Naming your production company is an important decision, and it can be hard to know what to do.

It’s not just about how the name sounds or how you feel when you hear it – there are also legal considerations that need to be taken into account.

How To Name Your Production Company

There are many different ways of naming a production company, but some common ones include using your initials and last name, abbreviating the word production with “P” then listing the letters representing each word in order (for example: WP&R Productions).

Or creating a simple acronym for your production company’s purpose (for example: MPC).

Factors Your Production Company Name Should Have:

The most important factors to consider when choosing your production company name are:

  • the emotional tone you want to create,
  • what type of audience you’re targeting, and
  • where your business is located.

You may be a company that is just starting out, or you may be one of the many companies with an established name. Regardless of where your production company stands in the industry, there are certain factors that should be included when naming it.

These include:

  • The tone of your work.
  • Your location and its relation to culture and demographics.
  • If you are part of a larger group (i.e., part of an agency).

Production company names are important for branding and marketing. The name of your production company should reflect the tone you want to portray, whether it is professional or fun-loving.

It should also be memorable and easy to pronounce so potential clients can find you quickly when they search online. Below are some factors that a production company name should have:

1. A short, but memorable name that is easy to remember;

2. A short description of what type of video content the company produces. For example: “ABC Video Production Company” or “Video Marketing Solutions”;

3. The location where the videos will be filmed if this information is not included in the business’s domain name;

4. Whether or not customers must sign an NDA before.

Good Production Company Name Ideas

A production company is an essential part of the entertainment industry. If you’re looking for a good name, here are some ideas.

A-1 Productions: this cool-sounding name would make it seem like your company is number one in the biz!

Acme Production Company: Acme means top quality and perfection, so this could be a great option to go with if you want people to know that you have high standards when it comes to producing videos for your clients.


Busy Bee Productions: Busy Bees are always working hard and getting things done quickly – that’s exactly what we do at our production house! We work hard and don’t stop until the job is done right no matter how long it takes us.

If we want to have a catchy, memorable name for our company then we need to use words that are easily spelled and pronounceable. This is pretty much the only way that you will be able to stand out from your competitors as well as get more customers with ease.

There are a lot of creative ways to come up with company names, but brainstorming can be difficult. This article will provide you with a few helpful tips for naming your film company.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some examples:

– “The Film Factory”

– “Rising Star Productions”

– “A Moving Image Company.”

– “Hollywood Films”

– “Big Apple Studios”

– “Central Cinema Inc.”

If you want something more personal that reflects the personality and culture of your business, consider these ideas: – “Cinema Pictures” or “Picture Perfect” (if you deal primarily in photography) – “Movie Makers”.

Film Production Company Name Generator

This is not only a great tool if you are starting out on your own or want to make it sound more professional, but also if you need a new and different name for your start-up business. The possibilities are endless with this generator!

Check out the Company Name Generator tool.