Has your video production company hit that dreaded glass ceiling in recent months? If so, it is time to overcome this hurdle and break down this invisible barrier!

You are not going to catapult your organization right to the very pinnacle of its field if you allow it to stagnate, which is why you must go above and beyond to take it to the next level.

Given the economic uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused, enhancing your business over the next 8-12 month period is not going to be a straightforward task.

If you are to achieve this feat, you are going to need to work hard, remain focused, and put the following advice into practice.

Here are six things you must do to improve your video production company after a pandemic.

video company after a pandemic

1. Optimize Your Marketing Videos

Your company will live and die by the marketing videos that you produce. Video content is your forte, which means that your consumers will expect you to produce ads that are polished, professional, and authoritative.

Should you fail to tick these three crucial boxes, your clients will begin to question your legitimacy as a video production organization.

This will have an adverse effect on your ability to draw custom and, in turn, your capacity to turn over a profit.

Quite simply, your marketing videos must be nothing short of perfect. To consistently achieve this all-important feat, be sure to put the following advice into practice:

  1. Always draw up a storyboard/shooting script before you start creating your content
  2. Ensure that your presenters/interview subjects are prepared before filming takes place
  3. Remember your B-roll footage (shots of satisfied clients, a shot of your workforce hard at work, an external shot of your workspace, etc.)
  4. Keep the ‘Rule of Thirds’ at the forefront of your mind at all times
  5. Avoid contrasting natural and artificial light at all costs
  6. Check the acoustic elements of the location in which you are filming your content
  7. Never be afraid to shoot multiple takes (you need to get this perfect, after all!)
  8. Trim your clips during the importing process, as this will make it easier for you to create your rough cut
  9. ‘Cut on Action’ to avoid jarring the content and distracting the audience
  10. Refrain from using radial wipe transition, as these are widely deemed unprofessional, cheap, and amateurish

video company after a pandemic

2. Meet Your Client Specifications

As a creative professional, you will no doubt understand how it feels to venture down the proverbial rabbit hole.

The more time and effort you invest into a project, the more inclined you feel to put your own ingenious spin on it.

Expressing your creativity is not necessarily a bad thing, as this is what is going to help you differentiate your video production company from the competing pack.

You cannot, however, allow your input to outweigh the wants and needs of your consumers. Quite simply, you must meet client specifications at all times.

If your clients wish to talk about a certain product or express a specific sense of occasion, you must be sure to take their desires into account.

Should you fail to perform this all-important task, you will begin to alienate your consumer base and, in turn, push them into the hands of your competitors.

One thing is for sure — this is not a good business practice!

3. Keep Your Promises

As the age-old adage goes: under-promise, over-deliver.

If you want to cultivate a trustworthy reputation for your video production company, you simply cannot fall through on the promises that you make.

Once you say you are going to do something — whether this is to meet a specific specification or to hit a certain deadline — you need to do it.

Once you start keeping your word and meeting your guarantees, you will find it easier to forge a transparent relationship with your clients.

In turn, this will no doubt make them feel more inclined to return to your company over and over again in the future.

4. Offer Amazing Customer Service

No matter how many hours you spend tucked away in your creative suite, with nothing but your camera and your editing computer to keep your company, you cannot forget the importance of the customer experience.

Your clients do not just want you to provide them with a cutting-edge video production service — they also want you to interact with them on a personal level.

Do you need to up your game when it comes to offering amazing customer service? If so, you must:

  1. Go above and beyond to serve your customers via the channels of their choice
  2. Showcase empathy and respect
  3. Personalize each individual consumer experience
  4. Remain accessible at all times and respond promptly to queries
  5. Make a great first impression (smile, have a firm handshake, wear appropriate attire, etc.)

5. Remember To Take Breaks

As counterproductive as this might sound, you must step away from the camera and take breaks every now and again.

If you spend every working minute dedicated to your workload, you will be liable to suffer from mental fatigue at any second.

This will result in you losing focus, which in turn will result in you producing sub-par work.

If you want to retain a high level of both creativity and productivity over a sustained period, you simply must peel yourself away from your desk from time to time.

When you do decide to unwind, you must find yourself an activity that distracts you from the work you have at hand.

This could entail you going for a walk, listening to music, reading a book, chatting with a co-worker, or playing Blackjack Bonanza on a virtual casino platform such as www.luckynuggetcasino.com/ca/

Whatever pastime you opt to pick up in this instance, just make sure it is not related to video production!

6. Say ‘No’ To Certain Projects

This might also sound somewhat counter-productive, but learning to say ‘no’ to certain projects is something else that you must-do if you are serious about improving your business.

As tempting as it may be to take on every piece of work you are offered, this is a surefire way to kill your creative momentum.

You need to give your video production projects time and space to breathe if you are to stand a chance at optimizing them, which is why you need to become more meticulous in choosing the work that you take on.

Rejecting work might sound scary at first, but it will be sure to benefit you in the long run.

Having the confidence to say ‘no’ in this sense will afford you more control over your work schedule.

This will help you to avoid burning yourself and your staff members out, which in turn will aid you in your bid to circumvent productivity issues.

Now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time for you to start thinking about the future.

Put the difficulties of the past 12 months behind you and start focusing on what the future has in store.

If you put the advice laid out above into practice, you will be sure to take your video production company to the next level this year.