Are you having trouble getting subscribers or views on your YouTube channel? Are you a beginner who wants to learn the many ways to create successful YouTube channels? If so, keep reading this article as we explain how to succeed on YouTube.

Why YouTube?

I think most people can agree that YouTube has replaced television at this point. In many locations, more people are watching YouTube than television.

YouTube’s wide variety of content has made it so popular today. You would barely find anyone who is not familiar with YouTube these days.

Most websites do not age well, but this is not the case with YouTube. YouTube has been growing non-stop ever since its launch. It has now become the world’s second-largest search engine. Only behind parent company Google.



What Is Youtube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website, where users can upload and share videos.

The company was founded in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. YouTube’s headquarters are located in San Bruno California.

It is owned by Google Inc., the online search engine company based out of Mountain View California.



One reason why most content creators choose to make videos on YouTube is the way YouTube can reward you with ad earnings.

Famous YouTube channels that get millions of views every week earn a lot of money.

And when other people see this, they want to do the same. This is why YouTube’s popularity is so immense.

how to succeed on youtube

How To Succeed On YouTube

So before you join YouTube, ask yourself, why do you want to become a YouTuber?

If your goal is to do it as something for fun or copy someone, it will likely not succeed.

On the other hand, you’ll likely succeed if you’re doing YouTube for passion and are quite serious about your account’s growth.

Thus, the first thing you need to become a successful YouTuber is getting an answer for why do you want to become a YouTuber.

After that, you need to think with a clear mind about several things. Do not release your first video in too great a hurry!

Sometimes it’s important to look at classic mistakes that other people make so that we don’t fall for the same issues.


How To Succeed On YouTube

Here are some things that people do wrong when they become YouTubers:

1. Thinking About Money Too Much

Most people that start YouTube nowadays only care about making money as fast as possible. This is a bad mentality, to begin with.

You can never succeed on YouTube if you value money over good content.

In the beginning, provide your audience with great videos.

Once you reach a certain level, you will easily be earning a lot of money. But to get to that level, you need to focus on what content you are providing.

Upload high-quality videos regularly on your channel, and you will soon see growth.

Sometimes a lot of people get discouraged by the number of views they get when they have just started.

This is also wrong.

You will almost always get under 100 views on your first video on YouTube. Focus on just being consistent, and you will see how you succeed gradually.

how to succeed on youtube

2. Waiting For The Perfect Time

Most people who think about becoming YouTubers never become one because they always wait for the perfect moment to release their first video.

These people always have some excuses as to why they have not made any videos yet.

Some are waiting for a perfect recording studio, while others keep procrastinating.

To those procrastinating, you guys need to go and make a video about whatever you like right now.

To those waiting for a better camera or a better equipment to start making YouTube videos, you need to start making videos with whatever you have.

Most mobile phones nowadays have a good enough camera to record yourself. You can also purchase a cheap mic to record your voice.

A lot of genres of YouTube do not even require cameras. One of these popular genres is commentary videos. Commentary videos are going crazy viral on YouTube.

And the only two things you need to start a commentary YouTube channel are a screen recorder for your computer/mobile and a mic.

The editing process can also be very simple, depending on how you want to edit. A lot of people have found great success in entertaining their audience through good editing skills, too.

In the end, don’t give yourself reasons not to start.

3. Being Inconsistent

If you want to become successful at YouTube, you need to have consistency. Without consistency, you are doomed to fail no matter what.

What you may notice in a lot of YouTube channels is that there may be just one or two good videos out of hundreds.

This is because people don’t prepare beforehand for the videos they are going to upload. They might have a couple of video ideas that they think are decent.

But after that, people get confused about what to upload. So don’t be that person. Think about at least 10-15 different video ideas before you even upload your first video.

This way, you will not have to worry about what to upload. As you upload one or two videos, recheck the ideas list and think of even more ideas beforehand.

If you can’t think of an idea, you can follow trends in the online communities you’re a part of. Making videos about trending topics will help you get new subscribers and viewers in no time.

For example, a movie reviewer would make a video review of the movie that is currently trending the most instead of reviewing other movies.

4. Unoriginality

People love things that are new and different to them. The audience always appreciates innovative content.

Even though being creative and innovative might be a bit risky, if it works, it can do wonders for you.

Coming out with something new that people have never seen before can either go terribly wrong or amazingly right. Where it goes depends on your creativity and abilities.

The reason why a lot of YouTubers don’t get many views or subscribers is that their content is not original.

Even though their videos may be entertaining and of high quality, people wouldn’t click on the video since they have seen other content similar to that. This is why many new content creators who create a gaming channel don’t succeed.

Even though their gaming channel may be extremely funny and entertaining, people don’t click on the videos since there are already hundreds of thousands of gaming channels on YouTube.

The competition in gaming videos is just way too high. You will have to get extremely lucky to become popular through gaming videos.

Therefore, it is much better if you choose something a bit different than what everyone else is doing.

Make videos that catch people’s attention, and when they click on your video, your job is to maintain their attention.

Clickbait may not be the most ethical way of grabbing people’s attention, but it does work a lot of the time.

5. Not Using YouTube Tricks

Many newbies don’t know how the YouTube algorithm works, so they do nothing when uploading a video. Do not be like them. Go in prepared and beat the YouTube system.

Make sure you know how to correctly use SEO when filling out all the details of the video.

You can use the keywords in the description of the video and the title as well. Do not overdo anything – keep it easy and simple.

If you think the video you have made deserves millions of views, you can use the Featured Videos section of YouTube.

This is a paid feature that will advertise your video on people’s home page. This will help get you some viewers.

If those viewers like the video, they will tell their friends about it or even share it on their social media. This way, it could go viral. But that is only possible if the video deserves those millions of views.

How To Succeed On YouTube – Wrap Up

If you have a passion for YouTube, keep making videos, and you will eventually succeed. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what you can do and the audience you can build on YouTube!

We hope this guide to how to succeed on youtube has been super helpful for you. Have you made your first video on YouTube yet? Tell us all about it in the comments below!