Music plays a vital role in the audience’s response when they watch any film or video. If you want to make a remarkable piece that resonates with your message, you cannot deny the importance of choosing the right music for videos.

The essential fact is that now we have many options and easy access to millions of tracks at the tap of a thumb. It has never been so much easier before to hunt down your favorite oldie collection or discover brand new bands and artists.

According to stats by VeedYou, users tend to spend 88% more time on sites with videos. Also, it is assumed that videos will account for 82% of all web traffic by 2022

A good video production, along with the perfect soundtrack, can do wonders for your brand as it keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Things have evolved immensely in this domain in recent times, and you have several options to explore. Now, content creators and filmmakers have unlimited and easy access to quality music tracks.

In this article, I’m going to give you three of the best sites for affordable and unlimited music for your videos.  Before we dive in, let’s look at the characteristics you should be looking for in a music site.

What To Look For In A Music Site For Videos?

Let’s start with discussing what to look for when searching for a great stock music site?

  • The interface should be user-friendly, clean, and sleek.
  • Pricing and subscription options should be affordable.
  • It should have a wide variety of tracks to choose from.
  • Search features should be convenient to use.
  • The quality of tracks should be impeccable.

Now let’s look at 3 of the best affordable music sites out there.

1. Music Vine

stock music

The interface of this fantastic site not only looks good but is user friendly and functional. Search modifiers, easy filtering, and sorting options for the perfect song are some of the best in the market.

Music Vine has a high-quality collection of music that is finely curated. I won’t say it comprises millions of songs, but the choice is quite good. With access to more than 4600 tracks, you will feel how the musicians are at the top of their craft.

Multiple options are available whether you want a single track or a yearly subscription. Music Vine is certainly one of the best choices if you are interested in custom music for a film or commercial.

Why You Should Choose Music Vine

Here are some reasons to choose Music Vine.

Simple User Interface

A clean, sleek, and simple interface is such a relief to use. Using various functionalities simultaneously becomes delightful in such a relaxed environment.

Robust Functionality

You can’t deny its fast-paced set of search filters for finding the right track in no time. Not only this, but you name any other genre, and you have the required music.



It has various subscription options, and you can choose among their various plans according to your individual needs.

Wide Range Of Variety

Music Vine offers an impeccable collection with a wide range of music ranging from eclectic to maestros. Separate libraries are also available to explore what’s “popular” or “trending.”

Stock Music

Music Vine Pricing Details

Music Vine provides three types of pricing, Pro Subscription, Creator Subscription, and Pay per Use.

The Pro Subscription pricing includes two plans.

Pro-Lite – It’s aimed at small scale productions and priced at $19.99 /month (when billed annually)

Pro Standard – It’s fully cleared for advertising and marketing content and will cost you $35.99 per month ( when billed annually)

The Creator Subscription includes two plans that are fantastic for social platforms and YouTubers.

Creator Ambassador – Price starts from $17.49 / month, but you are required give credit to Music Vine

Creator Standard – Price starts at $24.99 / month, and you don’t need to credit the website.


Pay-Per-Use Pricing  It works well in case you are looking to purchase a license for a particular track from Music Vine. You have the option to choose from various types of licenses available, including promotional and film.

2. Artlist

stock music

Artlist is a fantastic choice for content creators and musicians for downloading unlimited music. Everything is here from films and YouTube videos to commercials & corporate videos. There’s everything for everyone.

The essential fact which makes it loveable is that you may download five songs or hundred; the price would remain the same. The playlists and categories are user friendly, and you can utilize as many tracks as you want for $199 per year.

Every music piece is not super high-quality, which is understandable. However, it doesn’t mean some are bad. Only the curation standards are not maintained in some of the tracks.

Why You Should Choose Artlist

Here’s why you might go with Artlist.

Unlimited Music Forever

You can have access to unlimited collection of music as long as you subscribe. The entire range is insanely massive. Everyone from filmmakers, YouTubers, and explorers can get benefit out of it.

Simple Subscription Regulations

One subscription covers everything, and you don’t have to worry about budgeting problems or the client’s size. Choose the right track, download it, and you are good to go.

Affordable Price

The price is quite affordable, and the best part is it doesn’t change even if you cover corporate videos for massive companies.

Huge Music Library

It’s growing at an impeccable speed having 7000+ songs. New stuff is being added consistently every now and then.

Artlist Pricing Details

Artlist pricing is divided into three plans, music + SFX, Music, and SFX.

Music + SFX – It will cost you $25 a month which amounts to $299 billed annually


Music – This is the most popular plan, which will cost you $16.60 per month, amounting to $199 billed annually

SFX – The SFX plan will cost you $12.41 a month, which is $149 billed annually.

3. Epidemic Sound

stock music

Epidemic Sound has one of the best royalty-free music subscriptions when it comes to downloading unlimited music for your videos. Anyone can benefit from it, whether they are YouTubers, corporate businesses, or young content creators.

Their music library is enormous with 30,000 tracks and 60,000 effects, and you can access it for as little as $144 a year. Epidemic sound doesn’t wait for their artist’s subscription performance; instead, they pay upfront. This platform serves as an accelerator for music enthusiasts by bringing their talent to platforms such as Spotify.

The only downside for me is that the user-interface is boring and seems a little outdated.

Why You Should Choose Epidemic Sound

Here are a some reasons why you would go with Epidemic Sound.

Super Affordable

YouTubers and other content creators should give it a shot by availing it easily at $15 a month.

Quality Music

This platform undoubtedly curates some of the best music out there.

Massive Music Library

It has almost more than 30,000 tracks and 60,000 sound effects, which surpasses most other platforms.

Notable Options

The options to ‘Find similar’ and ‘Stems’ make it quite different from other such platforms. It really adds value to your usage.

Pricing Details

The pricing is divided into three plans, Personal, Commercial, and Custom.

Personal – At $144 a year, you get access to unlimited tracks and effects for your Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and podcasts.

Commercial – At the cost of $200 a year, you get everything from the personal plan with clearance for all online platforms and client productions.

Custom – You can also get a customized quote based on your individual needs, including support for music curation and clearance for TV shows and adverts.

Other than these plans, you can always purchase a single track license at various rates.

Stock Music – Final Words

The sites I have mentioned offer unlimited legal music for your videos at affordable rates. What more can you ask for without having to worry about copyright claims?

You can choose any of the above platforms without hesitation for licensing tracks. However, as music is subjective, you might have a different opinion where preferences change according to requirements and personal taste.

And in case you might need stock photos for your videos, check out this excellent guide.

Go ahead and select your unlimited music provider. Good luck!

We hope you’ve found this article on stock music helpful. What’s your favorite source of stock music? Let us know in the comments below!