Looking for production jobs in the video production or film industry? We’ve got you covered with our list of video production jobs and film job resources.

I know we teach setting up a sustainable business of your own at Filmmaking Lifestyle, but when you’re starting out (or when you’re quiet), you may want to make use of these job finding sites. These are especially useful when you’re just starting to build your business, and I’d highly recommend sites like Upwork for people looking for freelance video production work near them.

Film/Video Job Sites

Freelancing Sites

I’ve personally had a lot of success using freelance sites like Upwork, both for finding freelancers to work on my projects and (in my early days) finding work myself. I used sites like Elance to get editing jobs and even video production jobs in my early days.

I also used (and still use) freelance sites for outsourcing things like editing, finding extra shooters, finding writers for my various online projects and much more. These freelancing sites have been a huge help to me in many of my businesses, both online and offline.

Sometimes, you need to freelance a bit to get your foot in the door and be in a position to grow your video production business. It’s also a great way of networking and meeting contacts that will be helpful in ¬†starting and growing your own video production company.

Finding video production jobs can be tough. There’s a big market out there, but it’s a very competitive one. We wish you all the best with your search for video production jobs.

If you have any other video production jobs resources, then drop us an email and we’ll add them to the list.

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