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  • Are you a professional, or semi-pro filmmaker or videographer with something to share?
  • Are you interested in helping others to improve their filmmaking?
  • Have you got a review of a camera, lens, or other piece of gear?

If so, we’d love to feature one or more of your filmmaking tips here on Filmmaking Lifestyle.

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • 100% original content. This means it must be written by you and must pass a ‘unique content’ test.
  • Must not be available anywhere else.
  • Minimum 1000 words (more the better).

As you know, we post articles about:

  • Filmmaking
  • Video production
  • The business side of filmmaking and video production
  • and more.

If you’d like to write a post about one of these topics (or related subjects), we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s an example of a great guest article we recently posted: The Future of Indie Films: Direct Distribution and Keeping Your Rights.

How to submit an article

Send your ideas to us – Submit your tips or tutorial ideas via email with our Contact form below. Just send us the idea for your article and we’ll be in touch as to whether we think we can use it on the blog or not.

Please note: While we’d love to use everyone’s submissions, we cannot guarantee to do so due to the large numbers of submissions and because we want to keep the quality high. If you’re unsure on whether a tip will be suitable for the site and want to check, please feel free to contact us with the idea, or an outline of your article, and we’ll let you know if we think we can use it.

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