A web series is a video production that presents a story in a serialized format. They are typically released on the Internet and viewed via streaming media or downloads.

Many web series are independently produced and are hosted on the video-sharing website YouTube, where they are promoted by their creators through social media, word of mouth and other means.

Truly entertaining Internet videos can develop a cult following and even generate enough income for the creators to earn a living.

But, most of the time people don’t create web series for financial reasons but rather as a way to express themselves artistically and connect with an audience.

Best YouTube Web Series

What Is A youTube web series?

A web series is a video format that is released on a regular schedule over several episodes or seasons.

Each episode or season will have anywhere from 3-30+ minutes depending on the type of show.

It’s usually released either online or television and they usually feature a story line that plays out over several episodes with each episode ending in a cliffhanger to bring the viewer back for more.



Many online video series has gained significant popularity in the past few years. There are many reasons for why, and it depends on the individual watching, but a lot of online video series has a very different tone to that of other television shows.

Many can make a living from YouTube if they’re able to build up their community and viewer base enough, or at least earn some extra cash on the side as a minor type of ‘passive income’.

There are many types of web series out there today. Some are short and sweet; others are pretty long and complex dramas.

The subscription-based shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu tend to operate like cable TV shows, releasing all of their content at once each season. In contrast, most YouTube web series tend to upload one episode at a time, sometimes with a schedule and sometimes not.

Web series often follow one or two characters throughout their story arcs, with each episode focusing on a specific plot point or problem within the larger storyline.

Depending upon how the creator decides to structure their show, episodes come in all different lengths from three minutes to several hours long.

Well-Known Youtube Web Series

Video Game High School (VGHS)

Arguably one of the earliest and highest budget YouTube web series is the web series called ‘VGHS’, an acronym for Video Game High School, which has come to be known as one of the best YouTube web series produced with amazing script writing put into every episode.

It started in 2012 and finished in late 2014. It has three seasons and 21 episodes, each ranging from 10 to almost 50 minutes long, making the total run time over 10 hours long, not including bloopers.

It received massive praise during its time being released and is a testament to the power of YouTube creators.


Youtube Web Series Anime Abandon

Abandon is a web series that was made over one year by a group of friends. It all started with a group of friends watching anime and wanting to make something themselves, so they decided to write their anime, which led them down the path of creating this anime series.

We all had experience in animation and filmmaking, but we wanted to create our own stories and characters. The main goal was to have fun, but we also wanted to put out something people could enjoy, so after a year of hard work, we finalized the first episode.

Youtube Web Series Fact Fiend with Karl Smallwood

There are a lot of ways to get your voice out there. One of the most accessible means for new content creators is through the growing world of web series. Every day, people come up with new and exciting stories to share. But how do you get noticed? Tubefilter.com, a popular site for all things YouTube, has created an entire show dedicated to helping content creators with that very problem.

The aptly named Fact Fiend is hosted by Karl Smallwood and tackles different aspects of the YouTube, gaming, and film community each week. Basically, like a significant reviewer of all things internet.

Youtube Web Series Knife Banter

Whether you are a collector, user, manufacturer, or just someone that loves knives, Knife Banter is sure to have something to offer you. They’re a channel with a long-running series of reviewing many useful but also bizarre knives of all types.

“Tune in each week as we share our love for all things blade!”. 

Now in many ways, this is a long-running series that can be fun and interesting to watch even as someone that doesn’t collect knives. the conversations between the hosts and ways of providing the information vary greatly and are highly intriguing. Maybe you’ll find a surprising love for knives after giving it a go.  

Youtube Web Series Slug Street Scrappers

The American-based filmmaker Whirlwind Action began a series called ‘Slug Street Scrappers’ in mid-2019, which grew into significant popularity. It’s a series inspired by the fighting video game genre of the early nineties and Japanese Anime.

The entire series employs an overarching storyline and showcases unique martial arts from around the world, diving deeper into something new in each episode. These types of martial arts include Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and more!

This makes this series highly interesting to watch with significant nuance episode to episode. It had a total of 10 episodes, around 20 minutes each, which were all finished during the summer of 2019.  


Youtube Web Series Lost in Adaptation

Dominic Noble, a prominent YouTuber in the reviewing space, has a web series called ‘Lost in Adaptation’. This is a series known for scrutinizing the various decisions made while converting novels to cinematic productions. 

Long story short, it’s a series going over the many mistranslations and weird ways production companies took the source material of a book or novel and turned it into a full-length series or film. During this process, a lot of things can happen to give odd results, which is precisely what Dominic documents and satirizes. 

It’s a great watch, for movie and nonmovie enthusiasts, that shows how movie studios do not always deliver to the descriptions given in the source material. Or sometimes, the exact opposite.

Youtube Web Series EDC Weekly

Every day is a new beginning. Don’t let your days slip by you. Start your day with a positive attitude and embark on whatever journey lies ahead of you. We all have different journeys, but we have one thing in common and that is EDC! Watch our weekly series of short films about EDC and be inspired to live life to the fullest.

Welcome to EDC Weekly Youtube Web Series EDC Weekly is brought to you by Hardwire LLC and is in no way affiliated with any entity or organization mentioned or pictured herein. This film was independently produced for educational purposes only and is not sponsored or endorsed by any other party.

All subjects depicted in this video are consenting adults participating in activities that they willingly agreed upon. We are here to take you on a weekly journey of what to expect every Sunday night at EDC Las Vegas.

