Shooting in 4K is like capturing life with a crystal-clear lens, but without the right memory card, it’s like trying to pour an ocean into a cup.

We’ve all hit that dreaded storage full message, right when the perfect shot unfolds.

That’s why we’re diving into the world of high-capacity memory cards that’ll keep up with your 4K video needs.

Don’t let a lack of space cut your creativity short; we’ve got the scoop on the best cards that’ll handle your high-res adventures.

Best High-Capacity Memory Cards For 4K Video

Let’s take a look at some of the top high-capacity memory cards for 4K video.

1. Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card, 512GB

When diving into the details of the SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I 512GB, it’s evident that it stands out as a formidable companion for 4K video capture.

This card isn’t just about capacity – it’s the reliability and speed that grab attention.

The card offers transfer speeds of up to 170 MB/s which means we can move our large 4K files to our computers rapidly.

With write speeds of up to 90 MB/s, continuous shooting is as seamless as it gets.

Built to withstand harsh conditions, this SD card is temperature-proof, waterproof, shockproof, and x-ray-proof.

Our adventures might take a toll on us, but our data remains secure.

Here are some critical features:

  • Read Speed – up to 170 MB/s,
  • Write Speed – up to 90 MB/s,
  • UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30) ratings for seamless 4K video recording,
  • Capacity – 512GB for extended shoots without the constant need to swap cards,
  • Durability – reinforced against the elements.

The U3 and V30 ratings ensure that video capture is smooth with minimal risk of frame drops or corruption.

When the pressure’s on to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment, this card keeps up.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, we’re investing in peace of mind knowing that SanDisk stands behind their Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I card’s performance and durability.


This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in preserving our most vivid memories.

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Card - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, SD Card - SDSDXXD-512G-GN4IN, Dark gray/Black
  • Save time with card offload speeds of up to 200MB/s powered by SanDisk QuickFlow Technology (Up to...
  • Pair with the SanDisk Professional PRO-READER SD and microSD to achieve maximum speeds (sold...
  • Shot speeds up to 140MB/s (Write speed up to 140MB/s. Based on internal testing; performance may be...
  • Perfect for shooting 4K UHD video and sequential burst mode photography (Full HD (1920x1080) and 4K...
  • UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30) (UHS Speed Class 3 designates a performance...

2. Lexar Professional 2000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II Card

When diving into the world of high-capacity memory cards for 4K video, the Lexar Professional 2000x SDXC UHS-II Card stands out.

Our exploration reveals that with a staggering 128GB of storage, this tech marvel is crafted for the professionals in mind.

Speed is a top priority for us video enthusiasts.

This card asserts itself with astonishing maximum read speeds of up to 300MB/s and write speeds up to 260MB/s, ensuring that large files transfer swiftly and efficiently.

Working with 4K video files demands a robust and reliable card.

The Lexar Professional 2000x boasts a UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 60 (V60) rating – benchmarks known for optimal video capture.

Here are some additional strengths of this card:

  • Dedicated to delivering end-to-end strength in our workflow,
  • Backwards compatible with UHS-I devices, broadening its versatility,
  • Includes a downloadable version of Image Rescue software for peace of mind.

Considering the importance of file safety and recovery, we’re reassured by the addition of software to potentially salvage lost files.

This complements the card’s penchant for safekeeping our most precious 4K footage.

Handling our large, high-quality video files also demands durability, and the Lexar Professional 2000x doesn’t disappoint.

It’s tested and proven to withstand tough conditions, which is essential when we’re out in the field.

Lexar 128GB Professional 2000x SDXC Memory Card, UHS-II, C10, U3, V90, Full-HD & 8K Video, Up To 300MB/s Read, for DSLR, Cinema-Quality Video Cameras (LSD2000128G-BNNNU)
  • High-speed performance—leverages UHS-II technology (U3) for a read transfer speed up to 300MB/s
  • Captures high-quality images and extended lengths of Full-HD and cinema-quality 8K video
  • Backwards compatible with UHS-I devices
  • Designed for durability
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. Sony TOUGH-G Series SDXC UHS-II Card 128GB

Exploring further into the roster of top-performing memory cards, we find the Sony TOUGH-G series SDXC UHS-II Card.

Boasting 128GB of storage, this card is engineered to support the high data rates required for 4K video recording.

This card stands out with its robust design.


