Every filmmaker knows that getting feedback from clients is a good thing. It’s an opportunity to improve your work, make your clients happy, and get more business.

In this article, we’ll learn how to get great client feedback, and use it to improve our video production skills.

So, what is client feedback? It’s simply any comment or suggestion that the client has to help you improve the final product.

For example, they might say they want more stock shots of people in their film.

Or they might request more music during the editing phase. Clients can give feedback at any time – when you’re shooting scenes on location, during editing, or after you’ve submitted the final deliverables.

Now let’s talk about why getting client feedback is important for filmmakers.


Get Client Feedback To Improve Video

What Is client feedback For A video?

Clients don’t always know what they want. They know what they don’t want, but not always what they do want, so it’s up to you to figure that out.

That’s why it’s so important to get client feedback for your videos as early and often as possible.

One reason why video production can be different from other creative services is that it’s more difficult to get the client’s feedback. It’s easy enough to ask for feedback on a design, but the client has to watch your video in order to give you feedback on it.

That means that getting feedback can take up quite a bit of the client’s time. If he or she has never worked with a video production company before, he or she might not know what type of feedback is helpful.



What Is Client Feedback On A Video?

If you’re involved in a video project with a new client, it’s important to set expectations early on and establish how you’ll both communicate during the process of creating the video.

Client feedback is what the client said about your ad or project. It can be positive, such as “I really liked your product.”

Or negative, such as “I didn’t like how long it took to get here.” When you get feedback on your ad or project, it can help you improve future ads or projects.

Telling stories and conveying emotion can be difficult in order to keep things professional and simple.

How To Spark Client Feedback That’ll Improve Your Video

If you’re creating video content for your clients, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget to include: some way of getting real time feedback.


This feedback will help you create better videos in the future and make your clients feel more connected to their projects.

Over the years I’ve learned that a lot of video producers are reluctant to ask their clients for feedback on the video they just produced. It’s understandable.

After all, producing a video is a long and tedious process and producers want to be left alone after it’s done. They don’t want to have to deal with emails, phone calls or Skype requests for changes or adjustments.

But the truth is that a good producer will always strive for excellence and, if anything, feedback will allow you to get even better at what you do.

I always ask my clients for feedback after finishing a project and I think it makes them feel valued. Sometimes they send me an email with notes from the last meeting, sometimes I hear from them over Skype or even in person when I go back to their office to pick up my gear.

Since I started asking my clients for feedback, I learned a lot of things that I was doing wrong, and it made such a huge positive difference on my work.

Why Do You Need To Get Feedback On Video?

There are different reasons why you need to get feedback on video before you launch it. This can help improve your products or services to make sure that they are right for the market and that they will be successful once you launch.

Feedback on video can give you a lot of insight into how people are going to react to your product and how they view it. This is important because even when a product is perfect, people need to feel like there is value in it for them.

Feedback is going to allow you to understand if the product is worth what you are asking for it. If people don’t see how the product will be useful to them, then they aren’t going to perceive that there is value in it.

By getting feedback on video, you can find out if your product has any weak points or if there are areas where your customers are confused by what they see. You can then go back and fix those problems before you release the final product.

Getting feedback on video allows you to make sure that everything looks as professional as possible and that there isn’t anything that would turn someone away from your products or services. 

Effective Tips For Providing Clear Feedback On Video

It’s not easy to critique others effectively, but the truth is that it’s an essential part of the process if you want to be taken seriously. This is important for freelancers who are working with clients and also for employees who are providing feedback to their colleagues.

Telling others what they did wrong and how they can improve isn’t always fun, but with the right approach, you can make it a lot easier for everyone involved.

Below are some tips for providing clear, effective video feedback:

Promptly provide constructive criticism. If you see something that needs improvement, don’t wait until the end of the project to tell the person what they did wrong and how they can improve.

You don’t want to wait too long since your feedback may be forgotten or ignored if it comes much later in the process. The sooner you give your feedback, the sooner your recipient can use it to make improvements.

Letting people know when they’ve done a good job is just as important as providing negative feedback when necessary. If you only point out all of the things that someone did wrong, his or her motivation will likely suffer rather than improve.

Instead, look for positive aspects of what people do and let them know about those things as well. This will encourage your recipient.

What Are Video Collaboration And Feedback Tools?

Video collaboration tools are a type of video conferencing tool that help users to quickly connect and share their screen with other people. They are also known as screen sharing or whiteboarding tools. These video conferencing tools are used to allow multiple people to view, move, edit and draw on shared slides or screens.

This is ideal for presentations and meetings as they prevent the need for an individual to prepare any materials in advance. Video collaboration tools are also used by software developers to share code with others remotely so that they can collaborate and discuss changes.

A number of these video conferencing tools allow users to record their discussions so that the presenters can review them later.

