Production coordinators are responsible for planning the shooting of a film or television program. In the pre-production phase, they are responsible for designing the budget and schedule for a show.

During production, they oversee day-to-day logistics, hiring crew members and extras, managing set construction and supervising activities on set.

They also act as troubleshooters — if a scene or sequence is having problems on set, they’re the ones who step in to solve them.

During post-production, they work with editors to make sure that the final product adheres to schedules and budgets.


production coordinator

What Is a production coordinator?

A production coordinator is a person who coordinates all the tasks that need to be done in order for a film or television program to be made.

They ensure that the show’s budget is followed, that people are paid and that everything is done in a timely manner.

As many as 30 crew members may work on any given episode of a television series. The production coordinator keeps track of all these people and their needs and makes sure they’re met.

Production coordinators arrange for everything from meals and transportation to equipment rentals and permits.

They also deal with the show’s budget and schedule, which includes keeping track of time sheets and overtime hours.



Their responsibilities also include handling paperwork such as employment applications and tax forms.

Production coordinators have to be able to work well with other people, both inside the industry and out.

This means they have to be organized, friendly and tactful when dealing with stressful situations. TV shows are often filmed on location, so production coordinators must be able to deal well with whatever problems arise at the site.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that approximately 26,000 people worked as production coordinators in 2010. They were employed by all types of companies, including television networks, movie studios, and the advertising industry.

When hiring a production coordinator, a producer will be looking for someone who can manage multiple tasks simultaneously while keeping an eye on details.

Coordinators need to be organized, have strong communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with all levels of crew staff.

They have to have good people skills and be able to “read” people in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Coordinators should also have some knowledge of how each department operates so that they can effectively manage each one.

What Is A Production Coordinator?

Production coordinators often start out as interns or assistants before moving up into more prominent roles. Many work their way up through the stages of film production — working as an intern in various departments before becoming an assistant director.


The film coordinator is an important member of any film production crew. Their main responsibility is to coordinate and oversee the various members of the crew, including the director and other key players.

The film coordinator works closely with the Director of Photography (DP), who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of cinematography. In fact, many coordinators work directly under the supervision of the DP, suggesting technical details and making sure that each shot is captured as intended by the director.

Duties * Technical details: The film coordinator must make sure that any required technical details are properly addressed, in consultation with the DP. This includes specifying camera lenses, lighting equipment, camera movement and so on. * Crew management: The coordinator is responsible for overseeing the crew, keeping track of their day-to-day schedules and making sure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be at any given time. Any concerns or issues with specific crew members should be reported to the Director or producer immediately.

* Equipment management: Each shot may require specific equipment, including cameras, lighting gear and props. The film coordinator must ensure that all necessary gear is ready and in good working order before filming begins. *

Location management: Much of filmmaking takes place on location; this means coordinating with local officials and property owners to ensure that.

The film coordinator is responsible in part for all the elements of a production such as, but not limited to the following:

The film coordinator is responsible for the blocking and scheduling of the cast and crew on set. The film coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all actors are present on set at the designated time and know their lines.

The film coordinator is responsible for interfacing with the director and/or producer to make sure that any changes in shooting schedule or new information is communicated to each actor. The film coordinator is also responsible for keeping track of all of the actor’s call times, schedules, wardrobe, makeup, etc.

The film coordinator also manages the talent agency relationship and will “package” talent (meaning they will contact agencies and secure talent) for various projects.

The film coordinator works with accounting to keep track of all expenditures on a production either through line items or by creating spreadsheets to track spending.

The film coordinator keeps track of all paperwork related to payroll, contracts, talent releases and legal documents.

The film coordinator handles travel arrangements for the cast and crew (on location). They ensure that adequate lodging and transportation has been secured. The film coordinator works with the director or producer to manage on-set wardrobe and craft service.

Film Production Coordinator Job Description

Film Production Coordinator Job Description A film production coordinator is responsible for helping out the film producer in all aspects of production, including but not limited to talent relations, budgeting, and scheduling.

Job duties may include:* Helping to develop the script by attending meetings with writers to take notes and make recommendations* Working on an as-needed basis with the director to help set up shots and make sure they are being executed correctly* Coordinating with other departments such as special effects, wardrobe and stunts to make sure all of their needs are taken care of on set* Managing the budget for a movie set so that it does not go over budget*

Managing the schedule for a movie set so that it does not run behind schedule* Making sure everything is running smoothly on the set by managing any problems that occur between cast or crew members* Keeping track of all of the expenses incurred during a film’s production to ensure costs are kept under control* Handling other responsibilities that come up during production.

Education/Training Requirements:A high school diploma or GED is generally required, though some college courses in production management or theater arts can be helpful as well.

