More than 85% of all internet users in 2022 are consuming videographic content. Video has been a well-loved part of visual entertainment, dominating the top media mediums today.

Its ability to deliver the message while keeping the viewer engaged and stimulated has made it so popular in virtual reality, social media, websites, and email.

It drives the entertainment, education, and marketing aspects of most industries and keeps growing in popularity by the day.

Video Production Trends – Introduction

With the increase in digitalization and influx of new businesses, video marketing can impact the customers today and compel them to buy a product.

That is why most online content creation concerning marketing is seen in the form of video creation today.

Videos make the transfer of information much faster between the producer and viewer: the message is delivered quickly and effectively.

However, there are changing trends in video production as it is gaining popularity.

Here are the most popular video production trends in 2022:

1. Animated Videos

Animation has helped brands create their identity and mascots easily. That is why it is gaining so much popularity at such a rapid pace.

Even big-name companies like Procter & Gamble had an animated mascot hero named Mr. Clean in 1958, and he is still cherished as an integral part of their brand image decades later.

Various companies worldwide want to post their content on video-oriented social media platforms, like Youtube and TikTok.

They are now using videos in every operation, from human resource recruitment to marketing and even in corporate dealings. A good video conveys a message within minutes and is ideal for the fast-paced business world. 

2. Silent Video

Consumer habits keep evolving with time, and they are more inclined towards silent videos these days. Around 85% of short videos that are viewed on Facebook today are being watched without sound.

These videos are often played in the background, and audiences can do their daily chores and activities without having to concentrate on the sound.


This is particularly the case with traditional TV, and playback devices have been a factor in their rising popularity.

Viewers can watch videos on mute while playing video games, using social media, or even just doing their office work.

The work of video production houses is to add products and subtitles to the video content and ensure that absence of audio does not hinder the transmission of the message that needs to be communicated to their viewer.

3. Social Media Video

Social media is the need of the day. Social media platforms have revolutionized content consumption, dominating the market today.

Video is one of the most-liked content formats on social media, and most businesses are resorting to video content for their social media presence, from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube to TikTok.

Videos that are informative or catchy, with vibrant tones and attention-grabbing introductions, get the most views and are most likely to stay in the viewers’ minds.

4. Short Format

People’s attention span is decreasing each day due to instant gratification from social media.

The demand for long videos has declined, and video production is now moving towards short videos that are engaging and captivating for the viewer.

Along with catering to consumer preferences, short videos get the message delivered in no time.

These are popular across mediums like TikTok and Instagram and are now a significant part of media consumption habits developed in a society.

5. Looping

TikTok is revolutionizing the video content industry, especially through its integrated features.

TikTok’s looping video feature has made it easier for the platform’s content creators to gain views and provide consistent content.

This also applies to businesses that use TikTok as one of the mediums for marketing. These short looping videos stay in the memory of the viewer and are therefore perfect for product marketing.

These are much similar to GIFs and can be made in many entertaining ways. They are making a huge impact on the overall marketing and video creation industry. 

6. Live-streaming

Live streaming took its time to gain widespread popularity. Today, it is one of the most liked and sought-after formats of modern media and is used by brands and content creators worldwide.

Live streams are longer in duration today and can even go up to an hour or more. Brands directly employ them to market their products and enable video producers to maximize the marketing in the video format.

They facilitate the interaction between viewers and creators, too, as audiences can ask questions and have them answered in real-time.  

7. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos keep the viewer engaged and hooked to the content being shown.

These videos include quizzes, polls, comments, and even reactions from the viewers. It promotes two-way communication.

This form of video production can be integrated with shoppable videos and live streaming.

This trend is gaining popularity much faster today, and the demand is skyrocketing.

You can even host interactive live sessions with giveaways to keep the viewer more engaged throughout the video.

This is an excellent time to market the products of any brand, as you will have undivided attention from the viewer.


8. Sponsored Videos

Content creators work in an extremely competitive industry where they earn a living by making videos.

This has led video-makers to find substitutes for ad-based monetization. Such policies are usually favored by social media platforms like YouTube.

Brands are now seeking influencers to seamlessly promote their products to the masses through their content.

A major advantage of making sponsorship deals with any brand is that content creators are able to generate a more stable income.

This incentives more people to jump on the bandwagon of becoming content creators and making sponsored content for the client brands.

9. Instructional Videos

YouTube is full of instructional content, and it is watched in masses all across the world.

Companies that provide solution-oriented products are now integrating video manuals on their website to help users learn about the usability and functionality of the product.

The demand for instructional videos is more significant than ever today, and even Google searches favor this type of content to get the most interaction. 

Educational systems are resorting to videos, too, by creating entire school curricula in video formats to enable online learning and mass education.

This makes education accessible to everyone beyond geographical or socio-economic immobility.

Even governments are now resorting to instructional videos, especially when trying to get public healthcare messages across to the citizens.

The demand for making these videos is soaring, and this is just the right time to enter the ever-increasing market.

10. Shoppable Videos

A big trend that has emerged this year and disrupted the e-commerce and e-business industry is the use of shoppable videos.

These videos enable the viewer, who is a potential customer, to purchase a product shown in the video right away.

This creates convenience for customers and takes advantage of impulsive buying patterns.

A customer can buy the product within a few minutes, saving them from the hassle of searching for the product once the video is over.

A button leading to the store is included in the video, which makes the marketing more accessible and more actionable.

In the boom of e-commerce during the lockdown period, shoppable videos were disruptive for businesses and enabled them to earn supernormal profits.

Most brands now seek professional services from video production companies to help them with their shoppable videos.

11. Vlogging

Vlogging is loved by a wide range of audiences as it is highly interactive and realistic.

Significant influencers and companies now use vlogging for marketing their products in a much more subtle way.

They can get messages to reach customers through such videos. It is much easier to segment the target audience in vlogging as well.

This trend is probably here to stay, especially among the younger generations.

12. Vertical Videos

Vertical videos are gaining popularity in this decade. These are videos shot in portrait orientation instead of landscape orientation.

They started gaining popularity in 2017 when social media began accepting portrait shot videos.

Snapchat and Instagram support this form of vertical videos today, and they continue to gain popularity on TikTok.

Vertical videos are filmed a lot closer to the face of the subject, making them more intimate and honest. 

Video Production Trends – Endnote

Video technology has evolved immensely over the last year, as have video production trends.

If you own a video production house or agency or are planning to start one from scratch, you must know what is trending and what is not.

These trends are changing rapidly, and it is vital to keep up to deliver the best marketing for your client and stay in business.

Animated videos, silent videos, social media videos, vlogging, shopping videos, and even live streaming are leading the market today.

These forms are widely accepted and liked across all social media and traditional media forums and are perfect for marketing a product and gauging the viewer’s interest.

If you are searching for reliable video production companies to help you create video content for your brand, you should check out Minneapolis Video Production Companies, which specialize in all forms of video content production.

Researching each company thoroughly beforehand will ensure that you make a well-formed investment in your marketing so that you can reap the fruits over the longer run.