As filmmakers, we’re always on the hunt for gear that ups our game without weighing us down.

Portable green screens have revolutionized the way we shoot, offering the magic of visual effects on the go.

We’ve scoured the market to find the best portable green screens that promise to make your next production a breeze.

Whether you’re crafting a sci-fi epic or a YouTube tutorial, these screens are the secret weapon in your filmmaker’s toolkit.

Best Portable Green Screens For Filmmakers

Let’s take a look at some of the top portable green screens for filmmakers.

1. Elgato Green Screen – Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

When it comes to portable green screens, one standout product is the Elgato Green Screen.

This collapsible chroma key panel is the favorite tool among content creators who require quick setup and efficient storage.

The Elgato Green Screen is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

It features a pneumatic X-frame that allows for a swift pop-up action, transforming any space into a broadcast studio within seconds.

Durability is key for equipment that’s constantly on the move.

The Elgato’s screen material is wrinkle-resistant, ensuring a smooth, professional background at all times.

Its robust build can withstand the rigors of frequent transportation without compromising quality.

Let’s jump into the specifics that make the Elgato Green Screen a top choice:

  • Size – measures a generous 56.1 inches by 70.87 inches,
  • Portability – collapses down into a sleek, compact case.

This model is incredibly user-friendly, with no stand required.

Its floor-based design means it can be easily positioned and moved to the perfect spot in any filming location.


Tech integration with Elgato products enhances the overall experience.

The screen is compatible with Elgato’s streaming software, Stream Deck, and other tools, streamlining the post-production process.

Professional filmmakers and amateur videographers alike find the Elgato Green Screen an essential part of their gear.

It handles high-quality projects with ease and adapts to various environments, making it a versatile option for anyone in visual production.

2. Neewer Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible Backdrop

When we’re out on a shoot, flexibility is key – and the Neewer Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible Backdrop brings just that.

It’s a double-sided backdrop, offering both green and blue screens for optimal chroma key versatility.

This backdrop spans a generous 5×7 feet when expanded, which gives us ample space to work with for full-body shots or wider angles.

And when we’re done, it collapses down to a compact size that’s easy to transport and store, perfect for location shoots.

The Neewer collapsible backdrop is made from durable materials designed to reduce light reflection.

This helps us maintain consistent lighting and color keying in post-production.

Its ease of use can’t be understated – the steel spring frame pops open in seconds.

We just need to ensure it’s properly secured to avoid any interruptions during filming.

On top of that, here are some additional features that make the Neewer backdrop a valuable asset for our filmmaking needs:

  • Quick setup and take down with no tools required,
  • Reversible background colors for multi-scene applications,
  • Lightweight and foldable for on-the-go shoots.

This backdrop’s compatibility with various editing software makes post-production a breeze.

And because it’s available at an accessible price point, it doesn’t expensive, making it a favorite among indie filmmakers and content creators like us.


With the Neewer Chromakey Backdrop, we’re equipped to handle different environments and post-editing requirements.

It’s one more tool in our kit that helps us deliver professional-grade work irrespective of location or budget.

NEEWER Chromakey Backdrops, Double Sided Green Screen and Blue Screen, 2 in 1 Collapsible and Reversible Background for Photography, Gaming and Live Streaming, 5'×6.6'/1.5m×2m (Green/Blue)
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: (1)5x6.5ft/ 150x200cm Blue & Green collapsible backdrop, (1)carry bag
  • IDEAL FOR: YouTube tutorials & livestream videos, interviews, corporate headshots, portraits,...
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: The quick pop up design makes for fast & easy set up on location. When folded...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable steel frame sewn into the fabric. The steel spring frame pops open the...
  • APPLY EVERYWHERE: You can hang this background from a tripod stand or a hook via the circle fitted...

3. Fancierstudio Green Screen Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit

When it comes to versatility and stability, the Fancierstudio Green Screen Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit is a strong contender.

This kit features a robust frame that’s easily adjustable to accommodate different shooting scenarios.

The stand itself extends to a maximum height of 8.5 feet and spans up to 10 feet wide.

It’s the perfect size for both full-body shots and smaller scenes, offering filmmakers the flexibility they need.

Included with the stand is a thick, muslin green screen.

The material minimizes light spill and is key in achieving a clean chroma key in post-production.

