In the past few years, corporate event videos have evolved from dull and predictable talking heads to more dynamic and thought-provoking stories.

According to recent research, these videos are quite effective in increasing engagement with new hires, retention of valuable employees, and improving productivity.

Best Company Culture Videos

What Are company culture videos?

Company culture videos are a fantastic tool for promoting your company, increasing engagement and sharing your company vision. They’re essentially a type of marketing video that show the fun side of your company.

They’re commonly used to promote internships and entry-level positions within a business, but they can also be used to promote your business as a whole.



Your tone and emotion should match the subject matter of your video. If you’re trying to create a professional and corporate feel then you should use a sober narrator who is clearly explaining what is happening in the video.

On the other hand, if you want to create something more lighthearted and fun then it’s fine to let some humor into your video.

You should however still keep your video on-brand with your product or service offering; humor which has nothing to do with your core business will be confusing to viewers.

When it comes to emotion, try and keep things positive. If you want people to have good feelings about your brand then make sure that’s what they take away from watching your video.

What Are Company Culture Videos?

Google began posting “Google Stories” – short videos in which a Google employee would tell their personal story and talk about why they use Google products – on YouTube.

The official blog post introducing the series of videos explained that they were intended to show how different people use Google’s products to get things done.

Other companies, educational organizations, charities, and individuals had begun producing short video clips demonstrating how they are using technology.

Why do 95% of customers who quit their cable service return within the next 6 months? It’s because customer service is terrible.

It’s too bad too, because millions of Americans don’t have a choice in their service provider. Why? Because most people live in areas with only one or two cable companies to begin with.

Company Culture Videos Gone Wrong

Company culture videos can have a big impact, but many companies don’t get it right. These videos typically fall short by talking at employees, or worse yet, talking down to them.

To see some examples of company culture videos gone wrong, take a look at the mashup above.You know how to create a company culture video, right? You pull out the camera and just let your employees do their thing.

Sometimes it turns out great—you have all these shots of employees doing their actual jobs! Sometimes it doesn’t work quite so well—you end up with video clips of people who aren’t even working for you asking for your money, or maybe that’s just us.

Have you seen our company videos gone wrong? We have a collection of amusing and notable company videos, in which companies try but fail to portray the right company culture. The videos include F|A|S|T DRYWALL INC., DELTA AIR LINES, and SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS.

Making A Great Company Video

We know that making a video can be a lot of work. Business videos can be expensive and time-consuming to produce, but we view this as a partnership with our clients.

We work as a team and your input is critical to make sure that the final product meets your goals.Our goal is to make sure that we take the load off your shoulders, so you can spend more time getting back to running your business.

We believe in capturing high-quality content that hit on all the key points of a client’s brand. We call this “The Golden Triangle.” It boils down to Quality,Relevance, and Substance. 

At Big Envy Media, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients get high-quality video and customer service that goes above and beyond.

Since 2008 we have been helping businesses increase their bottom line by producing and editing engaging video content for virtually any marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring talking head piece or an explainer video that helps viewers understand your product or service – we’ve got it covered!

Why Make A Company Culture Video?

There are plenty of benefits to making your company culture video. For one thing, it’s pretty straightforward.

All you really need is a camera, a team of employees, and some time. It also provides a great tool for promoting your company’s culture outside the organization.

As you’re designing your video, try to keep it short, clean, and professional with natural sound. In today’s age of high-quality videos online, many companies turn to YouTube and other sites to promote their goods and services. Make sure you have a link to your video on all of your social media channels.

Why do you want to make a company culture video? What are you hoping to achieve? What new ideas can it bring? How will it affect people’s lives? Also, why did you choose to work with us instead of another company? These are all great questions that can be answered in the above paragraph.It’s not just about the benefits.

It’s about the team and their story. A great video makes a connection, it adds value to your business or profession and tells a story that people want to watch. A team working together is awesome.

The Importance Of Company Culture And Recruitment Videos

Company culture is hard to define though is an important aspect to be considered. Almost every company has a different one, so each is different and unique.

This blog post will talk about the importance of company culture and how the way recruitment videos present company culture can affect the potential employee’s choice. In order to attract the right people, it is essential to have a vision of how a startup culture will be formed  then implement ways of keeping that culture at the forefront of the company.

Its no secret that the technology industry is growing and changing daily with new ideas and new structures.To get ahead, you need to continue building relationships with those who share your vision and keep your video production company modern and fresh.

We want them to buy into the company culture as if they were born with it. This video shows the importance of company culture from the candidate’s viewpoint.

What Makes For Great Company Culture Video?

What makes a company culture video great is that it’s authentic whereyou can see the employees themselves interacting with one another. The video footage is professionally shot whereyou can see the happy employees without any distracting lights or video glitches.

It’s also easy to follow and has memorable music (note how catchy the music in the Red Bull video below is–that’s done on purpose). Overall, you watch the video and think, “I bet they have a lot of fun at that company!”

High-quality videos build reciprocity, a sense of community, and the perception of closeness-to-leader in employees. Employees who feel close to their leaders are more open to their influence, more trusting of their ideas and more committed emotionally and more intending to stay.

The ideas in this video include guidelines that you can follow in the creation of your own video. What is a great company culture? Is it about the endless snacks at work? The football table? The ping pong table? Nope.

Great company culture is something far more important than that. It stands for an organization that can tap into the collective energy and capabilities of its people, and use that to drive a focus on shared goals.

