So you like filmmaking? And you like funny? Here are 51 of the funniest filmmaking images that I’ve found around the web!

I wanted to get a little more light-hearted today on Filmmaking Lifestyle. What better way than with a collection of hilarious filmmaking images, memes and videos.

You’ll find some of these funnier if you’ve worked on film sets, or if you’re used to working with clients, but most are just downright hilarious in general!

We all need a little humor to get us through the day. So sit back, put down that cup of coffee (to avoid it spraying all over the screen!) and get ready to laugh out loud at these funny filmmaking images!

Note: I’ve left in the original captions on images where there were captions attached to the original posting.

1. Gopro Circa 1960

To start us off, here’s a Go Pro circa 1960:


Yes, it’s those hedonistic and halcyon days of the swinging sixties, strapping a camera to your head was a thing!

2. Be Careful Where You Build Your Editing Suite


Don’t use a glass table for your editing suite.

3. That Guy Who Keeps Ruining Your Shot

Caption: “I’m thinking about mounting a taser to my camera.”

4. When Youtube’s AI Gets A Little Above Its Pay Grade

Caption: “Fuck off YouTube!”

5. They Should Add Another Bullet Point That Says, “must Not Be Able To Put Food On The Table.”

Caption: “That’s asking a lot for no money.”

6. How Not To Treat Your Camera

Caption: “When I saw this man’s camera at a Life in Color party, I cringed.”

7. Learn From His Mistake


Caption: “Camera man goes swimming.”

8. Don’t Neglect The Importance Of The Director’s Phone

Caption: “Director wanted his phone charged.”

9. To Be A Great Filmmaker, Use What You Have

Caption: “POV child rig, when you don’t have a child.”


10. If You Close Your Eyes, It All Looks The Same

Caption: “Client Brief vs. Client Budget.”

11. A Quick Guide To Client Speak

Caption: “Clients are nuts. This quick cheat sheet explains what clients really mean when providing feedback.”

12. And Now…a Quick Message From Our Sponsors.


Caption: “I had the idea to do an ad for cocaine in the style of a prescription drug commercial, so I made this logo. Is it funny? Should I produce the whole thing?”

13. Now That’s Just Showing Off!

Caption: “That’s one crazy SOB.”

14. And If You Have To Show Off, Show Off Wearing A Cycling Outfit!

Caption: “Crazy steady cam rig.”

15. Here’s What It’s Like To Travel With A Filmmaker


Caption: “I feel…destiny?”

16. Weird Set Habits

Caption: “A buddy of mine was talking about weird set habits, and inspired me to make this…”

17. Rite Of Passage?

Caption: “We transformed our living room into an edit party! Nerd times ahead!”

18. When Clients Offer You Exposure

We’ve all been there. When all a client is offering you is “exposure,” just say no.

19. As A Filmmaker, You Should Get Used To Guns Being Waved In Your Direction

Caption: “Filming a rap video be like.”

20. Not A Robbery


Caption: “I was filming a scene where a teen steals beer from a convenience store. After two takes, we had to put up this sign.”

21. Final, Final, Final


Caption: “I think we have all been in this situation..”

22. When You Screen Your First Film

Caption: “I premiered my first short film at my local theater yesterday!”

23. Getting Out Of Hand

Caption: “When your GoPro accessories start to get out of hand.”

24. Why So Serious!?


Caption: “A sound guy I know just posted this on FB.”


25. Gotta Pay Those Bills

Caption: “My boss doesn’t know…”

26. True Or False?


Caption: “I am a film student. This was a question on my sound recording test.”

27. Over To You, Mr Smith.


Caption: “Why Kevin Smith is awesome…”

28. There’s No Such Thing As Violent Movies, Only Violent Minds


Caption: “Tarantino, in response to Kill Bill being a violent movie.”

29. The Mind Of Kubrick

Caption: “Stanley Kubrick answers a question.”

30. Step 1: Make Sure You’re Getting Paid


Caption: “Here’s a list of terms and phrases to help the young generation of filmmakers who are just starting out looking for new gigs.”

31. So, You Want To Make Movies When You Grow Up?


Caption: “Living the dream!”

32. Notes From A Douchebag

Caption: “Conversation I had with a rapper/DJ today.”

33. If You Don’t Have The Mug, You Ain’t Mr. Video

Caption: “$0.20 thrift store mug.”

34. New Quadcopter


Caption: “We got a new quad-copter for our video company and can’t seem to get it to carry our camera. Any tips?”


35. Need A RED To Make Movies?

Caption: “Hey guys, I bought a Red Camera! I’m gonna go make movies now!”

36. You Have No Power Here

Caption: “When you show up on location without having done a tech scout.”

37. Slavery May Be In The History Books, But It’s Also Advertised On A Job Site Near You


Caption: “The balls on this guy! ‘Edit video anytime I need you’ and, ‘You will not get paid at all!’”

38. This Premises Is Filmed By 35mm Cameras At All Times

Caption: “Gotta suck having to change the film every 12 minutes.”

39. Never Work With Children…

Those moments when an overzealous camera girl grabs the camera.

40. …or Animals…

Caption: “Just pan over to the left Barry”.

41. “this Girl Is On Fire!”

Getting heated! A little schadenfreude for any photographer who’s ever got in the way of your shot whilst you’re filming an event!

42. This Check Is More Expensive To Print


Caption: “I’m sorry for all y’all who can’t make it in Hollywood. Why, today, I received another residual check for a film I was in years ago. It’s great to make the big bucks.”

43. Speechless


Caption: “So I submit a video project to my videography teacher in 1080p on Youtube. His response left me speechless.”

44. The Modern Filmmaker Should Adapt And Become A Shot-list Cyborg


When in doubt, always attach the shot list to your arm.

45. Student Film Festivals: Where Weirdness Is Accepted


Caption: “I’m projecting at a College. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

46. Must Have Missed The Memo

Caption: “Talent came in for a taping wearing this…”

47. Camera Department Struggles Are Real


Caption: “Camera waiting on sound.”

48. Weapon Of Mass Production


Caption: “Our entire campus just got shut down because a “gunman” was on campus. Turns out, it was just my friend with a monopod shooting a web series. Does a monopod look like an AK-47? Because the cop pointing a gun at him sure thought so.”

49. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Caption: “When the client touches your gear.”

50. The Perfect Candidate Needs To Be God-fearing!

Caption: “So I guess Job Requirements have gotten pretty strict lately.”

51. X Marks The Spot

Caption: “Someone forgot to pull the marks on X-Files…”

Think you can come up with better captions? Let us know in the comments below!