Ease of use is a significant advantage of this kit.

We can have it assembled in minutes, with no tools required!


Here are some key points about the Fancierstudio Kit:

  • Durable construction – withstands the rigors of frequent use,
  • Adjustable framework – caters to various environment sizes,
  • High-quality muslin background – ensures a smooth keying experience.

It’s also worth noting that this system is transportable.

The whole kit collapses down and fits into a convenient carry bag that we can take from set to set.

For those looking to invest in a reliable setup that can handle the demands of different projects, this backdrop support system checks all the boxes.

It’s an essential tool in our filmmaking arsenal, offering high-level performance and the professional results we’re after.

Fancierstudio 10’x12’ Green Screen Background Stand Kit Backdrop Support System Kit
  • Fancierstudio 10’x12’ Green Screen Background Stand Kit Backdrop Support System Kit
  • Kit includes one 10ft by 12ft green screen backdrop, one 8ft height 10ft wide background stand...
  • A collapsible and lightweight background support system can be invaluable. You can get this good...
  • Green screen backdrop can be use for videos. The results can look amazing and can help any video...
  • It is suggested to secure the stands with gaffer tape, or weight bags when using any background...

4. Emart Green Screen, Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

When continuous mobility is a priority for filmmakers, the Emart Green Screen serves as a go-to choice.

Its design focuses on ease of use and quick setup, which are crucial for shoots that move from one location to another.

The key advantage of this collapsible chroma key panel is its convenience – unfolding in seconds and folding back just as swiftly.

This feature saves us precious time on set, especially when the shooting schedule is tight.

Included with the Emart Green Screen is a durable carrying case.

This ensures that the panel remains protected during transport and is always ready for the next shot.

Durability meets portability with the materials used in this product.

The screen is wrinkle-resistant, which is essential for maintaining a clean key without the hassle of steaming or ironing.

For versatility in various shooting conditions, the Emart Green Screen presents notable features:

  • wrinkle-resistant fabric,
  • quick collapse mechanism,
  • lightweight design for easy handling.

This screen stands out in the market for its balance between functionality and portable design.

The ability to quickly adapt to unpredictable scenarios on set gives us an edge in efficient filmmaking.

With the focus on practicality, the Emart Green Screen opens up an array of possibilities for creative visual effects.

It’s an integral part of the toolkit for filmmakers who need a high-quality chroma key solution on the go.

5. Webaround Big Shot 56″ Portable Webcam Background

Webaround Big Shot is breaking new ground in the portable green screen market.

Tailored for content creators and filmmakers who rely on webcams for live streaming and video conferencing, the 56-inch diameter background offers an instant chroma key setup.

It folds up into a compact form for effortless storage and transport.

The built-in chair attachment feature allows for quick mounting, making it the quintessential on-the-go accessory.

Ease of use is at the forefront of the Webaround Big Shot design.

With no stands or tools needed, it’s a matter of seconds before you’re ready to go live or record.

Here’s what makes the Webaround Big Shot 56″ stand out:

  • Ample surface area – covers the camera’s field of view with no edges peeking through,
  • Compatible with most chairs – adheres neatly, offering a wrinkle-free backdrop.

This green screen thrives in tight spaces and sets up without any hassle.

It’s the perfect ally for urban filmmakers and digital nomads who make the most out of every location.

Not only does it promise portability but also the professional-grade material enhances the keying process.

You’re ensured a clean, seamless background that integrates beautifully with any project.

The Webaround Big Shot’s profile is adaptable.

It’s suited for both amateur video bloggers and professional virtual meeting facilitators who demand top-quality backgrounds.

6. Valera Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen

Portable green screens have redefined our ability to create dynamic content from anywhere.

The Valera Explorer 90 stands out as a top choice for filmmakers on the move.

Its 90-inch diagonal screen is a game-changer for those needing a larger chroma key surface.

This professional-grade backdrop fits effortlessly in various workspaces.

What sets the Valera Explorer 90 apart is its innovative design.

The screen is crafted with creators in mind, offering features that enhance filmmaking flexibility:

  • Size and Portability – it collapses to just 32 inches in diameter,
  • Durability – constructed with high-quality materials to withstand frequent use,
  • ChromaBoost Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric – for an always-smooth green screen experience.

