High concept is a term used to describe a film’s overall plot. It’s the central idea, or theme, of the movie, and it can be anything from a simple story about real life to something that’s more far-fetched and unrealistic.

The problem with high concept is that it doesn’t always work out in practice. So what exactly should you look for when choosing a film with a high concept? Here are some tips:

Make sure the concept is believable.

If you have no idea how something works or why it happens, then it won’t be believable at all. The same goes for something that seems completely ridiculous or unbelievable.


High Concept In Film

What Is High Concept In Film?

High concept movies are movies that have a very clear and simple premise, so that the audience knows what they are in for from the beginning.

In addition to this, they are also usually more action-oriented than other films and tend to be set in a futuristic world.

The main reason why high concept movies are so popular is because they allow audiences to understand exactly what they will get out of it right from the start.

This is because there are no confusing elements or subplots, which makes it easier for people to decide if they want to watch the film or not.



You need to see how everything fits together before you decide if it will make sense or not.

2) Don’t choose a film with too many characters or events because this will cause confusion for viewers and make them lose interest quickly. Make sure there’s only one main character and his goal must be clear from the beginning so that he can’t be distracted by anything else happening in the story (or vice versa).

High Concept Characteristics

 High Concept is a term used by game designers to describe the core elements of a character’s story and personality. A high concept is an idea that can draw people in and become memorable.

High concepts have interesting quirks or details that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A high concept character is someone who has something that makes them unique, interesting, and memorable. High Concept Characters are often characters with a special talent or ability that sets them apart from others in their world.

They may also be characters who are different from other characters in their setting because they are different from everyone else.

If you want to write a great high concept character, here are some tips for making your character stand out from the rest of the crowd:


Make sure your character has a unique trait or power that separates them from other characters in their world (or at least makes them stand out). This could be something as simple as being able to see into the future or having superpowers like X-ray vision or super strength.

It can also be something more complex like being able to talk with animals telepathically or having magical powers like telekinesis or magic.

What High Concept In Film Is NOT

 So you’ve got your high concept film. You’ve got a great script, you’ve got a great cast and you’re ready to go. But before you get started, there are some things that you need to know.

1) What’s High Concept?

High concept refers to a film that deals with a single idea or theme. It can be an idea as simple as “what if the world was run by monkeys?” or as complex as “how do I take over the world?” It’s all about getting your audience hooked on one thing: the characters and their journey.

2) What’s NOT High Concept?

High concept doesn’t mean that there has to be something new or different in your story. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be funny or touching or sad – it just means that it focuses on one idea that needs no introduction and takes no time to explain itself (like what was said above).

High Concept Meaning In Film

 Many movies have a high concept meaning. This means that the film’s concept or premise is so unique and original that it stands out from other films. A typical example of this would be to compare The Dark Knight with every other superhero movie out there.

High Concept Meaning In Film

In order to understand the concept behind a movie, it’s important to know what its high concept means. The concept is defined as the first impression or visual representation of a story.

For example, if you were thinking about watching a comedy movie and saw a poster for it that said “A man wakes up with amnesia and doesn’t know why he can’t remember anything,” then you would have an idea of what type of movie you were going to watch based on just this one sentence alone!


The high concept meaning in film is what makes it unique from other films and sets it apart from other stories that may be similar to it.

If you wanted to find out more about any particular film, then the first thing that you would need to do is look at its high concept meaning in film so that you could determine whether or not this was something that interested you further before deciding whether or not to watch it!

How To Know If Your Film Idea Is High Concept

 High concept is a film’s idea or concept that makes it unique to other films in the same genre. It’s not necessarily high quality, but its uniqueness can help you get funding.

High concept films can be hard to get made because they require more than just a great script and good acting. They also need a lot of money, which is why high concept films are often high budget.

Here are five signs that your movie idea is high concept:

1) The story revolves around something that’s new and exciting to audiences (like vampires or zombies)

2) The main character has an unusual trait or personality trait that makes them stand out from others (e.g., an alcoholic detective or someone who loves comic books)

3) There will be at least three main characters who each have their own story line going on throughout the film (this allows for more opportunities for character development and arcs)


4) Your film will take place in an exotic location (like outer space or underwater)

5) Your film will have some element of horror or drama in it

Distinguishing High- And Low-Concept Films

 High-concept films are those that are based on a simple idea. They don’t try to be anything more than the idea. They are, in effect, cars without wheels.

Low-concept films, by contrast, often have multiple ideas at play at once. A movie like The Big Lebowski (1998), for example, is about the complexities of friendship and mistaken identity — but it’s also about bowling and beer.

The difference between a high-concept film and a low-concept film can be subtle — but it can also be profound. High-concept films tend to be cheap (in cost or budget), quick and easy to make (meaning you don’t need much time or money), and limited in scope (only one story).

Low-concept films typically cost more money than high-concept films because they require more sets and special effects; they’re also long and complex, which means they require more time and resources to produce; they’re also designed to tell several stories at once (for example, The Big Lebowski has four different storylines going on simultaneously).

High Concept Movies

 High concept movies are a great way to get people talking. If you make a movie that’s high concept, it means that it has one central idea and that everything else is built around it.

What Is A High Concept Movie?

A high concept movie is one with an idea at its center. The idea can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but the key thing is that the story revolves around this central theme.

Why Do You Need A High Concept Movie?

High concept movies are fun and easy to create because they don’t require much in the way of special effects, acting skills, or even writing talent. All you really need is some imagination and an understanding of how stories work.

How Do You Make A High Concept Movie?

You don’t have to be an expert writer or director to make a high concept movie; all you need is a good idea and some creativity!

High Concept Film Examples

High concept films are a unique beast. They can be seen as either low or high concept depending on your definition of the style. High concept films are often characterized by their simple plot and characters, though they also have a tendency to have more complex thematic elements.

The most common example of this is the buddy cop film, which has become a staple of Hollywood blockbusters for decades. These films typically follow two men who get into trouble and must work together to get out of it. The buddy cop formula has been used so many times that it’s easy to see why producers would want to take it in different directions from time to time.

More recently, high concept films have been getting more experimental with their narratives, exploring themes like identity and mortality in unique ways that aren’t always easy for audiences to understand.

High Concept In Film – Wrap Up

What is a high concept movie?


A high concept movie is a type of film that is based on a simple idea. This idea can be as simple as “the world’s greatest thief steals an ancient artifact,” or it could be something more complicated like “a young girl falls in love with her best friend and then he disappears without a trace.”

The main thing about high concepts is that they are easy to understand and explain to audiences. They don’t require much explanation and they always start with one clear main idea.

High concept films are also known as limited or restricted stories because they only have one main character who has to complete the story.

These types of movies tend to have small casts and crews, which makes it easier for directors to tell their stories because they know exactly who needs to deliver their lines and where they should be standing on set at any given time.