Learning filmmaking in video form is fantastic. Getting that hands-on, demonstration-based approach to learning filmmaking is key. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best filmmaking YouTube channels.

We’ve included both filmmaking and film industry-based channels here, as well as some that specialize in video production and the business side of both.



What Are Filmmaking YouTube Channels?

YouTube has been a great platform for many filmmakers to share their work with the world. Many YouTubers have found success through YouTube, which is why it’s no surprise that there are so many filmmaking channels on YouTube, offering tutorials and more.

These channels allow people who might not be able to attend film school or afford expensive equipment an opportunity to learn how to make films and experiment with new ideas to increase their knowledge of directing, camera angles, lighting, etc.

Yes, filmmaking YouTube channels are a great way to learn about the art of filmmaking.

There are many tutorials and helpful hints that you can find on these channels, such as how to edit footage in Adobe Premiere Pro or how to get your camera set up for night vision shots.

You can also watch interviews with filmmakers who discuss their successful career moves and more. YouTube has everything!



Some of these will be YouTube accounts that you’ve heard about and some might be new to you.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 27 Best Filmmaking YouTube Accounts:

Best Filmmaking YouTube Channels

We’re going to include a link to each channel, as well as some information about the channel and what they specialize in. We’ve also included a popular video from each channel, so that you know what you’re getting with each account.

1. Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen.

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“Film Riot is the best of the bunch. Serving as an on-demand film school, this series stands out as a prime example of under-the-radar geeks who carved out a DIY niche thats both useful and entertaining”. – Wired.com

2. Basic Filmmaker

PRACTICAL FILMMAKING – I’ve helped thousands make their channels, films and videos better.  How about you?

ASK A QUESTION, GET AN ANSWER – I answer EVERY video comment and question posted (16,000 and counting).


I cover all things film, filmmaking, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, sound and audio, lighting, lenses, editing, cameras, gear, acting, scripting, storyboards, and more.   Even been known to do some DIY stuff too.



Why Should You Watch Filmmaking YouTube Channels?

Filmmaking YouTube channels are a great way to learn about filmmaking from the comfort of your own home.
They can teach you everything from how to set up lights, camera angles, and editing techniques to what it’s like on set with other filmmakers.

• Learn how to make exceptional videos from professional filmmakers.

• Get access to tutorials, how-to videos, and interviews.

• See what it takes to become a successful filmmaker.

• Get inside tips from industry professionals on the latest filmmaking technology and techniques.

• Learn creative, life-changing filmmaking skills in a fun and engaging way.

• Build your brand as an aspiring filmmaker by producing quality content that can be shared with everyone.

• Watch tutorials for free to find out how to make money while pursuing your passion.

• Learn now to monetize your YouTube channel.



3. DSLRguide

DSLRguide is a resource for filmmakers who want to learn about all aspects of filmmaking.

“My journey as a filmmaker has been a constant realisation that there is a lot more to learn. From the early days of obsessing over equipment, then realising that lighting makes more of a different than any camera or lens setup. Following that, I began to realise that even if the lighting looks amazing, that doesn’t really determine the quality of a film. Now I’m all about learning to tell stories, to use film as a method of communication.”

Would you like to learn how to get more video production clients? Click the image below to get your free, downloadable guide to getting more video clients and growing your video company!

4. Cinecom.net

Cinecom is a video production and online training company based in Belgium, Europe. The organisation is founded in 2014 by host and producer Jordy Vandeput. The company focuses on the production of commercial videos and shares the experiences gained from the field in the form of online tutorial videos, courses, blog articles and more.

5. Tom Antos

Tom Antos is a director, cinematographer and visual effects / animation artist – all rolled into one. He has directed the feature film “Under Black Skies”, as well as numerous short films and music videos. In addition, he has fourteen years of experience in the areas of visual effects, CGI and animation. This work has earned him several awards, including Telly, Promax BDA and Worldfest Gold Remi. Tom’s professional experience ranges from large Hollywood productions like “Bait” and “Everyone’s Hero” to small budget DIY projects.

Tom has been sharing his filmmaking experience and knowledge through online tutorials that have gained a large and loyal audience on YouTube and Vimeo. His tutorials have been seen over two million times on YouTube alone, and his YouTube channels have over ninety thousand subscribers and twenty five million views.

Tom’s tutorials have been featured in many filmmaking communities, including the Indy Mogul’s Awesome Director Project. They have helped a great many indie filmmakers who dare to aim high while working with shoe-string budgets.

6. Justin Odisho

Host Justin Odisho explores the world of creativity, business, social media, entrepreneurship and more via solo audio shows and guest interviews!

“Notably, my work teaching the Adobe Creative Cloud software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects has helped millions of aspiring creatives around the world.”

7. Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ (which also goes by the aliases Who?, FilmmakerIQ.com and FIQ to evade debt collectors) is worshiped by no less than five monotheistic religions on Earth despite their petulant childish behavior, persistent meddling in the space-time continuum, and clear bipolar disorder. FIQ is the largest black hole of film knowledge in the universe.

With over 3.4 billion courses on a subjects such as, Ways to successfully acquire both arm rests at a movie theater, Why do all the evil people in Star Wars have a British accent? and Martin Scorsese’s Eyebrows. FIQ’s video lectures are hailed educators, non-educators as well as people who are against the concept of education on moral grounds.

8. Aputure

Aputure was founded in 2005 by a team of inspired photographers and filmmakers who wanted to create high-quality content, but struggled with steep cost of equipment needed to do so.

Determined to create professional-grade equipment at an affordable price, they started Aputure: the first company to provide affordable camera accessories with the quality and functions needed to fully realize any creative vision.

As a part of the creative community, Aputure continues to develop for the ever-expanding needs of budding artists. Each member of our team has felt the burning desire to bring a creative vision to life at all costs. We’re here to keep that fire alive.

9. Kai W

Kai was formerly with DigitalRev TV. Lots of great videos on gear, including reviews and hands-on tips & tricks.

10. Dave Dugdale

Dave offers some fantastic DSLR, equipment and shooting guides on his YouTube channel.

“I got my first DSLR camera in March of 2010 ever since then I have been learning how to shoot video with it and other small cameras over the years. Come along with me as I learn how to shoot video. I do not describe myself as a cinematographer or video expert, but I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.”

11. RocketStock

Curated collection of Video Elements and After Effects templates for video editors and producers.

12. The Film Look

DIY and Micro-Budget tricks and tips on how to make your film achieve the heavenly “film look”“.

Rob & Rich, two filmmakers from the North East of England, try to tackle what it takes to make a movie look more like the Hollywood equivalent.

13. Neumann Films

Tutorials, short films, and so much more.

14. Indy Mogul

Indy Mogul is the first network for the YouTube generation of independent filmmakers. We focus on DIY effects, filmmaking tips, and showcasing creative work.

15. Kaptainkristian

“I make short video essays on film, television, comics and all facets of pop culture. Any support I get from the community will be put into freeing up time to research the material.”

16. Peter McKinnon

“I teach things about photography and cinematography. Oh, I also VLOG. 🙂 And drink coffee. Lots of coffee.”

17. Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 10 years of his 27-year career has specialized in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera.

18. Film Freak (Zach Ramelan)

“Welcome to my youtube channel! This is a spot for me to post my tutorials, crazy ideas and little vlogs following my filmmaking career.

Things are really speeding up for me and I want you to join me through my success and struggles being a full time filmmaker. There’s allot to learn and I want to share my knowledge, so if you’re interested in hearing me talk about movies, film and all that fun stuff, you’ve come to the right place.”

19. Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame a Painting was a series of video essays about film form, made from April 2014 to September 2016, by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou.

20. James Matthews

“I’m James, a Filmmaker from Essex UK. Check out my Films and Vlogs! I hope you enjoy them!”

21. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat, a Shutterstock company, is a curated royalty free music website that provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.

PremiumBeat’s YouTube channel is dedicated to offering you compelling and helpful tutorials on video editing, video production, motion graphics, and more! From beginners to professionals, our goal is to help you grow your creative skills.

22. YCImaging

Vlogs, music videos, tutorials, equipment tests, tips and tricks.

23. Cinematography Database

Cinematography Database is the creator of Cine Designer for Cinema 4D the industry standard for visualizing real world camera work and lighting in 3D.

24. Final Cut King

Shooting sweet vids & tutorials with cool effects. Hope you enjoy and learn a lot!  New video every week.

25. VFX Bro

YouTube channel focusing on VFX tutorials and the various editing techniques you can use to get cool effects.

26. Video Copilot

High quality After Effects Video Tutorials for motion graphics and visual effects presented by Andrew Kramer.

27. Avid

Behind award-winning films, videos, music recordings, TV shows, live concerts and news broadcasts is Avid Everywhere — providing content creators with the tools to make, manage, store, distribute and monetize content.

Whether you’re in Audio and Music production, Broadcast and Media, or Video Production, Avid addresses your key needs and provides a more efficient way of working.

We hope you’ve found this list of the 27 top filmmaking YouTube channels useful. Feel free to check out the channels, go through their backlog of videos and see which ones resonate best with you. It’s a good idea to have 3-10 channels that you visit regularly and learn from each time you visit.

Happy viewing!

Did we miss a great YouTube filmmaking channel? Which channels do you watch that we didn’t include here? Let us know in the comments below.