Powerful, durable, affordable! Experience the ultimate lighting for your home and business videos. The Amaran LED Video Light gives you a professional look by allowing you to see every detail.

No guessing or hoping what the image will look like when the footage is played back. This light is bright yet cool and safe to touch.


Aputure Amaran 100d LED Video Light

What Is The aputure amaran LED video light?

The Aputure Amaran LED Video Light is a compact, lightweight, and cost effective video light that offers photographers the ability to produce quality results in low-lit situations.

Amaran’s LED technology allows you to control the color temperature of your LED softbox. Shiny Silver or Matte White diffusion material can be attached to give your subject a natural appearance or a more cinematic feel.

The Amaran has an infinitely variable dimmer so you can dial in the exact amount of light needed for any given shot.

It also features a battery level indicator on the back as well as interchangeable Bowens mount and Sony L-bracket mounting options.



Amaran LED Video Light

This portable gimbal-style light fits on the hot shoe of select cameras to soften shadows and provide fill for even harsh lighting.

Use it for interviews, travel vlogs, time-lapses, or any situation where you want more even lighting than what Mother Nature provides.

Whether you find yourself filming in the middle of the night or in midday, the Amaran LED Video Light from Monoprice will help ensure your videos are properly illuminated.

The lights allow you to position your camera at an angle that is right for you, making them especially useful as a fill light or when filming someone during a conversation.

Each unit provides a combined output of 1060 lumens, providing plenty of light to make sure your subjects are properly illuminated.

Amaran Led Video Light Features

The Amaran LED Video Light with Dimmable feature is a high-quality light that’s great for filmmaking, video blogging, YouTube videos, photography and much more.Built In Stabilizing Bar: The stabilizing bar keeps the light sturdy on any surface.

Lightweight and portable, the Amaran LED Video Light weighs only 2.2 pounds without an internal battery. Built-in Impact Resistant Housing: The impact resistant housing is designed to keep from getting cracked or damaged with normal use.

Retrofit your existing camera with this small, lightweight, and highly efficient source of lighting. It is designed to wrap around an SLR camera’s lens to add a dramatic backlight, or to highlight interior details such as documents or items inside a bag.

This light has 12 high intensity LED bulbs at the front and two red LEDs at the back. A unique heat sink allows for the use of most brands of cameras that are available on the market.

Aputure Amaran Review

Aputure Amaran is a popular LED light. It provides a wide range of brightness along with 8 different LED color options.

It’s designed by Aputure, the lighting company worldwide. This mid-size light fixture is great for both in-door and outdoor occasions.

The Amaran is a 5 channel LED light that is comparable to the Lowel Tota. The Aputure Amaran review is to show you how it compares and how it stacks up against other popular brands.

The Aputure Amaran is currently on the cutting edge and provides a lot of bang for your buck!The Amaran is a new drone from DJI that is pretty cool. It features a 3 axis stabilized gimbal on a small and lightweight body.

The camera pulls out for selfies or you can swing it up to capture some landscape shots. The Amara has just released and is only available by pre-order right now, but it’s certainly worth considering if you are in the market to buy a DJI drone.

I thoroughly enjoyed this light modifier. It’s cheaper than most standard umbrellas and provides a consistent point source due to it’s shape.

The umbrella is easily manipulated for creating light patterns by sliding the top of the pole against the bottom of the ribs.

Build Quality Of The Amaran 100d Light

The build quality of the Amaran 100d Light is something everyone should be incredibly excited about. If you’ve ever experienced a high quality LED light in the past, you know how important the build quality can be.

While I don’t think the Amaran 100d Light is the most interesting or well-designed light we’ve ever seen, I’m confident that it will last for many years.If you have ever owned a high-quality tent, you know that the right materials and workmanship don’t just feel good – they help your tent keep its shape in the wind and rain.

At Big Agnes, we are committed to making products that last a lifetime. The Amaran 100d Light has a durable polyester rip-stop fly, as well as an added layer of protection from moisture with our durable DCF-coated DRYFLO™ 15 rip-stop nylon floor.

Designed in Colorado specifically for 3 season adventures close to home, this tent provides ample space for two campers to stretch out their sleeping bags.The Amaran 100 d light is made to be very lightweight and compact.

