Getting your video production project reviewed and approved by clients is a big part of the video business process. Here’s Soukaina with an article on using the popular app Filestage in order to get your work reviewed and approved.

Working in a video production company, people often face a significant challenge: you want to make your clients happy, so you have to gather their feedback and change requests.

But that takes a lot of time, and it’s often easier said than done. Apart from that, one of your clients usually isn’t very thoughtful when he gives feedback. (That’s why Clients from Hell exists.)

In this article, I’ll show you how to handle both of these problems and still make your clients happy.

video production project reviewed

The Struggle with Client Reviews

Showing your video work to your client works best by presenting it in person, but unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and isn’t always possible.

For instance, because of a long-distance between you and your client, physically meeting could be challenging. Therefore, most of the time, emails and phone calls are the most common means of communication.

The Downsides of Emails and Phone Calls

Emails can turn into total chaos, which exponentially increases when you have a lot of clients and projects on the go. Misunderstandings and unclear statements are easily given, resulting in even more emails and confusion.

Emailing is especially problematic when there are multiple feedback loops, and the client just refuses to be happy with the video.

Phone calls usually work better than emails, but they also have multiple drawbacks:

1. You have to find a way to create an actionable to-do list, including all the change requests your client told you via phone. This list can be quite daunting. Everyone has a solution for it, but none of them are easy or intuitive.

2. You have to be available at the same time as your client. That’s okay for some, but not for others.

3. Nothing that was said within the call is clearly documented and archived. This can lead to problems in the future when you work with multiple team members & clients.

Since we’re all just human, mistakes are natural, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. But where there’s a problem, there’s bound to be a solution, right?

video production project reviewed

You Can Handle Client Reviews with Ease

There are multiple video review & collaboration tools (e.g., or Wipster) out there, but only one focuses on great usability for your clients: Filestage.

Filestage is a client review & creative workflow tool for video production companies.

The user interface is clean and simple so that your clients don’t have to think about how the process occurs. They just click on your review link and start commenting on your video without signing up.

It’s so easy, even your grandmother will get it within 10 seconds. 😉

As a video producer, you can upload storyboards, scripts, soundtracks, or videos. All feedback is automatically turned into an actionable to-do list, which you can mark as completed. Just check the comments and keep track of your progress.

In addition, versioning allows you to invoice projects according to the number of revisions.

video production project reviewed

Relevant Features

Here are the key aspects:

To-Do List that Marks Comments as Done

If there are incoming change requests you want to adapt, a helpful feature is the integrated to-do list. It’s a checklist that appears next to the comments. Having resolved a comment, just tick the checkbox to mark it as done.

Click here to check out this To Do Feature GIF


Projects may surpass different stages of review, which is why you can upload several versions of a file with Filestage.

Also, there are often several groups of reviewers. If you want your coworkers to give you internal feedback to a file before showing it to the client, you probably have many different versions, due to several change requests.

Watch how this problem is solved in Filestage:

Fast Feedback without Signing Up

Thanks to secure review links, your reviewers are able to provide feedback without signing up. When reviewers open your link, they don’t need to reveal any personal information.

Rather, they can immediately view the files and comments. They’ll only be asked for their names after they leave a comment.

Click here to check out this Crowd Review GIF

How Filestage Is Different than Wipster and

Wipster and are other solutions for this video business issue. Let’s look at some of the ways in which Filestage is different from those:

Lean Design & Easy to Use

Knowing how confusing some software tools can get, we did our best to keep our user interface as sleek and self-explaining as possible.

Recently, we’ve just redesigned our project dashboard, so it has an even clearer display. It’s also possible to sort your projects and files.

Great Mobile Usability

You can use Filestage on all kinds of devices, including your notebook and smartphone. The front end is completely responsive, which simplifies mobile use.

It Has Versatility Across Several File Types

Compared to tools like Wipster or, Filestage isn’t only focused on video content, but also on images, audio files, and PDF documents. That means that you have a bigger diversity of file types, which you can put up for review.

Get Started Now & Get Your Video Production Project Reviewed (+ a bonus just for you)

Clearly, the best way to give feedback is to meet up personally and discussing things. But in real life, this scenario doesn’t always work out. With Filestage, you can easily get your video production project reviewed and approved by clients.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read, feel free to try Filestage out for yourself. As a reader of Filmmaking Lifestyle, you can get your free trial extended by 30 days.

Just send a quick, informal note with the words “Filmmaking Lifestyle”  to our support team, and they’ll extend your trial.