Right after you decide to start a business, it’s worth thinking about how to present your brand in the market. The one must-have thing you need is a high-quality amazing logo.

At least, unless you want to become one of those faceless businesses who get lost in the crowd.  It is impossible to reach a wide audience without a clear corporate identity.

For a couple of years, I’ve been working on Design Contest, and I’ve had the privilege to talk with businesses of different scales. Although almost all of them realized the need for a logo, very few could imagine how it should look.

In general, design skills are not obligatory for a business. But the knowledge of the fundamentals of logo design will greatly simplify the selection of the design company and give you the opportunity to adequately evaluate the results.

Why Is A Logo So Important?

Let’s start with discussing why a logo is important.

It Increases Brand Recall

A high-quality logo helps the brand to stand out from the competition.

It Contributes To The Awareness Of Your Business

The more often people see the logo, the longer it remains in the memory.

It Forms Your Corporate Identity

Logos are widely applied not only to signboards and packaging, but also to business cards, business correspondence, a company’s website and blog.

For example, a logo applied to the shirts of workers contributes to unity and their corporate spirit.

It Causes Desired Feelings And Emotions

This is one of the most important and challenging tasks for the designer.

Of course, you can’t please everyone. But be sure to show the right features of your business. These could be the competitive advantage of your business or some unique peculiarities.

It’s paramount to show you ’re different from dozens and dozens of competitors.

It Contributes To Building Confidence In Your Business

Just the fact you have a high-quality logo indicates the seriousness of your intentions and your desire to create a premium brand.

Still don’t believe you need a logo? Then please check the selection of the most awkward logos ever here .


Have fun!

Signs Of A High-quality Business Logo

In business, a lot of skills may be useful, from being able to draw with a marker on the board to being able to talk with designers in their language.

But, naturally, you can’t be professional in everything at once. Yet you have every chance to get a striking logo if it fits the features below.

1. Unique And Simple

It is perhaps the only rule that you can’t neglect in any case. The logo must be unique not just technically but by its value.

That is, you can’t just take the Apple’s logo, change it somehow, and position it like your personal invention.

  1. Firstly, litigation will follow.
  2. Secondly, your potential customers may get confused and may not differentiate you from the competitor with almost the same logo.

As for the simplicity, it greatly contributes to the perception of your ideas. The best way is to convey “hidden” ideas and values of the business by simple means. That is, a potential client should feel the uniqueness of oneself when he “suddenly” finds out your “hidden” concepts.

Unobvious simplicity is definitely the feature you must strive for.

2. Eye-catching But Balanced

Yes, the concept of beauty is purely subjective. The things some find amazing may confuse others.

Of course, you should not go to extremes by making the logo too sophisticated and colorful. There are many other ways to stand out effectively. The logo has to catch the viewer’s eye, but should not irritate or cause rejection.


A beautiful logo is a harmonious logo.

By the way, no matter how eye-catching your logo is, it should look equally awesome in black-and-white.

Be sure to test it, especially if you’re going to create a reliable brand with a high level of trust. And, of course, consider the psychology of color.

3. Hinting

The logo must call associations with your business, even if you represent video production services, or some other specific field.

Although for any direction it’s possible to find a clear graphical representation, you must not overdo it.  Otherwise, the logo will resemble a Masonic symbol or a complex puzzle.

Such complications won’t benefit your business in the future.

The logo should work on creating impressions/feelings rather than forming the understanding of the specifics of the company. Just evaluate the best logos of recent decades, and everything will become clear.

4. Scalable

Since your logo will be applied to a variety of sources, it must be scalable. That is, made in a vector format.

Use Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and FreeHand.

5. Well-thought And Focused

Before starting the logo design process, you have to carefully study the market. Take into account the following:

The Social Status Of Potential Customers

Mainly, this about the purchasing power of your audience. Don’t enter a “market of poor” with a logo conveying expensive and glamor, unless you want to cause a feeling of discontent and gloominess.

Which, obviously, you shouldn’t want to do!

That would be very bad marketing.

Religious And Geographical Factors

It’s obvious these two factors greatly affect the outlook of people.  People of different cultures may perceive logos differently, depending on the local meaning of various symbolism.

The Political Factor

Depending on the political mood of the core audience, and the industry you’re in, some people introduce a political motif to their logo.


However, opinions are changing rapidly and thus you may need to redesign the logo in future.

A good rule of thumb, at least in most non-political industries, is to keep politics and religion out of business. Stay politically neutral.

In Conclusion

If you’ve started a video business, you have to develop its corporate style along with the logo – a distinctive sign of your brand, which you will apply to business cards, envelopes, pages in social networks, packaging, etc.

A relevant logo will associate your products or services with your brand, thereby increasing your audience. Note that one of the hardest tasks is to change the mindset of your customer base.

It’s much easier to spend enough money, energy and time at the start of your business journey creating an amazing logo and avoid future setbacks.

How did you get on creating your amazing logo? Let us know in the comments below!

Brian Jens is an experienced logo designer from DesignContest. Also, he’s a blogger and a researcher. Brian is constantly in touch with all his readers and other bloggers. Thus, contact him if you want to get interesting and valuable research be done by your ideas.