Links in the header of the channel play a significant role, they are very often passed by users of Youtube.

Inserting there links to their soc. network, project team or site, you are guaranteed to convert part of the traffic from Youtube to subscribers on these resources.

You can add there any links, even to partner products on your main subject. Many people do this by monetizing their channel from scratch.

If you have a new channel, the links in the header are not immediately displayed.

To add links to the YouTube channel, you need to go to the section “About the channel” and find the “Links” button below.

How to Add links to Youtube Channel

Or the second option is to put the cursor on the header of the channel and in the upper right corner click on the appeared pencil, where you need to select the item “Edit links“.

Displayed in the header can be a maximum of 5 links, you can immediately select the desired number and click “Add”.

Press “Done” and see what happened in the cap.

In early 2014, Youtube hide tags from the public. They became visible only to the authors of the video, or when using certain browser applications or through special sites. The reason for this decision is not clear, but there are still ways to see tags.

How to look at tags on Youtube?

Here are some ways to look at tags on YouTube:

1. Plug-in from VidIQ

If you use Chrome or Torch, you can install the VidIQ application.

With it, you can see not only tags on all videos, but also a lot of other useful things, for example, the number of comments on this video on facebook, votes on Reddit, membership in a particular multichannel network, and much more. Also, if you use this application, you can see if the video falls on the first page of the YouTube search  (The Prodigy – Wild Frontier) – the first result for queries for “Wild Frontier” and “The Prodigy”, the third for “Prodigy” and the ninth by “The Day Is My Enemy”. Plus, with this plugin, you can create cool icons for your videos.

2. The plugin from SocialBlade

SocialBlade is the most authoritative site for providing statistics on YouTube. With it, you’ll see the number of subscribers for each day brought by a video, the approximate revenue from the video, and the total statistics for 30 days. This plugin displays information on the video itself and adds a separate tab when viewing the channel, where you can see some of the information on the channel without leaving from Youtube.

YouTube maximum video length?

A lot of questions that we get are concerning the youtube maximum video length.

The YouTube Help says that there is currently a restriction:

  • You can not upload videos larger than 128 GB and last longer than 12 hours.
  • If you see a movie longer than 12 hours, then it was loaded before this rule took effect.
  • By default, YouTube can only upload videos up to 15 minutes.
  • To add longer videos, you need to verify your account.