Its toughness is no mere marketing hype – the cards offer features that truly set them apart:

  • Bend resistance that’s 18 times stronger than standard SD cards,
  • Protection from water, dust, and other environmental factors.

Sony’s TOUGH-G series cards also deliver exceptional speed.

They achieve lightning-fast read speeds of up to 300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 299 MB/s.

Such speeds ensure that video creators won’t experience lag or delay when capturing or transferring large video files.

Also, each card is equipped with file rescue software.

This is an invaluable tool for professionals who can’t afford to lose their precious footage to a corrupted card.

The reliability of the Sony TOUGH-G series is further endorsed by the ratings that accompany these cards.

Each card is V90 and U3 classified, indicative of their suitability for sustained video capture without drop frames.

To make these cards even more appealing, they offer a feature that is highly appreciated by field professionals: the ability to download data at breakneck speeds.

This is particularly beneficial when deadlines are tight, and there’s a need to edit and deliver high-resolution footage promptly.


Beyond speed and durability, the Sony TOUGH-G series shows its commitment to the future of technology.

These cards are ready for the upcoming generations of advanced cameras and high-resolution formats, ensuring a long-term investment for users who demand the best.

Our journey through the top-tier memory cards for 4K video capture has introduced us to products that combine speed, capacity, and durability.

The Sony TOUGH-G series exemplifies these qualities and stands as a solid option for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Sony TOUGH-G series SDXC UHS-II Card 128GB, V90, CL10, U3, Max R300MB/S, W299MB/S (SF-G128T/T1)
  • Tough specs: world's first one-piece molded construction with high hardness materials have resulted...
  • Ribless, no write protection switch design: world's first ribless, no write protection switch...
  • Fast file transfer: up to 300 MB/s transfer speed and up to 299MB/s write speed 3. Uhs-ii, Class 10,...
  • Highest level Waterproof (ipx8*5) & dustproof (ip6x*5): completely sealed with monolithic structure,...
  • Backward compatible with UHS-I compatible equipment: while highest performance is obtained using a...

4. Prograde Digital SDXC UHS-II V90 256GB Card

ProGrade Digital has established itself as a key player in the memory card industry with their SDXC UHS-II V90 256GB card.

We’ve found that this card raises the bar for 4K video capabilities, providing filmmakers and photographers with the reliability they need.

The ProGrade Digital card excels in speed and efficiency – a must-have for uninterrupted 4K video recording.

It boasts maximum read speeds of up to 300 MB/s, and write speeds of up to 250 MB/s, ensuring quick file transfers and efficient workflow.

With a storage capacity of 256GB, there’s ample room for extended shooting sessions without the worry of running out of space.

This substantial storage is ideal for recording:

  • Long events,
  • Sports activities,
  • Documentary projects.

Durability is not compromised for size or speed with this ProGrade card.

It’s built to withstand the rigors of professional use including:

  • Temperature extremes,
  • Shock,
  • Vibration.

Also, the card is water-resistant and x-ray proof, making it a trustworthy companion for field photographers and videographers who encounter diverse conditions.

An important feature unique to ProGrade is the refresh tool which helps maintain card health and performance over time.

This proactive measure can extend the life of the card, ensuring that our investments are protected.

When it comes to speed, capacity, and durability, the ProGrade Digital SDXC UHS-II V90 256GB card is a contender that fulfills the demands of high resolution 4K video recording.

ProGrade Digital SDXC UHS-II V90 300R Memory Card (256GB)
  • SPEED: 300 MB/s Read, Up to 250MB/s Write, UHS-II, U3 Speed Class
  • UNPARALLELED QUALITY: Rigorous 100% card testing for highest quality assurance. Serialized tracking...
  • COMPATIBILITY: Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Samsung
  • DESIGN: Optimized controller and firmware designed for cinematic cameras, 4K, 8K, RAW, RAW HD ready

5. Angelbird AV Pro SD MK2 V60 256GB

Angelbird’s AV Pro SD MK2 V60 256GB stands as a top-performing memory card catered to the evolving demands of 4K content creators.

With a focus on durability and data integrity, this card caters to a niche that requires both speed and reliability.

The essential specs reveal that the AV Pro SD MK2 is more than capable of handling the rigors of 4K video:

  • Maximum read speeds up to 170 MB/s,
  • Write speeds reaching 100 MB/s.

This level of performance ensures that videographers can capture ultra-high-definition footage without the concern of dropped frames or recording hiccups.