Video conferencing is particularly suited for those who work in remote locations since it does not require the use of expensive travel or other materials. It is also useful for anyone who needs to communicate with others from different parts of the world since it makes no difference where the users are located as long as there is a good internet connection.

These video conferencing tools allow team members to share ideas, collaborate and make decisions without having to be physically in the same place at the same time

Most Effective Customer Feedback Methods

When it comes to customer feedback, many businesses focus on the wrong things. They want to know what customers are saying about their products, but they don’t ask whether or not those customers would actually recommend their business to others.

In fact, research shows that word-of-mouth is 40 times more likely to influence a purchase than any form of brand advertising. The problem with most customer feedback methods (like surveys and comment cards) is that they don’t provide the data you need to turn customers into evangelists.

What are the most effective customer feedback methods? Consider these three:

Social media.

Social media has changed the way people communicate, so it’s no surprise that it’s changing the way companies collect customer feedback.

But if you use social media for customer surveys and comments, you won’t get any value unless you listen to what your customers are saying and respond to their concerns. You can also use social media to ask for specific recommendations about how to improve your business (but don’t just ask for a five-star review).

Focus groups.

Focus groups allow your customers to share their thoughts about your business in a relatively controlled setting. This allows you to get much more actionable information than you would from a survey or comment card system. 

Collecting Customer Feedback Is Crucial

Collecting customer feedback is crucial when you are running an ecommerce store. The more you know about what your customers want, the better you can cater to their needs and ultimately build a loyal customer base.

The following are some of the best ways to collect customer feedback:

Social Media.

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to talk directly with your customers.These social media platforms allow your customers to make their voices heard, which means that you can use these sites as a way to listen in on what they want.

By constantly listening to what your customers have to say, you will be able to give them the products that they want and need.


A survey is one of the easiest ways to collect customer feedback. This can be done through email or by using a third-party tool like SurveyMonkey or Qualaroo.

When creating a survey, it is important to keep it short and concise so that your customers don’t feel like they are wasting their time answering it.

 Make sure that you offer incentive for every survey that you send out so that people have a reason to participate.:Customer InterviewsAnother way of collecting customer feedback is by conducting interviews with your most loyal customers. 

What Is Vidmonials For Client Feedback On A Video

Vidmonials is the future of customer feedback. It is a video based customer testimonial platform that allows businesses to capture real customer videos on their smartphones or computer and receive feedback and testimonials with minimal effort.

The platform also allows businesses to create a video library of past customer feedback which can be used for new marketing campaigns, press releases and business development.

Vidmonials allows users to capture videos on their smartphone or computer and receive feedback in seconds. Vidmonials uses facial recognition software so that the user can just have their webcam on, press record and answer questions about the business experience they are having.

The software then transcribes the audio from the video into text so that not only does the business get an audio recording but also a written version of the customer’s thoughts as well as a picture of them giving you the thumbs up or down. The picture of them giving you the thumbs up or down can be used for social media campaigns or any type of marketing material.

What Is Clipchamp For Client Feedback On A Video

ClipChamp is an easy-to-use video feedback tool for your clients. You can use ClipChamp to collect feedback from clients, upload video files and get relevant data on every video that your clients watch.

Collecting client feedback can be a tricky thing to do. Emails are often ignored and direct phone calls can sometimes seem intrusive and irrelevant.

When it comes down to it, getting feedback from your client requires you to sit in front of them and have a conversation. This is not only time consuming but also inefficient since we usually end up talking about personal matters rather than the product or service that we are there to discuss.

ClipChamp is here to make this process easier by providing you with an online platform where you can share your videos with your clients, discuss the topic at hand in a structured manner and even receive their feedback at the end of the call.

The ClipChamp interface is simple yet effective. It allows you to share videos with your clients via email as well as integrate them into your existing sales funnel by using our API which provides seamless integration with most major CRMs out there.

You can create unlimited sessions for each video that you upload, giving you complete control over how many times a client needs to watch the video.

What Is Tribevideo For Client Feedback On A Video

Tribevideo is a new web service that allows anyone to create online videos and get feedback from their viewers. You can even turn those feedback comments into data with the help of a service called “Answers.”

Tribevideo isn’t just for video creators, though. It’s also a way to build brand loyalty by providing your customers with a way to engage with your brand through conversation and interaction.

Tribevideo lets you create videos on any topic or subject, whether it’s how-to videos, product demonstrations, testimonials, interviews or inspirational stories. You can also share these videos on Facebook and Twitter.

You can then use “Answers” to collect data from these videos, including feedback from your viewers.

For example, if you have a question about one of your products, you can ask viewers to comment in the video description box below the video. Or if you want to know what viewers like best about your products or services, you can ask them directly in the video.

Then use an app like Google Drive or Microsoft Excel to get an answer at any time. The answers will update automatically as users leave comments and suggestions during the life of the video.