One great thing about this light, is that you only have to carry a single battery with you to go on a long trip, rather than carrying many batteries in order to light your way. The light itself is incredibly bright, and some people have even commented that they can see the light from several miles away clearly.

You will get over 30 hours of burn time when you go hiking with just this one battery, making it a great deal for those who like to go on multi-day hikes.

Who Is The Amaran 100d Light For?

The Amaran 100d Light is designed for those of you who are serious about your photography and videography, but need a light that isn’t going to break the bank.This light output is a good starting point for those just getting into professional photography and videography, or even one that wants to start small and make their way into the professional world.

Be seen at all times with the Amaran 100d. As an urban commuter, you don’t have time to be messing around when it comes to safety.

Meet your needs and keep a bike light on you 24/7, no matter what. Rotating easily from horizontal to vertical, this light sets up in seconds and offers two modes: Battery Saving Mode, with 10 lumens of light on a 4 hour timer or Bright Mode (Lumens: 50 | Runtime: 2 hours)The Amaran 100d is designed for people who want to start hiking and training in the dark, and for those who want a little more light to set up camp.

The 100 lumens and super-bright LEDs can provide light for up to three hours of use and it can be recharged by USB in less than five hours. The settings on this light can be changed by pressing down on the button until you get to the brightness or blink setting you prefer.

When it’s time to charge your flashlight, just plug it into your computer with a USB cable.

What We Get With The Amaran 100d

What we get with the Amaran 100d is, well… a lot. For starters, all of the features that you’d expect, like cabinetry that’s rated for a lifetime, as well as a full-width countertop and snack bar.

Then there are the new things like lighted interior, oversized cabinet storage and a full-size refrigerator drawer.No detail has been overlooked with this design.

Why? Because we believe that living here should be something you enjoy every day – and not just when you’re admiring this great space!The Amaran 100d is designed to be our best ultra-high efficiency (UHE) low mass portable air conditioning system yet. It has a look that’s sweeping the industry and an innovative design that allows it to dominate in energy efficiency.

Plus, its compact size makes it perfect for RVs, small boats, and apartments.The Amaran 100d is a compact, bolt-on amplifier with 100 watts of power, delivering exceptional performance in a smaller package.

Easily install it in any vehicle with the included speaker wire and an RCA source, or connect to the Bluetooth® receiver and stream your music from any Bluetooth® device.The included dash kit allows for easy integration into an existing dashboard, keeping full control of your vehicle’s stereo at hand.

With advanced controls for bass and treble, you’re provided full flexibility for adjusting the sound.”

Tech Specifications For The 100d

The 100d features a Suede-Lon tarp with an AirBeam™ construction which has our lightest weight, highest strength and most waterproof material ever  combined with a PVC-free polyurethane coating for the best protection against heavy downpours. The result is superior weather resistance, exceptional breathability and the softest touch of any rain gear on the market.

Looking for details about the 100d ? You’ve come to the right place! The table below has a list of specifications and features. We cover everything from the camera’s sensor size to the lens mount.

If you want to learn more about this camera, click on the tabs below for more details about each featured spec.The 100D is as versatile as it is tough.

Even more refined and advanced than its   80D  predecessor, its innovative features will impress even the most seasoned travelers. The exterior frame is designed to withstand rugged obstacles without adding any unnecessary weight.

The bag itself weighs just 8 pounds (3.6 kg), and incorporates many quality of life upgrades on a compact design for ease of navigation and adaptability.With a 100″ diagonal size, the Optoma NuForce BE6i in-ear headphones provide a comfortable and immersive listening experience with deep bass.

The built-in microphone enables you to easily control music and incoming calls on your compatible smartphone or device.

Hands-On With The 100d

We’ve handled, dissected and examined the 100d so there is not much left to discover. Given our hands-on time with the product and its close relation to the test winner in this category, we are quite comfortable offering an informed opinion on the product. __

We’ve taken a bunch of great pros and cons of different camera bodies and condensed them into one camera body‑the 100D. It incorporates the best features from each of the Rebels: a great viewfinder, tilt-swivel screen, autofocus in Live View, 8fps burst shooting, great ergonomics, and useful modes to enhance your photography.

But we’ve also listened to those who prefer a traditional DSLR design, so we made sure that the 100D looks like a traditional DSLR while still incorporating new technology. In this review we’ll give you our impressions after using the camera for several weeks.

