As a follower of Filmmaking Lifestyle, you’re probably interested in either filmmaking topics or in working in the field of filmmaking. Or both. 😉  And since you’re passionate about your craft, you probably also love to exchange ideas with other fellow filmmakers. This is where filmmaker forums come in.

Forums are made for exactly this reason: people with the same interests gather together on one platform. Perhaps you’re seeking help or useful advice, or you just want to chat a little.

If so, forums are the perfect place to discuss your favorite topics.

Each one of these forums is a great place to post questions or start discussions about filmmaking or video production related topics.

We’ve added some basic information to each forum about their global rank, their number of visits, and their amount of articles. The rounded figures come from SimilarWeb.

filmmaker forums

1. Cnet

As a website providing the latest news about technological products and gadgets, Cnet also has its own forum page. The forums Audio and Video Software and Photo Editing and Graphic Design are the most suitable for filmmaking-related discussions.

Global Rank: #195

Total Visits: 214,000,000

Posts: 8,800 in Audio and Video Software

1,000 in Photo Editing and Graphic Design

2. Creative Cow

At Creative Cow, you’ll find support forums about many creative tools (such as Adobe and Final Cut Pro), but there are also general forums on specific topics, such as cinematography and color grading.

Global Rank: #9,171

Total Visits: 6,200,000

Posts: 5,000,000


3. Videomaker

Videomaker is a website posting news, tutorials, and everything else about the world of video recording.

Global Rank: #45,701

Total Visits: 1,300,000

Posts: 50,000

4. Videohelp

As the name implies, VideoHelp is a website maintaining a forum with many guides, tips, and lists of downloadable software tools.

Global Rank: #45,836

Total Visits: 1,400,000

Posts: 4,000

5. Dvxuser

As an online community for filmmaking, DVXuser is a free resource for teaching, learning, and networking.

Global Rank: #72,132

Total Visits: 706.000

Posts: 3.000.000

filmmaker forums


Global Rank: #169,949


Total Visits: 269,200

Articles: 69,000 is a forum that’s mostly focused on cinematography, but there are also threads about topics like directing, sound and editing.

7. Indie Talk

Unlike most of the forums on this list, this forum isn’t a subcategory of a blog or magazine. In fact, it’s simply an online forum on its own.

Global Rank: #473,398

Total Visits: 72,800

Posts: 2,000

8. Shootingpeople

Shooting People was founded in 1998 by a group of 60 filmmaker friends who wanted to cater to independent filmmakers. Today, it has a community of 45.000 indie filmmakers who collaborate and discuss with each other online.

Global Rank: #529,579

Total Visits: 38,500


Posts: 20,000


Founded in 1994 by Benjamin Craig, is one of the top sites for new and independent filmmakers on the web. Besides the FAQ and discussion page, it also offers software downloads and an online bookstore.

Global Rank: #661,630

Total Visits: 38.000

Posts: 30.000

10. is an online resource for filmmakers on a budget. You can exchange information, which is helpful to the production and distribution of films and film-related projects. They also have an interesting archive called Directing Unsuccessful Motion Picture Shorts (DUMPS), a list of ways to hone your craft.

Global Rank: #930,966

Total Visits: 46,300

Posts: 11,000


If you’re looking for a forum where you can also read some reviews of movies and TV series reviews, this site is for you.

Global Rank: #973,917

Total Visits: 38,100

Posts: 1,000

12. Student Filmmakers

This forum belongs to the online magazine, which is dedicated to helping new and emerging filmmakers and others in the motion picture industry advance in their careers. The forum has around 4.600 members, 25.000 posts, and over 9.500 topics.

Global Rank: #1,983,325

Total Visits: 10,600

Posts: 25,000

Social Media Groups To Join

Besides forums, there are also many groups on social media platforms where you can share your knowledge. A big plus is that you can easily connect with other filmmakers and expand your network.

Below, I’ve listed some great Subreddits, as well as  Facebook and LinkedIn groups. I’d highly recommend that you join them if you’d like to establish new contacts and share what you love with other people.

filmmaker forums


If you actively use Reddit, you can share your knowledge in these Subreddits, which are all linked to filmmaking.

There are a variety of Subreddits to choose from, so you can feel free to join some discussions or share interesting content with other filmmakers.

r/Filmmakers (150,000 readers)

r/Screenwriting (65,000 readers)

r/cinematography (24,000)

r/ShortFilm (7,000 readers)

r/editing (3,000 readers)

r/directors (1,600 readers)

r/filmriot (700 readers)

r/filmscoring (400 readers)

r/postproduction (260 readers)

r/videography (26,791 readers)

r/weddingvideography (1,470 readers)

r/videoediting (30,026 readers)

r/producemyscript (5,954 readers)

r/cameralenses (1,421 readers)

r/motiondesign (9,008 readers)

r/editors (21,410 readers)

r/locationsound (4,630 readers)

r/framebyframe (2,949 readers)

r/filmmakerstoys (603 readers)

r/editlines (2,989 readers)

r/castingcrew (468 readers)

r/cameraaks (513 readers)

r/colorists (4,125 readers)

r/audiopost (9,136 readers)

r/animation (41,491 readers)

r/audioengineering (67,287 readers)

filmmaker forums

Facebook Groups

These groups are made for anyone who’s working in the field of film production and want to share anything related to filmmaking. Each one of these groups is a great opportunity to connect with people. Facebook Groups make great filmmaker forums.

Just so you know, most of these groups have their own community guidelines about what to post and rules to follow concerning language, content, and links to certain websites.

Filmmakers Generation Next (36,300 members)

Filmmakers Forum (29,200 members)

Assistant Directors and Production Manager for Bollywood (23,900 members)

Bollywood Movie Producers (23,100 members)

Assistant Directors (21,300 members)

Filmmakers Network (18,600 members)

Film and TV Networking Australia (14,200 members)

FILMMAKER’S FORUM (9,900 members)


Tom Roy’s Actors, Writers, Directors & More. (8,000 members)

Hollywood Director (2,700 members)

Video Production Mastermind (260 members)

The Frugal Filmmaker (70,295 members)

Filmmakers Helping Filmmakers (1,749 members)

Storytelling Entrepreneurs (2,125 members)

filmmaker forums

Linkedin Groups

As a professional network, LinkedIn obviously has a more serious tone than Facebook. So if you prefer a social platform that creates new business contacts with people from your branch, this type of filmmaker forums is for you.

Film & TV Tech Professionals (408,000 members)

International TV Professionals (88,900 members)

Producers Network (45,700 members)

Cannes Lions (40,300 members)

Creative Directors (27,500 members)

Photo Editor, Creative Director and Art Buyer Network (23,700 members)

Co-Producers (19,800 members)

Web Video For Business (15,100 members)

TV Commercial Film Directors (6,000 members)

Video and TV Advertising (Programmatic, Data-Driven Advertising) (2,000 members)

Since humans are social beings who like to get to know new people, we innately love to exchange ideas about similar interests. The filmmaker forums listed in this article offer you a chance to chat with other users that share your affinity for the art of filmmaking.

This article was written by Soukaina from a creative collaboration software tool, Filestage. At Filestage, we’re constantly talking to filmmakers because our video annotation tool allows them to share, review, and approve videos. Therefore, we know a lot of forums where film people interact with each other regarding the joys and challenges of being a filmmaker.

Feel something great was missed out on this list? Want your forum to be added? Let us know in the comments below.