Each card is x-ray and magnetic proof, extending its lifespan and safeguarding the data against environmental hazards.

Also, our data is backed by 48-hour replacement service if card failure, underscoring Angelbird’s commitment to professional-grade support.

With features like wear leveling and advanced error correction, the integrity of our videos is never in question.

Angelbird also includes a bevy of multimedia tools that help content management and post-production efforts.

We’re granted access to software that streamlines the data transfer process, making our workflow more efficient.

Built with a solid foundation of V60 speed class performance, the Angelbird AV Pro SD MK2 is indeed tailored for continuous 4K video recording.

It’s an investment for professionals that value precision and endurance in their storage solutions.

Every video shoot is unpredictable, but with Angelbird, we’re confident our gear can keep up.

From scorching deserts to frozen tundras, the AV Pro SD MK2 V60 256GB card remains a reliable companion for our 4K video endeavors.

Angelbird - AV PRO SD V60 MK2-256 GB - SDXC UHS-II Memory Card - Widely Compatible - up to 6K - for High-Res Photography, Continuous Mode Shooting and Light Video Production
  • HIGH-CAPACITY SDXC MEDIA FOR ADVANCED CREATIVE PRODUCTION – ideal for high-resolution photography,...
  • STABLE STREAM TECHNOLOGY - consistent write speed performance of 140 MB/s for smooth, drop-free...
  • ROCK-SOLID BUILD QUALITY - built to withstand operation in extreme production environments. Card...
  • ADDITIONAL DATA SAFETY - integrated Write-Protect Switch prevents accidental file deletion and card...
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY + FREE IN-HOUSE DATA RECOVERY SERVICE - professional data recovery service...

6. PNY Elite Performance 512GB SDXC UHS-I Card

For content creators who need even more storage space without compromising on speed, we find the PNY Elite Performance 512GB SDXC UHS-I card to be an exceptional choice.

It boasts a significant 512GB of storage, which means more footage before the need to swap cards.

The performance specs of this card are ideal for 4K video capture.

Users will benefit from fast transfer speeds of up to 95 MB/s – a must for efficient workflows.

Durability is also a key feature of the PNY Elite Performance card.

We’ve noted its ability to withstand harsh conditions:

  • Water-resistant,
  • Shockproof,
  • Magnet-proof,
  • Temperature-proof.

Also, the card offers reliability which is backed by a limited lifetime warranty giving users peace of mind.

Professionals and hobbyists alike can trust in the long-term performance of their investment.

With user experience in mind, the PNY Elite Performance card also includes software for file recovery, ensuring that valuable footage can potentially be recovered if accidental deletion.

The convenience of this feature shouldn’t be underestimated.

It’s clear that with its combination of capacity, speed, and durability, the PNY Elite Performance 512GB SDXC UHS-I card stands out as a top-tier storage solution.

It’s equipped to handle the demands of high-resolution video files and continuous shooting modes that are synonymous with professional 4K video production.

Navigating through the numerous memory card options available can be daunting but we’re confident in recommending the PNY Elite Performance for those in search of ample storage and performance.

When considering the essentials for a 4K video shooting toolkit, this card certainly makes the shortlist.

PNY 512GB Elite-X Class 10 U3 V30 SDXC Flash Memory Card - 100MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, Full HD, UHS-I, Full Size SD
  • Class 10 U3 V30 speed rating with read speeds up to 100MB/s
  • Class 10 U3 V30 rating delivers speed and performance for burst mode HD photography and 4K Ultra HD...
  • Ideal for photography and videography enthusiasts and for recording and transferring content between...
  • Compatible with point & shoot cameras DSLR cameras standard & Advanced hd-enabled video cameras and...
  • Reliable & Durable: Magnet Proof, Shock Proof, Temperature Proof, Waterproof

7. Kingston Canvas React 256GB SDXC Class 10 SD Memory Card

Following up on the topic of premium storage solutions, let’s talk about the Kingston Canvas React 256GB SDXC.

This Class 10 SD memory card harnesses impressive speeds making it another standout choice for 4K video recording.

We’ve found this card’s performance to be reliably fast.

It delivers UHS-I U3 speeds that are essential for uninterrupted 4K video capture.

With read speeds of up to 100 MB/s and write speeds of up to 80 MB/s, data management becomes less of a wait and more of an efficient process.