Usability is at the forefront of the Explorer 90’s features.

It’s designed for quick setup, which is crucial when time is of the essence.

The ease of setup is not its only feature – the green screen boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle.

This ensures that filmmakers can shoot from various perspectives without compromising the chroma key effect.

Its compatibility with different lighting conditions is another advantage.

This green screen produces excellent results in both natural and studio lighting environments.

Transporting the Valera Explorer 90 is hassle-free thanks to its lightweight design.

Our projects benefit from the flexibility of filming in diverse locations without sacrificing quality.

We recognize that for filmmakers, investing in a professional, portable green screen like the Valera Explorer 90 can make all the difference.

It supports a broad range of applications – from YouTube productions to feature-length films.

7. Fotodiox 5’x7′ Collapsible Chromakey Green + Blue 2-in-1 Background

Diving right into the details, the Fotodiox 5’x7′ offers an innovative 2-in-1 solution.

It’s not just a green screen – this versatile background flips to provide a blue chromakey as well, doubling your creative possibilities.

Filmmakers value efficiency, and this collapsible background hits the mark.

It’s quick to set up and equally fast to take down, which is perfect for those tight shooting schedules.

Let’s look at some of the defining features:

  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric – ensures a clean keying surface,
  • Double-sided versatility – green on one side and blue on the other,
  • Compact and portable – collapses down for easy transport in the field.

Also, the size of the Fotodiox background is ideal for solo interviews or small group scenes.

Its sizable surface can accommodate a variety of shots without the need for constant repositioning.

Durability is often a concern with portable equipment, but that’s not the case here.

The Fotodiox is built to withstand the rigours of fieldwork, making it a reliable choice for filmmakers on the go.

In various lighting conditions, both the green and blue sides perform admirably.

This feature allows for greater flexibility in post-production, providing options for those unpredictable moments during editing.

With its ease of use and the inclusion of a sturdy carry bag, transport is never an issue.

We appreciate how this detail enhances the overall user experience for busy filmmakers.

The Fotodiox 5’x7′ strikes an excellent balance between practicality and performance.

Its functionality extends beyond traditional green screens, offering a dual-color background that adapts to your project’s needs.

8. Savage Collapsible Stand Kit

When on-the-go photographers and filmmakers look for efficiency, the Savage Collapsible Stand Kit stands out.

Its ease of setup and breakdown saves precious time in any shoot environment.

This kit eliminates the need for laborious post-production edits due to its reliable chromakey green background.

The fabric is taut once mounted, ensuring a smooth and consistent backdrop.

Durability is a hallmark of the Savage Collapsible Stand Kit.

The aluminum stand resists wear and tear from frequent travel and on-set adjustments.

Multiple features make this stand kit a practical investment for creative professionals:

  • Supportive and lightweight aluminum construction – Quick, user-friendly setup process This backdrop’s large size is perfect for a diverse range of shoots. Whether it’s full-body fashion photography or dynamic action sequences, the coverage is extensive. The wrinkle-resistant material maintains a professional look throughout the day. Its ability to retain color integrity under various lighting conditions makes it indispensable..

We can’t overlook the portability aspect of the Savage kit.

It collapses into a compact form, fitting into the included durable carry case.

Transport won’t be a hassle, and storage requirements are minimal.

The kit’s versatility extends to indoor and outdoor use, accommodating last-minute changes in shooting location.

Savage’s commitment to quality is evident not only in the material but also in the thoughtful design.

The collapsible stand ensures the background stays tight and flat, which is crucial for post-production work.

Ours is a dynamic industry and having tools that adapt and perform consistently is non-negotiable.

Savage Collapsible Stand Kit meets these needs with its robust and user-friendly features.

9. Westcott X-drop Wrinkle-resistant Backdrop Kit – Green Screen

After exploring the versatility of the Savage Collapsible Stand Kit, we now turn our attention to the Westcott X-Drop Kit.

This green screen is a boon for filmmakers who need a quick-setup background.

One of the standout features of the Westcott X-Drop is its wrinkle-resistant fabric.

It ensures a smooth and consistent background which is key for effective keying.

The X-Drop system also stands out for its lightweight design, tipping the scales at under 3 pounds.

Setting up the Westcott X-Drop is incredibly straightforward.

