Today we are introducing Instagram, a mobile and web application popular around the world. You probably know that two years ago, Facebook was sold for a dizzying sum of money.

For all those who have not started using it, we have put together a short guide on video requirements for Instagram.

instagram video requirements

Instagram Video Requirements

Instagram, above all, is a social network for image sharing, with about a hundred million active users from around the world, mostly younger ones. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

Two years ago, Instagram allowed publishing not only photos but also videos. At first, the new function was taken with hostility, but now it is loved and used: both ordinary Instagrammers and brands.

1. What is the Duration of the Video?

Load videos lasting from 3 to 60 seconds. Do not confuse video publications in the videos and videos in “Story” – in the video blog “Storys” publish videos up to 15 seconds.

We do not advise you to shoot long videos if you are not a video blogger. The longer the video, the more difficult it is to keep subscribers’ attention.

Try to keepthe video within 10-15 seconds.

2. How to Publish a Video From Several Pieces

To gather video from several segments, press and release the record button. You can take up to 20 pieces for 3 seconds. More pieces – less duration of each, up to 60 seconds.

To make the gluing between the pieces do not seem to be sharp, add transitions between them. The easiest way is to close the camera phone for an instant with an opaque object (for example, a credit card).

instagram video requirements

3. Downloading Video From Your Computer: What File Options Should You Choose?

Download video up to 1080p, frame rate – 29 per second. Size of the video: 4.5 Mb / s, audio: 128 Kbps. Codec – H.264.

The program automatically converts your videos. Their quality will get worse, but you will hardly notice it, especially on mobile devices.

4. Which Video is Better to Publish For Advertising?

In the social network, three video formats are used: horizontal, square, and vertical.

We advise you to publish square clips. So on the mobile device on the screen there will be a strip with accompanying text – the viewer will have more opportunity to get acquainted with the video.

In addition, you will see a button like. Many people click on it, and not like a double-tap.

It should be noted that a horizontal and vertical video is more demanding of the plot. If you shoot such videos, then pay more attention to the composition.

instagram video requirements

5. How Can I Find the Number of Likes For a Video?

By default, Instagram shows the number of times a video has been viewed. To see the number of likes, click on the number of views.

6. How to Make a Video Look Professional

Shoot the video on a DSLR camera or video camera. Handle it in professional editing programs: add effects, transitions, audio tracks.

If you want to shoot better on the iPhone, then get a set of lenses or filters. Use devices for 360-degree video shooting or a slider for smooth camera movement. Time-lapse in the application “Laps It. “