Almost every student wants to have extra income to cover all the expenses they deal with during college. According to The Guardian’s research, most students work 20 hours a week. The best option to combine work and education is to become an entrepreneur and manage your time by yourself.

If you want to launch a business while studying at college, explore the ideas below and pick the best one that meets all your skills.

Start a Blog

This is one of the most widespread ways to start earning money online. Find what you’re good at and use it to create useful or engaging content on the Internet. This business requires your time, some time, and Internet connection only.

If you’re good at writing, you can create compelling blog posts and share them with a niche audience. There are a lot of platforms for bloggers on the web. WordPress is a great one to start with. Medium, too.

Social media is super effective for this. Feel free to use Instagram and Facebook to attract users and collect subscribers over time.

Do you like filmmaking and know how to create engaging videos? Create a channel on YouTube, and start publishing your videos to get additional income. Google’s partner program allows anyone to earn money for the number of views on their videos.

These ideas for YouTube videos will be helpful to those who don’t know where to start.

Even if you like playing video games, there is a way to convert your favorite pastime into a profitable business. Start streaming ob an online platform like Twitch and collect donations.

business ideas for students

Become a Tutor

Education is a significant process for everyone around the globe. Tutoring is one of the oldest professions. Feel free to help other people learn new skills and get money for this.

For instance, you can teach newcomers in your college how to resolve math problems or write compelling papers with ease. Also, you can share your skills with school students.

Don’t be shy if you have zero tutoring experience. Parents like hiring university students because they know how to communicate with teenagers and explain complicated things simply.

Business Ideas for Students

Create and Sell Online Courses

Do you have particular skills? Feel free to share them online and get additional income. All that you need is a desktop, front-facing camera, internet connection, and video editing software.

Examine our super helpful guide on the top PCs for video editing if you don’t have a powerful desktop yet.

There is no limitation for online tutors on the Internet. If you’re good at creating websites, capture your desktop screen, and supplement it with comments to teach others how to launch a site.

And there’s a large number of topics for video courses:

  • Development,
  • Design,
  • Business,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Photography,
  • Productivity,
  • Health.

You don’t need to pass any certifications to become an online tutor. To start this business, you can sign up on an online platform for freelance tutors like Udemy or create a personal website and sell educational videos online.

Help to Write College Papers

Do you know how to write an A+ academic paper? Use these skills to earn money when you have free time. Do not hesitate to provide assignments writing help to those who experience a lack of time but want to maintain a high college score.


Also, some international students are unable to create appealing college papers due to poor vocabulary. You can earn money by proofreading essays and improving academic papers at college.

Sell Digital Products

Did you know that there are a lot of online marketplaces that pay for digital products? You can create images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, website templates, upload them to these platforms, and get your share from sales.

If you’re good at creating alluring shots, feel free to make stock photos and upload them to an online platform like Shutterstock or DepositPhotos.

Also, online platforms offer you the ability to sell the following items:

  • Photos,
  • Graphics,
  • Audio,
  • Videos,
  • Presentations,
  • Website Templates,
  • Logos.

Are you a software developer? Start working on your portfolio and earn money selling website templates at ThemeForest or TemplateMonster.

Check out how to create top-notch landing pages to boost your sales at an online marketplace.

Launch an E-Store by Using Dropshipping

Do you want to launch your online shop but don’t have money to invest in inventory? Use the dropshipping model to sell goods online. All you need to do is create an online store and start driving traffic.

Dropshipping is the type of online e-commerce business where you can sell products online and get payments from clients. Further, you don’t need to house physical inventory. Just forward an order to a third-party company that will deliver an order on your behalf.

Start Affiliate Marketing Business

This is another way to earn money by selling products without inventory. You can promote products from online stores and get a reward for every new client. Let’s discover how it works in more detail.

For starters, you should reach out to a company that has an affiliate program and become a partner. After this, the company will provide a unique affiliate link that will track all users who come on a website by using your link.

When your clients make a purchase, you get a reward. For instance, Amazon offers up to 10% commission for selling their products.

If you’re reading our list and thinking you’ll struggle with a lack of time, examine the essential productivity tips we put together.

Childcare Services

Parents are always busy. They have dozens of responsibilities and often don’t have time for themselves. Help busy parents to allocate some time by providing childcare services.


It’s a perfect business if you like kids and know how to engage them. You can get a lot of regular customers who will hire you to babysit their children.

Therefore, parents will have enough time to visit the gym in the evening or hang out with friends, etc.

Provide Cleaning and Lawn Care Services

Landlords and house owners know that taking care of their property takes a lot of time and effort. Do not hesitate to offer your help and earn money. You can create a company that helps to maintain lawns, clean swimming pools, tidy houses and more.

Starting this type of business, you will need to invest your time to make money. However, if you collect a lot of orders, you can hire workers and boost your business.

Take Care of Pets

Do you like animals? Don’t lose a chance to earn money by spending time with them.

Help pet owners to take care of their favorites when they have business trips or are otherwise away from home.

Also, you can help with dog walking. This is especially helpful for people who live in apartments and work long hours – take their dogs out to play and let them go wild for an hour or so!

Become a Fitness Instructor

If you’re an athlete or have impressive achievements in sports, you can become a fitness instructor and help others keep themselves fit.

Feel free to use campus facilities to save money. However, don’t forget to get permission from your college first.


Provide Translation Services

Online translation services can interpret a word or phrase perfectly. However, they still don’t provide an uninterrupted translation in live time.

If you’re a bilingual student, feel free to use your skills to provide translation services. You can start with interpreting documents or providing online college homework help to those students who study a foreign language.

Is It Good to Start a Business at College?

A lot of people think that a part-time job or business has a negative impact on students. It can distract students from education and worsen their college scores.

In reality, it helps to achieve the primary aim of a higher institution – train students to be self-sustaining adults or can run their lives effectively.

By running a business, students learn how to earn money, manage their time, prioritize their lives, and communicate with clients. All these are crucial things that help to prepare students for a grown life.