Durability is also a major factor with the Kingston Canvas React.

It’s designed to be as robust as your adventures, boasting:

  • Water-resistant capabilities,
  • Temperature endurance,
  • Shock and vibration proofing,
  • X-ray protection.

In busier shooting environments, the importance of a card that can withstand environmental challenges cannot be overstated.

Our Kingston Canvas React ensures your data’s safety amidst the elements.

And with its 256GB storage capacity, you’re equipped to handle longer shooting sessions without the hassle of swapping out cards.

Kingston 256GB Canvas Go Plus MicroSD Memory Card with Adapter Works with GoPro Hero 10 (Hero10) Class 10, V30, A2, SDXC (SDCG3/256GB) Bundle with (1) Everything But Stromboli MicroSD Card Reader
  • Bundle with (1) 256 GB Kingston Canvas Go Plus memory card with adapter and (1) Everything But...
  • Compatible with the GoPro Hero 10 Black, Hero 9 Black (Hero9) Hero 8 Black, GoPro Max 360 Cameras
  • Fast read speed up to 170MB/s and write speed up to 90MB/s for high quality pictures and video
  • This essential action camera accessory also works in phones and tablets and is rated Speed Class 10,...
  • Kingston memory card for GoPro are water proof, magnet proof, temperature proof, and x-ray proof

8. Delkin Devices 128GB Power SDXC UHS-II (V90) Memory Card

As we continue exploring the best high-capacity memory cards for 4K video, it’s clear that speed and reliability are paramount.

With that understanding, we turn our attention to the Delkin Devices 128GB Power SDXC UHS-II (V90), a card that truly stands out in the crowded field of memory storage.

This powerhouse offers lightning-fast speeds – with maximum read and write speeds soaring to 285 MB/s and 250 MB/s respectively.

Such performance means the Delkin Devices card meets the V90 Video Speed Class, ensuring that data-intensive 4K, 8K, and even 3D video recording can be handled with ease.

What sets this memory card apart are its key features, designed to serve the demanding needs of professional photographers and videographers:

  • Speed Class Rating – UHS-II (V90),
  • Maximum Read Speed – up to 285 MB/s,
  • Maximum Write Speed – up to 250 MB/s.

Beyond its impressive speed capabilities, the Delkin Devices card is built to endure harsh conditions.

We find it well-equipped with features that help protect against water damage, shock, and x-rays, thereby preserving your important footage in a multitude of environments.

When shooting in extreme conditions, we can’t overstate the importance of a robust build.

The Delkin Devices card’s durability ensures that our treasured visuals are safe, making it an excellent pick for adventurers and field professionals who demand both performance and resilience from their equipment.

Delkin Devices 128GB Power SDXC UHS-II (V90) Memory Card (DDSDG2000128)
  • Uninterrupted 8K, 4K, 3D, HDR, 360º & High-Speed Recording
  • Specialized for Simultaneous Recording
  • Read/Write Speeds: 300/250 MB/s
  • UHS-II Video Speed Class 90 (V90)
  • Water/Shock/X-Ray Proof

9. Transcend 512GB SDXC UHS-I U3 Memory Card

When it comes to pairing a memory card with 4K video capabilities, storage capacity is a game-changer.

The Transcend 512GB SDXC falls right into the sweet spot for videographers who push their gear to the limits.

It’s not just the size that makes the Transcend card a heavyweight contender – its performance is noteworthy as well.

UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30) ratings ensure that this card can sustain the minimum sequential writing speed of 30MB/s.

This Transcend memory card isn’t just about speed, it’s crafted to withstand the tests of time and travel:

  • Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC),
  • Shockproof construction,
  • Resilience against extreme temperatures.

Durability is often as crucial as performance for professionals on the move.

That’s why the Transcend 512GB SDXC is designed to provide peace of mind alongside its impressive storage and speed capabilities.

Features like exFAT file system support ensure the card is optimized for high-capacity files and seamless compatibility across devices.

This is vital when dealing with large 4K video files that demand robust storage solutions.

Our continuous quest for the best memory cards for 4K video has unveiled some exceptional choices.

Among them, the Transcend 512GB SDXC stands out for those who require vast storage without compromising on the ruggedness necessary for challenging environments.