The X-Drop’s frame snaps together with ease which means you can go from bag to background in minutes.

Here are some of the perks this kit offers:

  • Speedy assembly – no tool needed,
  • Wrinkle-resistant material – ensuring clear, professional results,
  • Lightweight and portable – perfect for on-location shoots.

This backdrop stretches to a sizeable 5 x 7 feet, providing ample coverage for close-up interviews or action shots.

Its size coupled with the wrinkle-resistant feature makes it a worthy investment for professionals.

Durability often goes hand-in-hand with portability and the Westcott X-Drop doesn’t disappoint.

The Kit includes a sturdy carry case making it convenient for travel and on-the-go use.

The Westcott X-Drop works well in various light conditions.

It has a matte finish that prevents reflections which is critical for maintaining color consistency.

Our experience shows that when the X-Drop is properly lit, it exhibits true-to-color green hues that make post-production a breeze.

Filmmakers who frequent diverse shooting locations will find the Westcott X-Drop backdrop kit to be a reliable companion.

With its user-friendly setup, we are able to handle last-minute changes with confidence.

10. Lastolite LL LB7621 13′ Chromakey Green Vinyl Background

When it comes to sizable and durable options, the Lastolite LL LB7621 stands out.

This substantial 13-foot background is crafted from high-quality vinyl, ensuring longevity and ease of cleaning.

Its chromakey green surface is highly reflective, which is ideal for lighting consistency across the entire backdrop.

The matte finish minimizes glare, promoting a cleaner key for compositing.

Mounting the Lastolite LL LB7621 is straightforward thanks to its grommeted edges.

This feature allows for quick hanging on a variety of supports, saving time on setup.

The background’s heavy-duty nature means it resists wrinkles and creases more effectively than cloth alternatives.

This contributes to a more professional look in our final footage.

Portability comes into play with the Lastolite’s clever roll-up design.

When we’re moving from location to location, this background can be tidily packed without compromising its quality.

Handling the Lastolite is a breeze – it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size.

The ease with which we can maneuver this background makes it a top pick for filmmakers who prioritize mobility.

In various lighting setups, the vinyl reflects true-to-life green tones essential for high-quality chromakeying.

The Lastolite LL LB7621’s dependability under diverse lighting conditions is a solid advantage.

This green screen’s expansive size caters to full-body shots and large-scale production needs.

Whether it’s for interviews, action sequences, or group scenes, its dimensions ensure comprehensive coverage.

Incorporating the Lastolite LL LB7621 into our repertoire enhances the production value of projects.

Its robustness and adaptability make it a worthy investment for serious content creators.

Enhancing Visual Effects With Portable Green Screens

Portable green screens have revolutionized the way we create visual effects in filmmaking.

They offer ease of use and unmatched flexibility, allowing filmmakers to unleash their creativity anywhere.

The key to using these screens effectively lies in their ability to transport actors and objects into any world we can imagine.

We instantly replace the chromakey green with sprawling cityscapes, fantastic realms, or even animated environments.

Our choice in portable green screens can make or break the illusion we’re aiming to craft.

We’re looking for options that provide true color saturation with no light spill, ensuring a seamless integration in post-production.

Investing in a high-quality portable green screen ensures that we maintain consistency in our visual effects.

Key features that set apart the best from the rest include: – Robust build quality – Ease of setup and breakdown – Non-reflective and wrinkle-resistant material

The convenience of portability means we can shoot on location with the confidence that our background will always be perfect.

This freedom opens up opportunities for shots that would be otherwise impossible or prohibitively expensive.

With the Lastolite LL LB7621, we find ourselves equipped for even the most demanding of scenes.

Its expansive size is a boon for capturing full-body shots and intricate action sequences without any compromise.

Incorporating these technological advances into our filmmaking workflow not only elevates production value.

It also expands our storytelling capabilities, as we’re no longer limited by the physical locations at our disposal.

Top Portable Green Screens For Filmmakers – Wrap Up

We’ve explored the game-changing benefits of portable green screens for filmmakers, emphasizing their transformative impact on production and storytelling.

With the right green screen like the Lastolite LL LB7621, the creative possibilities are endless.

It’s clear that investing in a quality product pays off, providing the professional results needed to captivate audiences.

Let’s embrace these innovations and continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve in filmmaking.