Youtube Web Series The Book was Better

Many books and novels are renowned for their creative and fantastic writing, but not so many people take a look at the adaptations of these books only to realize they’re not very good. KrimsonRogue is a YouTube creator with a web series called ‘The Book Was Better’, which as the title suggests, goes over the many film adaptations of novels and consequently critiquing them and showing reasons why the book was better.

What if things would’ve taken a different turn and they’d followed the source material differently? Maybe then it could’ve been a much better adaptation.

Youtube Web Series The Blockbuster Buster

The Blockbuster Buster (TV Series) is a comedy based on the youtube series from 2011. The show is about a man named Ben who has a one-night stand with his friend’s wife and then wakes up to find out that she is pregnant. Ben with the help of his friends and his brother-in-law try to get rid of the baby by any means necessary.

A one-season show that only had 3 episodes made.

The story was originally going to be made into a movie, but since no one would make it, they just turned it into a web series. The show also had an alternate ending seen on the youtube channel.

Since no one wanted to fund the show they decided to make it as cheap as possible so they used their own house and car as locations, they also bought their costumes, props, and set dressing.

They also used the people from their own life for extras and bit parts, including some family members. For example, Kevin’s sister played a secretary and her husband played Mr. Anderson’s assistant in the final episode.

Youtube Web Series Lawsplaining the Interwebs

It’s easy to think of your favorite Web series as just a bunch of videos on YouTube, but behind the scenes, some people are working very hard to make this happen. Most YouTubers need to follow certain laws when it comes to creating their content.

This can be pretty confusing when you’re just starting and have no idea what you’re doing, so here are some of the things that you should know: Video length.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out how long each episode will be. This can vary depending on what type of show you’re planning to create, but most YouTube shows stick with around five minutes for each episode.

You can’t monetize your video until it hits one minute in length. This is something that many new YouTubers overlook, which is why they never earn any money from their channel. Make sure that you include your channel name or the word “episode” in the title so that viewers know exactly what they’re getting into when they click on it.

Starting a Youtube channel is the best way to quickly reach hundreds of people. While you might be excited to start posting videos, it’s important to have some guidelines and laws in place before you publish your first video.

Past Successes From Youtube Series

If you are a blogger that writes about any kind of product or service, you can create a successful Youtube series. It is much easier to sell your products or services through YouTube than ever before with the rise of unboxing videos and product reviews.

Toby Shapshak (Founder of Stuff Magazine) created a six-part Youtube series of him unboxing and reviewing the Apple Watch and it got over 1 million views in 6 days. That’s around 20 000 views per hour and within the first 24 hours, the video got 50 000 views.

He offered his followers something they couldn’t get anywhere else – exclusive content He tried to be as genuine as possible and be himself – this resonates with people He made sure the videos were super easy to consume – no long boring intros, just straight into the action. 

He created anticipation by teasing his subscribers by revealing little bits at a time until the launch.

Youtube Is On The Rise

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get more traffic to your site? Well, there is an answer for that and it’s called Youtube!

Tons of businesses are using Youtube to boost their image and get new customers. This is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to promote your business, and it’s free! So, why should you consider using Youtube?

You Set The Rules-With Youtube, you have the opportunity to reach out to your target audience with little or no competition.

This is a great option because you can share information about your company in any way that you want. If you want to showcase your products, then do it! If you want to provide tutorials, then go right ahead.

It’s Easy To Use

Another fantastic thing about Youtube is that it is very easy to use. 

There are various tutorials on how to make high-quality videos, which isgreat news if you aren’t really into video production or haven’t had any experience with it before.

It Has A Large Audience

At this point in time, Youtube has over 1 billion users worldwide!

Youtube Web Series Write For Youtube And Not For Hollywood

There are a few things we need to understand before we start writing a script. The most important one is that, in general, if you’re writing an episode for a Youtube Web Series, you’re not writing it for Hollywood.

Usually, people who want to write a script do it because they want to become famous. And what’s the fastest way to become famous as a writer? Write a movie or a TV Series.

It just sounds good, doesn’t it? But in my humble opinion, this is the wrong approach. I know that you won’t be able to make millions of dollars by writing scripts for YouTube Web Series but I’m sure that you will be able to live from your writing and that’s the first step towards getting into Hollywood.

How To Roll Out Your Content On Youtube

Starting a Youtube channel can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you are completely new to making videos. Here are some helpful tips that will help your channel grow, gain subscribers, and find success faster.

  • Consider The Content You’re Going To Create For Your Channel

The first thing you need to do is research your target audience and figure out what they want to see. To get a good idea of what your potential audience wants, take a look at the top channels in your niche.

  • Make A Plan And Write It Down

Once you have done your research it’s time to make a plan. The best way to start is by writing down all of the things that you want to achieve with your channel. Write down as many ideas as you can think of, but don’t worry about making them perfect yet – just get them all out on paper first.

Youtube Web Series Video Monetization Guide

Now that we have the tools to make a web series, we need to figure out how to make money from it. Let’s take a look at some potential sources of income for your web series.

Product Placement or Sponsorships:

With product placement, the brand or company of a product pays you or your production company to use their product or logo in your show. It might be something as simple as saying the name of the product and including a picture of it, or it might be as complicated as having a character wear clothes with the company’s logo on them consistently throughout multiple episodes.

Sponsorships are similar, but in this case, your sponsors are paying for the privilege of having their products shown in one particular episode. Maybe you’re doing an episode about running and Nike wants to sponsor it because they know that Nike users will have an interest in running-related content.