This is the 12th instalment of this feature here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, where we chart the best-of-the-best from around the filmmaking and video production world. This article covers the best posts from September 2016.

Every month, I post a round-up article featuring the best things I’ve found around the web on filmmaking and video production. If you missed one, we have a complete archive here.

We’re talking articles, videos, infographics, all sorts. Anything that stands out to me and that I think is worth keeping in an archive, I’m going to include in these reports.

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The Best Posts Of September 2016

After winding down the summer period, it’s supposed to get more quiet around here. But both in my video production company’s terms, and Filmmaking Lifestyle terms, I’ve been busier than ever this month.

In fact, this month (September) ranks as the month with the post articles posted of all time. That’s pretty cool!

Yes, I’ve been busy around here and I’ll get into the new articles on the site down below. Just some admin stuff to get us kicked off first.

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So without further ado, let’s get into this month’s wrap-up and see the best posts on filmmaking and video production from around the web!

Filmmaking & Video Production

Robert Towne and director David Fincher sit down for an informative and interesting commentary that examines the many facets of Chinatown.

Did you know that there’s such a thing as the IMSDb (Internet Movie Script Database)? What a resource!

Looking for free music to use in your films and videos? We all know it’s a tough process. Chris, over at up-and-coming blog Go Film Now, has an article on finding music to use in your films and videos. Not only that, but he invites you to use some of his own creations.

Software, Hardware & Visual Effects

Let’s kick off this month with the announcement that Panasonic’s GH5 arrives in mid-2017 with 60fps 4K video. That’s quite the big announcement for filmmakers and videographers!

And not to be outdone, Peta Pixel has news that Sony Unveils the a99 II. Is this the camera the 5D Mk IV should’ve been?

Here’s an interesting video on quadrant framing in the TV show Mr Robot.

There’s news that SanDisk has brought out a 1TB SD card. That’s a lot of storage for an SD card! Jeez.

Here’s a great article on How to Use Color in Film. There are 50+ Examples of movie color Palettes presented by the ever-awesome Studio Binder.

And that’s not all: here’s an awesome infographic by Studio Binder that goes along with the article:

Picture Of The Month

The Picture of the Month this month is a really cool infographic by Zacuto showing the cameras used by various best cinematography Oscar winners over the years.


This one is really worth sharing!

Video Of The Month

Have you ever wondered about the best methods for capturing interviews? Are you an experienced interview shooter looking for a couple of extra tips you might not have come across before?

There’s all that and more in this month’s Video of the Month. YouTube’s Jimber Jam has a detailed video on the 7 Essential Tips for Shooting Interviews:

Find anything else out there that you feel is worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next month’s article, make sure you stay shooting! Cheers!