Examples Of Amazing Company Culture Videos

You’ve all heard about company culture. For some, it’s a thing of legend, for others something to be fawned over, but no one can truly say what it is.

Until now. In this video we take a look at some of the best articles and videos made on the topic with companies like Google and many others in search of the meaning of company culture.


The people behind the companies in this video have set out to create workplaces that fuel not just their employees’ results, but also their levels of happiness and fulfillment. They see this as a win-win for their businesses and for the world, since happy employees are productive workers and well-meaning business leaders who make sustainable long-term decisions.

HireVue Senior Director of Global Learning, Leah Belsky, gives insight into HireVues beautiful and inspiring culture.Here, she shares an example of the companys positive, inclusive, family-like culture and what it’s like to work for HireVue.

A Very Different Company Culture Story’s Tony Hsieh has strong beliefs about having a great company culture that revolve around the values of trust, communication, fun, and teamwork. This is despite the fact that he was not a believer in the concept of company culture while he was starting

Indeed he thought it to be a myth and even an absurd idea. He soon came to realize that having a great company culture was a vital part of his business, especially as his company and its employees grew over time.

Here Steve recounts how he changed his mind in regards to wanting and needing to have a great company culture. For the first twelve years of our business, we had no choice but to do whatever it took to grow the business — taking on customers and projects that may not have been ideal for us in order to survive. In 2007, we realized that if we wanted to become a truly great company, we needed to change our approach from one of growth at any cost to one where we invested more deeply in the people and processes that contributed directly to the quality and impact of our work.

Company Culture Videos For Sales And Marketing Emails

Culture videos are all the rage, and for good reason: they can be a highly effective way to establish your company’s ethos, attract and retain talented employees, and get sales & marketing emails read.But how do you make one? We’ll show you how to shoot off-the-cuff videos that capture the essence of your company.

Treat your video like a family photo album: no need to stage things or plan ahead, just be spontaneous and let it flow. Find a space. Make sure it’s a comfortable one- there’s nothing worse than shooting an interview in an office with fluorescent lighting and hard chairs.

Set up the camera. Don’t have a tripod? No problem! Use an empty water bottle (or anything else that weighs about 3 lbs) as a makeshift stand for your camera. Make sure it’s steady!

Start filming! Ask questions that will get your subject talking about their day-to-day activities, their background, what they love about their job, etc. If you’re shooting a “day in the life” type video, this is simple enough.

Holiday Company Culture Videos Company culture videos are a great way to attract new employees and show your current employees the true spirit of your business. Treat your employees well and they will treat your customers well.

Telling the story of how you started business, who your target audience is, what makes you different from the competition, what was accomplished last year and how many people were employed. All of these are good topics for a holiday company culture video.

Creating a holiday company culture video is easy if you have the right tools. Using Animoto, you can create professional looking videos in minutes! You can upload images, text and music to create a professional looking video that gets viewers excited about working with your company.

With free templates and images, you don’t have to be a designer to make a professional looking video. Animoto has more than 3 million users around the world who have created over 100 million videos! Create beautiful company culture videos for all kinds of events including family reunions, sports team announcements, wedding invitations and more!

Use Animoto today to create holiday company culture videos that will get everyone excited about working.

About Page Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are a booming trend in the business world but it can be difficult to determine what works best for you. We’ve compiled a list of 10 companies that have created successful company culture videos to help you learn from their successes and mistakes.

Once you’ve finished reading the list, be sure to check out our own company culture video! Description: Hotjar is a customer feedback and website analysis tool that gives you insight into what your users think is great or not so great about your website.

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Description: Salesforce is a cloud computing company that provides CRM software as a service.

Workplace Company Culture Videos

Businesses are becoming aware of the importance of workplace culture videos. These videos are being used to promote a business, to attract talent and to raise awareness about the brand.

Others are using the videos as a way to boost retention within their business. In a recent study, it was shown that 31% of employees would stay with a company longer if they felt like they were part of a great team or community and another 28% said that they would stay with their company if they felt like they had opportunities for growth.

We have selected five types of video content that we feel are best when it comes to promoting your company culture: Show your product

Take some time out and let your employees walk around with a camera, either on an iPad or DSLR, and just film them doing their jobs. It feels good to be seen and you’ll see how much fun it is for your employees to be on camera.

Also, don’t worry about having everything perfect! If you can get the general idea of what you want people to see, then do it! Just remember though, if you’re trying to show off your office space (if it’s nice) make sure it is also clean!

How To Create Captivating Company Culture Videos

As one of the most integral parts of your marketing plan, how you promote your company culture is crucial. Employees and candidates alike want to know a little more about the people they’ll be working with or for.

The best way to entice people to work for your team is by showing them your company culture videos. Your company’s culture is what makes it unique and different from other companies. It’s what sets you apart from the rest and it’s important that each employee has a sense of what makes your culture so great.

By creating company culture videos, you can show everyone what being part of your team means.

Step 1: Set Up Your Company Culture Video

Creating an effective company culture video isn’t as hard as you might think. All you really need is a camera and a storyboard with some ideas of what you want to include in the video.

Step 2: Set Up Your Camera

Whether you use a smartphone or professional equipment doesn’t really matter, but there are some things to keep in mind when setting up your camera. Make sure there’s plenty of lighting and that it’s placed at eye level so that viewers see the action clearly. If possible, put the camera on a tripod or place it on something sturdy so that it doesn’t move.