Many aspiring coordinators also complete internships while in school. Employment Outlook and Salary:According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A Film Production Coordinator has to perform a wide variety of tasks, which are all focused on the filming process and making sure it runs smoothly.

This is no small task, as there are many people involved in a shoot and each one must be aware of what’s going on and act accordingly. The Production Coordinator must also be thorough in his or her own work so that the production goes off without any big issues.

Description:A Film Production Coordinator (sometimes known as a Production Assistant) is a member of the film crew who works for the benefit of the entire film-making process. His or her main responsibility is to coordinate all aspects of the shoot, from hiring extras to lining up catering and other supplies needed for the cast and crew.

Tasks:Here are some typical duties of a Film Production Coordinator (in addition to keeping track of budgets, schedules, and other aspects of the production):

Hiring crew members Hiring people you need to carry out your production, such as security guards or extras; often this means dealing with an agency that hires out extras

Taking care of permits Assembling paperwork required by local authorities before you can start filming; this may include getting police clearance if you’ll be shooting in a public place.

Where To Look For Film Production Coordinator Jobs

Where to look for film production coordinator jobs can be challenging if you already have a job, but if you are unemployed it isn’t as hard because production companies are always needing help.

Plus there are many freelance opportunities available with different websites that can provide you with more than one job opportunity. To find these sites, simply go online and search Film Production Coordinator Jobs under the employment section. You will get many results back and you can apply for each of them.

The first place to look for jobs is obviously going to be in the entertainment industry, where there are always plenty of film production coordinator jobs because productions need coordinators on set to keep everything running smoothly from day to day. You can also find work looking for jobs in other areas such as post-production or even editing.

These jobs tend to have less competition because people usually make connections within their own industry first before looking elsewhere.

Other places where you can find film production coordinator jobs include job boards such as Craigslist and Monster or simply going directly to companies that you think would be a good fit for your skills and experience.

It’s important to remember that film production coordinator jobs aren’t just limited to big studios like Warner Bros or Disney, but also smaller organizations as well, so don’t rule out anything until you’ve done.

Film Production Coordinator Responsibilities

Film Production Coordinator Responsibilities – A film production coordinator is a member of the film crew who works with the director, the line producer and the assistant director. The film production coordinator performs various administrative tasks to help ensure that filming goes smoothly, including gathering props, scheduling actors and keeping track of insurance information.

He also helps to keep everyone on schedule by making sure that cast members and crew are prepared before each scene.

Description:Film Production Coordinator Job Description -The film production coordinator helps keep a movie or television show on time and on budget by overseeing production schedules and making sure that everything is set up before each scene takes place. He also keeps track of continuity in scenes that are shot out of order.

Job Duties – Film Production Coordinator Responsibilities

Schedule and coordinate the arrival of equipment, material and personnel for all filming sessions.

Keep track of equipment inventory and maintain a database for easy reference for all items purchased for use in shooting.

Ensure all necessary permits are obtained before filming begins.

Directs workers who set up scenes or take down equipment after shooting has ended for the day.

Make arrangements with vendors to provide food or other services during long shoots where meals will be needed.

Review expense reports submitted by department heads at the end of each week.

Film Production Coordinator Requirements

There are many different types of film production coordinator responsibilities, but the main focus of a film production coordinator is to facilitate the work of all the other crew members in the production department.

A good film production coordinator is able to adapt quickly to changing situations, and be flexible when things don’t go as planned.

Tasks of the Film Production Coordinator

The tasks that a film production coordinator must perform include:

Organizing the schedule. The film production coordinator is responsible for working with the director to create a daily shooting schedule and make sure that it is as efficient as possible. This can be complicated because every day will have its own unique challenges, including weather or equipment problems.

The film production coordinator’s job is to ensure that these potential problems do not affect the schedule with delays or oversights.

Dealing with on-set issues. When problems arise during shooting, it is often the responsibility of the film production coordinator to solve them. This can involve communicating with technicians about technical problems, discussing proposed solutions with producers and directors, and implementing these solutions in a timely manner.

Film Production Assistant Job Description

If you love to be on location, have an eye for cinematic details, and have a knack for keeping things organized, then you may find yourself in the right place. As a film production assistant, you will take care of many of the day-to-day details that keep a production running smoothly. You will handle everything from fetching coffee to handling props and ensuring continuity.

Here is an idea of what you can expect to do as a Film Production Assistant:

There are many different job titles within the film industry, including Film Production Assistant. Sometimes the job title is Company Production Assistant or Unit Production Assistant. A film production assistant (or P.A.) works on set during filming to help with whatever needs to be done at any given time.

