Getting viewers to your YouTube videos is never easy. For you to attract as many viewers as possible to your YouTube video, you need to be more creative with your videos. That’s where finding good ideas for videos on YouTube comes in.

You need to come up with exceptional videos that will make your viewers want to watch your stuff more often and therefore increase visibility over your competition.

Good Ideas For Videos On Youtube

There are some special ways to super-charge your YouTube videos. Here are a few tricks to leverage these techniques and increase your YouTube visibility:

1. Introductory Videos

If you want to remain relevant and famous on YouTube, you need to tell the world who you are. Viewers are always interested in knowing the person in the video, what you do and what your plans for the future are.

Tell your story.

They want to know what you are up-to and if it is something they should look forward to. This, of course, creates return visits to your channel.

Make a video that will introduce you to the world and make viewers continue traking your progress or undertakings through your subsequent videos. A good introductory video will earn you a lot of fans and viewers.

2. Educational Or Tutorial Videos

Videos with informative or educative information can be a good idea as continuously dropping knowledge is bound to get a stream of visitors to your YouTube channel.

Many people across the world need ideas and educational information on how they can deal with different issues or situations in their lives.

The tutorial videos can be on how something is made, used or operated. Most people are able to answer the “how” questions on any issue or challenge they are facing simply by watching how that thing is done.

With this video idea, be sure to make technically sound videos that add value to your market, niche or industry.

good ideas for videos on youtube

3. Health And Work Out Videos

A video with different workout styles is another good video idea that can earn you a decent number of viewers.

Many people across the world find themselves in a web of health and fitness issues and they want something that can help them hit their goals. That’s why health and workout videos are all the rage on YouTube right now.


Their dire need for solutions to their health and fitness problems drives them to YouTube for solutions. People like YouTube because it is the easiest place they can get practical workouts whether that’s live or pre-recorded.

Yes, whether it’s weightlifting, yoga, dance – everything is covered in the huge rabbit hole that is YouTube!

4. Motivational Videos

Another good idea for a YouTube channel is the motivational video.

Most people are going through stress or trials and tribulations in their lives. And they’re looking for something that can positively impact their lives.

There is nothing as good as watching a motivational video. People love this kind of video!

With this in mind be sure do your due diligence and extensive research if you decide to make a motivational video.

The videos can be on any issues that people face. It can range from relationship, marriage, education, drugs and addiction or mental health issues. Whatever the issue is, you can be sure to get a good number of viewers on such YouTube videos.

5. Food And Recipe Videos

This can also be another good idea for a YouTube Video. Most people like cooking and they would like to learn how to prepare different food recipes.

Some do it for fun, for leisure and some just want to learn so that they can make a living out of it.

Whatever the reason, a well-made YouTube video on food, recipes or general cooking techniques can get you many viewers.

6. Comedy Or Prank Videos

A well made comedy or prank video can also be a visitor-getting on YouTube, providing it’s entertaining and is pulled off well.

People like watching funny things that make them laugh. If you are looking for an idea on a YouTube video, consider making several comedy and prank videos. If you hit the mark, you can be assured of getting many viewers with this kind of video.

good ideas for videos on youtube

7. Videos On Home Interiors

If you’re looking for a good idea for a YouTube video, you can try videos on home interiors.

People are continuously looking for good ideas on how they can make their living room, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms look attractive.


They want ideas on how they can organize their apartments while some just want to completely change their house setting. Therefore, this kind of video idea can be a winner with the right niche.

8. Wedding Videos

Many people are anxious when it comes to weddings and they’re constantly on the look out for something that can make their wedding day unique.

The videos should feature things that people like to see such as the wedding gown, flowers and so on.

If it’s an outdoor wedding be sure to get some great footage of the ceremony location and other cool exteriors. If the video is well filmed and edited, you can be assured to get a good number of viewers.

9. Parenting Hack Videos

A video on best parenting hacks can also be another good YouTube video idea.

Parenting can be very challenging and sometimes wearing. Many parents find it hectic dealing with children around the house.

Getting a video with practical ways of handling children can be very rewarding. Some parents simply need practical examples on what to do so that they can have quality time with their children.

A video featuring these kind of ideas and practical advice will definitely build you a quality audience over time.

good ideas for videos on youtube


10. Videos On Favorite Products

Doing some video shooting on your favorite products, how they are used (complete with end results) is another good suggestion for your YouTube videos.

Many people around the world are on the look out for something that can make them be better, feel better or look better.  A video on products help any one of these things can be highly engaging to someone who’s looking to improve in one of these areas.

People want to know which product can work for them, how the product is used and what the product can do. These kinds of YouTube video ideas are very popular and they get many viewers.

11. Live Streaming

Being live on YouTube for your viewers can earn you a lot of fans and viewers. It makes you present and adds to your credibility as a real person. It also creates a strong bond between you and your viewers.

If your fans are able to watch you live doing your stuff (whatever that is), it makes them feel connected to you. It helps build a strong bond and lasting relationship.

They might not know you in person but they will for sure want to keep watching and stay updated with what you are up to by viewing your YouTube videos.

12. A Thank You Video

A thank you video to your viewers or audience can be very touching. People like being appreciated and it is one of the best gestures you can use to show viewers that you love and appreciate them for following you.

Gratitude can be a very strong motivator to your viewers and it will help you maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

This idea can help you retain most of your audience for a long time and they will always check on your channel to see if you’ve uploaded anything new.

Good Ideas For Videos On Youtube – In Conclusion

Good video ideas can get you many viewers. If you are looking forward to massive YouTube video viewers, you simply need to follow these ideas on generating tried-and-tested types of videos that people love to watch.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here – go with what has been proven to work!

A video that can impact people’s lives emotionally, physically and even psychologically is a winner. And when you hit a big winner, it’ll gain you more viewers than you know what to do with.

When your video idea is good, you are bound to create a significant number of viewers on your YouTube video. Always take time to create great content that will encourage your viewers go back to your channel time and time again

We hope this article on good ideas for videos on YouTube has been helpful. Do you have any great ideas for YouTube videos that we haven’t covered here? Drop us a note in the comments just below here.