holes and how to avoid them. Hopefully, you can avoid the most common ones.

Plot holes are things such as if one character fell into a bottomless pit, why didn’t their friends stop them?Or many people knowing about a big secret but not telling anyone or even doing anything to help out.

There are many different ways that plot holes can be made and some of them can be very hard to spot but this article will tell you how to avoid making these problems in your story.What are plot holes? Plot holes are gaps in the plot of a story.

They loopholes that suspend the integrity of your plot’s coherence. Your plot is simply the stream of events leading up to and including a plot climax, so plot holes can be out of line with the plot.

Certain plot holes are inevitable in every story.These plot holes must be used to their full potential. By using the core plot hole, you can give your story an extra layer of depth and realism.

Examples Of Plot Holes In Game Of Thrones

In every season of Game of Thrones, you’re bound to see plot holes. Some are minor plotholes and others major plot holes that are pretty much undeniable.

Some of these plot flaws include things like Arya’s ability to kill people and become rich with just needle. Another is Jaime being able to lose his hand in the books but still being able to move it without a problem in the show.

All in all, there were plenty of plot holes and here are a few examples of them from each game of thrones season.It’s been five years since Game of Thrones first premiered on HBO and the series is still going strong.

The night is dark and full of terrors, but there will be no sleep tonight as I continue to watch it. One thing I have noticed while watching this show is that they often leave out a lot of details, or create plot holes. Here are some of my favorite plot holes/inconsistencies in Game of Thrones.

An online community about the HBO Series Game of Thrones. Our intention is to fill every single plot hole that the show has left behind all in one place for fans to quickly read about.

Feel free to use this as a resource, or just to enjoy reading about all of the mistakes that the creators made, and continue to make, with their show.

Plot Hole Meaning In Characters

As you’re writing your novel, you’ll want to avoid mistakes like having your characters talk about something they should know but don’t. This Plot Hole Meaning in Characters article shows you how to identify five different areas where a character is expected to have knowledge and misunderstanding or ignorance should not be an option.

Do you have little knowledge of character development? Have you heard the term “plot hole” and want to learn what it means? There are countless ways to improve your skills as a writer, but before we can get into any of that, we should first understand what a plot hole is.A Plot Hole is often a gaping hole in the plot that can throw the entire story off balance.

Considering how often you are trying to step into a character’s shoes, this simple guide can shed some light on why that doesn’t always work as expected, and what you can do about it.

Examples Of Plot Holes Via The God From The Machine

For the beginning writer, a plot hole is the main character suddenly doing something dumb that prevents her from reaching her goal. This is often the result of two scenes being written at different times and a discrepancy between them.

It can also be the result of you not taking enough time to think out what was happening in your story during its earliest stages. The cause doesn’t matter.

What matters is finding solutions to how these scenes need to be altered so they make sense in light of what came before and after them.Plot Holes are a major problem in many movies.

Plot Holes happen when there is a gap in the sequence of the story line or a twist that seems completely senseless and ridiculous. So here is my list of Plot Holes in The God From The Machine movie:The God From the Machine is an interesting and entertaining novel written by one of today’s most widely read authors.

It’s an odd tale that keeps you flipping pages, eager to discover what will happen next.

Narrative Plot Holes And Critics

Watch Long Story Short’s entire series on Plot Holes here https://goo.gl/aYYt1J Narrative Plot Holes And Critics is a YouTube channel devoted to watching movies and pointing out plot holes and narrative flaws. This is one of many channels under the umbrella of Watch Long Story Short, which has created week-to-week series since early 2014.

Reading plot holes and critics has always made me frustrated. What are plot holes and critics? Why do plot holes and critics exist, and how can we fix them in our stories? Below is a list of tips to help you avoid or fix plot holes and criticisms in your stories.

Enjoy!Think you’ve figured out all the narrative plot holes in Westworld? Apparently, so does this coder. He went over the show with a fine-toothed comb, and found a bunch of inconsistencies or just plain oddities.

I guess if you google episode by episode, it’s kind of fun to look at how they were figuring things out as they were filming.So you want to write a story with a plot hole? Then you want to hear what the critics and plot holes might be.

Character Plot Holes & How To Fix Them

Character Plot Holes and How to Fix Them is a book written by author Robert J. Nemiroff who also runs The Screenplay Assessment service .

Both his company and his book provide aspiring storytellers with the tools they need to create more complex and interesting characters, interesting plot structures and narrative styles which go beyond the same tired cliches of Hollywood plots.There is no character more compelling than one with a dark past.

There are many ways to create this for your characters, but not all of them work. This book will teach you how to create and fix the most common problems found when creating character plot holes.

Plot Holes Via Deus Ex Machina Plot Holes Via Deus Ex Machina: or How to fix that irreparable plot hole, the ultimate “get out of jail free” card for when things get really messy in your novel, using both standard story-fillers and world-building loopholes.So you’ve written a masterpiece of a novel.

It has it all- well-developed characters, interesting plot twists, a cohesive arc for the main character. Only one problem: It’s missing something- Deus Ex Machina.

Everyone knows a story must have an element of surprise in it or else it won’t be interesting. You’ve read this book and you know what I’m talking about. Plot holes suck, but they are all too common even in professionally sold novels.

Don’t worry, my friend; your time has come. This book is filled with tools that will let you become an ace writer with but a moment’s preparation time!Have you ever read a book that failed to pass the logic test? How frustrating it is! But you can use this guide to the creation of plot holes to make the stories you write or books you read better.

Learn how to spot them before they sabotage your story and keep them from making readers frustrated.