They are responsible for anything from fetching wardrobe items, assisting actors with wardrobe/makeup issues, organizing craft service, making copies & coffee runs and handling props and other items needed by the director & crew.

The company production assistant is almost always scheduled on set during filming hours. PAs are usually paid hourly and their job descriptions vary widely depending on what type of film they are working on. Some tasks may include managing the office supply inventory; ordering food for craft services; travel arrangements; cleaning up after filming; maintaining.

Film Producer Job Description

Film producer is a job that is all about the creativity. It requires an individual to be innovative and strategic in his approach to film making and other related areas. A Film Producer is responsible for managing a number of aspects of a film production, like financing, producing, and distribution.

A film producer has different responsibilities which include:

Functions as a creative director – A film producer is really the creative director of the team. He or she makes sure that everything is delivered on time and within budget. He or she takes care of the scheduling and plans out the shooting schedule in detail.

Negotiate contracts – A film producer oversees negotiation of contract with distributors, sales agents, talent agencies, musicians, writers and others involved in production.

Planning – The film producer plans for every aspect of the production from inception to completion including film crew selection, script evaluation and distribution after filming as well as post production work such as editing

Production-related activities – Apart from planning everything from the pre-production to post-production stages, he or she also directs workers on set during filming. He or she will supervise set construction, costume design and more.

Marketing activities – The film producer also promotes his movie through various marketing strategies like branding and advertising campaigns as well.

Film Stage Manager Job Description

Film Stage Manager Job Description

A stage manager is needed for several different types of productions. They manage the blocking and movement of talent, crew and equipment during a shoot to ensure that everything is captured on film.

The stage manager is responsible for ensuring that everyone is in place before the director calls “action.” The director relies on the stage manager’s notes and reports to help him or her maintain accuracy throughout the shoot.The stage manager also handles any potential disruptions, such as off-script remarks by actors, retakes and any other issues that could throw off the rhythm of a successful shoot.

Description:Film Stage Manager Job Responsibilities

A Film Stage Manager assists with filming by keeping track of time and making sure that the film is running smoothly and according to schedule. The film stage manager coordinates with cast, crew and extras to make sure they are all ready before starting each scene.

The film stage manager also maintains a detailed record of every take and every interruption so it can be reviewed later.

Description:Film Stage Manager Skills

The most important skill for a Film Stage Manager is their organizational skills. They need to keep detailed notes about each scene and maintain a schedule for filming. A Film Stage Manager needs to be organized enough to see that everything goes smoothly during an entire shoot.

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Film Production Coordinator Salary

A film production coordinator salary can be anywhere from $30,000 to $90,000 annually. These professionals must have a wide variety of skills and knowledge, which can require additional education and experience.

Production coordinators typically work long hours on set, including nights and weekends. Also, their duties might shift depending on the needs of the production. In some cases, they may even act as the location scout for a project.

Description:Film production is a high-pressure job that requires years of training and experience to perfect. The film production coordinator salary reflects this kind of expertise, but if you’re interested in learning more about this field, there are many entry-level positions available that don’t require an advanced degree.

Working as a Film Production Coordinator

A film production coordinator salary depends on the type of work you do in this field. Some responsibilities may include supervising all aspects of the budget, hiring crew members and overseeing daily operations on set.

On smaller productions, these duties are handled by one person; however, larger productions often employ several people who specialize in various areas (e.g., the art department). Most coordinators start out in entry-level positions and gain experience through internships or working as an assistant to more experienced professionals.

Film production coordinators help out on movie sets. They make sure the cast and crew are where they need to be at the right time, and that everything is in place for a particular shot. A film production coordinator must be able to manage people, as well as details—a job that requires attention to detail.

Many also take on some of the duties of a film location scout, so they must have a good sense of what scenes will work well in particular locations.

Description:Film Production Coordinator Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported the average annual salary for film directors was $63,400 as of May 2011. The lowest-paid 10 percent made less than $26,400 annually, while the top 25 percent earned more than $101,000 per year. found a typical annual salary for a film production coordinator was $44,000 as of 2011.

The national average for film production assistants was about $32,000 annually at that time.

Find Film Production Coordinator Jobs

There are many places to find Film Production Coordinator Jobs. There is not really a popular place to find these jobs because they are not that common. Film Production Coordinator Jobs can be found in different ways.

You can get them from an employment agency or directly from a company that is looking for employees. They can also be found on job sites or even in the newspaper.

The best way to find Film Production Coordinator Jobs is by finding them online as this will give you access to more companies than you would find if you just kept applying for jobs in your local area.

The internet allows you access to all companies that are looking for employees. This means that you will get more offers and therefore more chances of getting the job you want.