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A good friend of mine died recently. Let’s call him Richard. He had what is called external locus of control. I have internal locus of control.

What is locus of control? According to Wikipedia:

A person’s “locus” (Latin for “place” or “location”) is conceptualized as either internal (the person believes they can control their life) or external (meaning they believe their decisions and life are controlled by environmental factors which they cannot influence, or by chance or fate).

Richard believed that everything that happened to him was the universe’s fault, good or bad – because he had external locus of control.

For me, everything that happens, good or bad, is entirely my fault.

  • Bad personal relationship? My fault.
  • Bad job? My fault.
  • Bad diet? My fault.
  • Unsuccessful business? My fault.

I believe that having internal locus of control can be extremely liberating because I take responsibility for my actions and the actions of others.

Even the actions of others? Yes, as I will explain soon.

A year ago, Richard fell into a depression. This lead him to use and abuse substances that lead to his recent death.

The reason for his depression? He felt stuck. He felt that he was not where he wanted to be. His expectations for himself were up here, but his reality was down there.

The leap from one to the other was too great for him. It was easier to abuse substances and ignore reality.

Steps in the right direction

Realizing your locus of control is a crucial step of recognition on your journey to video business building. Ask yourself what is your locus of control?

If you have external locus of control, you are not ready for the journey – period. The difference between success and failure really is just a mental perspective.

If you have internal locus of control, your mind is ready, but your journey will still not be easy.


Because you will realize that most people have ELC (External Locus of Control).

You know these people. They constantly complain about everything and never do anything about it. They complain about their job, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their weight, etc. The minute you ask about what they’re doing about it, they give excuses or wait for perfect scenarios that you know will never happen.


ELC Is a State of Mind

Why do most people have ELC?

I don’t think it matters, but most of it is how they are raised, their beliefs and confidence in themselves, etc.


My theory is that ELC is the default because it’s human nature. Cavemen didn’t exactly grow up believing they can manipulate their environment. That’s why early humans created gods, fate, destiny, etc.

But in today’s modern age, you have all of the resources and the knowledge to change and improve your life right on your mobile phone. You can take responsibility for your life – you have no excuse.

As you accept responsibility for your life, I believe you must also accept the actions of others around you.

The reason why I accept the actions of others is because it is true that you are the sum of your friends and your associates. I had two business partners that both had ELC.

While I was constantly on the hustle to look for new clients, they waited around for the clients to fall in their laps.

While I worried about how to get the business to the next level, they believed it would happen without worrying about the details.

“Hard work, that’s all we gotta focus on,” they said as they watched TV or played games on the couch.

They were like horses. Horses work hard, but they do not control their fate. They just wait around to get fed, work out in the field, and then return home.

This is why it’s not enough to have internal locus of control. You must find others who also have Internal Locus of Control. Don’t choose horses as your friends. Be the cowboy that rides horses (It’s a sad analogy, I know, but it works!)

If you choose horses for friends, and they hinder rather than help you build your business, then don’t blame them – blame yourself. Take responsibility for choosing the wrong partners or associates.

Why is it bad for you or your friends to have ELC?



People with ELC will wait and wait for the perfect opportunity to act. They want things to fall in their laps.

They wait for success to happen to them, instead of them happening to success.

So if the going gets tough, they will give up – because it’s easier to wait.



People that have ELC will blame others because it’s easier than taking responsibility.

To take responsibility means that there’s something wrong with you. You fucked up and you have to fix it. You have to change.

People hate to change. It’s easier to try to force or wait for other people to change. But to change yourself? Fuggedaboutit!


People that have ELC will depend on others. This creates a mental handicap. Can I do this by myself? No, probably not.

Can I do it if my friends join with me? Yes, probably.

You want someone that can take charge by themselves.

One of my friends wanted to start a side business selling water balloons on the beach. It was a hot ass summer and we all knew water balloons would sell like crazy. We figured everything out, the logistics, how to sell them, where to sell them, etc.

We were all excited and wanted to do this. All my friend had to do was give the word.

It never came. The idea died.

All he had to do was pick a date and we would have helped him for free. Whether it was a success or failure didn’t matter, he should have at least tried it.


He never tried because he had ELC. He depended on us to take charge. I could have easily said, alright, let’s do it this Saturday. But I didn’t because it was his idea and he had to own it.

Locus of Control – In Summary

Get Internal Locus of Control. Be the cowboy, not the horse, and ride with other cowboys.


Do you believe in ELC and ILC? Do you think ILC is inherently better or am I being biased? Do you think I’m full of horse shit? Let me know.

This article was written by Giordano Orellana of Giordany.com.

He’s a USC school of cinematic arts alum from 2009. He started his own production company called Anchorbolt Studios and directed his first feature this year. From Gio: “I want to share as much wisdom as I can so you don’t make the same dumb ass mistakes I made.”