Transcend TS512GSDC300S-E 512GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-I U3 V30 Memory Card
  • Let this moment stay by selecting the right Memory card for your camera. Featuring high Capacities...
  • Transcend's SDXC/SDHC 300S Memory cards meet both the UHS speed Class 3 (U3) and the UHS video Speed...
  • With up to 512GB storage capacity, Transcend's SDXC/SDHC 300S Memory cards allow for thousands of...
  • To deliver the best performance and stability, Transcend's SD Memory cards are tested to withstand...
  • Transcend offers exclusive recover software, a free data recovery utility that allows you to search...

10. Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB Micro SDXC Card With Adapter

When tackling the challenge of prolonged video recording, particularly in high-stress conditions like surveillance or continuous live streaming, durability becomes paramount.

The Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB Micro SDXC card steps up to the plate with a focus on long-term performance.

Rated for up to 43,800 hours of continuous video recording, this Micro SDXC card is designed to last.

Endurance and reliability are at the core of its build, offering peace of mind for those who require around-the-clock recording capabilities.

The adapter that comes with Samsung PRO Endurance expands compatibility, allowing this micro card to be used in a variety of devices.

Whether in smartphones, dashcams, or surveillance systems, flexibility in use is a standout feature.

Key specifications of the Samsung PRO Endurance card include:

  • Storage capacity – 128GB,
  • Read speed – up to 100MB/s,
  • Write speed – up to 30MB/s,
  • Operating temperatures – ranging from -25°C to 85°C.

Also, Samsung includes a limited warranty, underpinning the card’s resilience.

Such coverage not only adds to its appeal but also demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

In the realm of 4K content, data integrity cannot be overlooked.

The Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB ensures that your recordings are not only stored but preserved with the utmost fidelity over extensive periods of time.

This aspect is particularly crucial for content creators who demand consistent performance without data loss.

By meeting both the speed and durability requirements of intensive 4K video recording, the Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB emerges as an exemplary solution in our roundup.

Its robust construction and admirable warranty make it a wise investment for anyone who values data security and endurance in their high-capacity memory cards.

Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB 100MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter (MB-MJ128GA/AM)
  • Designed specifically for video monitoring cameras (dash cams, surveillance & security cams, CCTV,...
  • Up to 43,800 hours of 4K and Full HD (1080p) recording and playback
  • Reliability Built to Last – Water-proof, Shock-proof, Temperature-proof, X-ray-proof,...
  • Transfer speeds up to 100MB/s

Storing 4K Video With High-Capacity Memory Cards

When we’re looking to store 4K videos, we know that the file sizes can be enormous.

High-capacity memory cards become a critical accessory for content creators who demand seamless recording and playback.

The right memory card needs to do more than just hold a large amount of data.

It must also deliver the speed necessary to write and read high-resolution video files without lag or interruption.

Compatibility with our recording devices is non-negotiable.

We must ensure that the memory cards we choose are compatible with our cameras or drones to avoid any hiccups during those critical shooting moments.

Some key features we look for in a high-capacity memory card for 4K video include:

  • Fast write speeds – to handle the high bitrate of 4K video,
  • High read speeds – for quicker file transfer to computers or other devices,
  • Durability – to withstand the rigors of frequent use and varying conditions.

Memory card manufacturers are pushing the limits with cards that now reach capacities well beyond the standardized 128GB.

Sizes like 256GB, 512GB, and even 1TB are becoming more prevalent, giving us the ability to record hours of 4K video on a single card.

Our usage pattern determines the card’s endurance.

Professional video production may see a card being written over and over, far more than the average user.

So, picking a card with a high durability rating is essential to avoid the loss of precious footage.

The Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB Micro SDXC card previously mentioned is an example of a card that balances both capacity and durability.

With its ample storage and proven track record in strenuous conditions, it’s a reliable choice for those recording extended 4K video sessions.

While addressing high-capacity storage for 4K video, it’s clear we have numerous options to choose from.

Identifying our specific needs helps us narrow down the vast selection to find the perfect memory card match.

Top High-Capacity Memory Cards For 4K Video – Wrap Up

We’ve explored the vast landscape of high-capacity memory cards ideal for 4K video recording.

Remember, the right card will provide the space and speed you need to capture your moments without a hitch.

Whether it’s the endurance of a Samsung PRO or another top-notch brand, investing in a quality card pays off.

We encourage you to assess your recording habits and choose a memory card that won’t let you down when it matters most.

Trust us, with the right card in your camera, you’ll be set to record every frame of your adventures in stunning clarity.