With its 100-inch, 2.39:1 aspect ratio and powerful panel-based design, the 100D is ready for any type of content creation.

Featuring a new 10-bit color depth/4K HDR display with Quantum Dots, this innovative display delivers rich, broad colors and deep blacks unlike any projector in its class. It’s also designed to meet the changing needs of your workflow with multiple input and support for HDR formats such as Dolby Vision and HLG.

Amaran 100d Bare

Amaran 100d Bare is an innovative, adaptable bareboat with a lot to offer. At your service on more than 5,000 rivers, lakes and canals in over 50 countries, it offers an outstanding day of sailing on the water every day.

It provides perfect feedback: a touch of a button reveals how fast you’re going, how windy it is, how far you’ve come and how much there’s left to cover.The Amaran 100D Bare is a premium, market-leading softbox designed for demanding professional applications.

Exclusive Tilt and Friction ratcheting tilt head allows full control of the output light angle in both portrait and landscape position.The box features a symmetrical design with same quality at both ends, allowing it to be used as a left or right light.

The fabric is first line diffusion material that provides even light distribution, durability and high color consistency — vital when using multiple boxes for large-scale productions.Amaran is a collection of contemporary style and elegance.

This portable speaker delivers powerful, precise sound to be enjoyed by all. Crisp treble highs and deep, rich bass are achieved using its sophisticated acoustic design, combined with full active driver units. The body is finished in either aluminium (aluminium) or car paint (car paint).

The grille features the same colour as the body with a diamond cut finish, the volume memory allows you to set the volume you want for your favourite music track or playlist to avoid over-loud volume blasts, and it also features an FM radio with excellent stereo quality and 8 station presets.

Amaran 100d With 55° Hyper Reflector

This case contains everything needed to start protecting your camera right now. This kit consists of the Amaran 100d Strobe, MR-16 Mount, Amaran AP-16 Case, and a Hyper 55 soft case.

The main feature of this kit is the 100w Amaran Strobe together with its 55° angled reflector.It has a quiet battery pack and has triggering options with an IR trigger and sync cord making it easy to set up when shooting movies.

The Amaran 100d is an excellent choice for a planted aquarium and refugium. The elegant design of this lens is defined by its sturdy mount, which is made from stainless steel ensuring it will not corrode or rust.

With the advanced AMARAN Mirror Technology, this mirror blocks over 50% of the UV rays while doubling the amount of visible light.The Hyper-reflector improves on this technology with an even better performance, allowing the refugium or planted aquarium to grow healthy corals and plants that are otherwise not possible under normal lighting conditions.

All Amaran Reef and Planted Aquarium lenses have a 1/2″ threading diameter and have a locking mechanism to help prevent turning during installation.

How Bright Is The Amaran 100d?

You will be amazed by the brightness of the Amaran 100d. On a full charge, this light will shine for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

This makes it perfect for commuting at night by foot, or on a bike, and is so lightweight you won’t even know you have it with you when you are riding at night.The Amaran 100d has two settings for brightness.

When set on high the light can shine up to 65 feet, and you can use it for over 80 hours on a single battery charge. On low, it can still produce light for 20 hours and up to 45 feet away.

The light also features an emergency flashing mode in case you’re looking for a source of light in the event of a power outage that can last for over 80 hours.The 20w and 30w Amaran 100d LED is designed for direct replacement and retrofit of LocLine T8/T5 linear fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

Where Are Aputure Lights Made?

Aputure lights are made in China. We started in China because we believe that it’s important to provide jobs to the local communities – and better lives for the families living there.

As far as we know, most other brands do not make their lights in China.And, from what we’ve seen when visiting factories in China, they do not take the same care with the working conditions of their employees as we do.

In fact, we’ve even found that some manufacturers of similar products use child labor. We’re proud to support a better way of doing business – and our hope is that by sharing this information, you’ll want to too.

Aputure is a US-based company manufacturing simple, practical lighting tools for both professional and beginning photographers and cinematographers.All Aputure products are designed and manufactured in Pacifica, California.

We source raw materials from around the world, yet design and build every product in-house at our headquartersFrom concept to creation; from 3D printing to stress testing; from product design through to packaging and shipping, we have the process fully in-house. You are supporting American jobs and manufacturing when you choose an Aputure light.